Sports Betting In India

The popularity of sports betting in India is quickly spreading to other parts of the globe. Research has it that approximately $60 billion is circulated by sports betting zealots every year. Therefore, without a doubt, Indians love their sports.

The games dominating the sports betting markets are cricket, football, tennis, and wrestling. With the popularity of sports betting going over the roof, so have the number of betting houses.

Many gambling sites claim to offer reliable means of betting on sports. However, not all of them are as great as they might suggest. But don’t fret. By the end of this article, you know how to start with sports betting and become a better gambler over time.

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What Is Online Sports Betting?

Sports betting is simply, the act of placing a stake or wager on a sport while predicting the outcome. Of course, you are hoping that the game goes as you predicted, for you to win. If your prediction is true, you get the money and smile all the way to the bank!

Have you ever placed a bet on anything before? It works the same as any normal betting. The only difference is that sports betting comes with a few rules. Again, don’t worry. Scroll to find all the top tips and guides to sports betting in India.

So far, you can place bets on any type of sports. From football to cricket.

India has a rich betting history and it extends to sports betting. While the first gambling event in India can be dated back to 7300 BC, sports betting didn’t get popular till the 21st Century. Here is the twist to the story – betting opportunities are rare in land-based casinos. Consequently, most Indian players are turning to online casinos.

The Popularity Of Sports Betting In India

Guide to sports betting in India

Sports betting Indian enthusiasts are spread all over the country and beyond. –And they are very serious about having a good time in sports. Of course, there are reasons why over 44% of all phone users gamble online and here they are:

Winning is great:- When you place bets on real money casino games, you win real cash. This is the moment every bettor is waiting for.  Once you learn how to study markets, betting odds and balance your bankroll, there is a huge chance of winning extra cash.

It is mad fun:- You get to have a good time while making some extra money. It is the ultimate way of treating yourself. The best part is that with online casino sites, you can place bets on your favourite sports anywhere and anytime.

Become sports savvy:- A few weeks into sports betting and you will know more about different sports in the world. You will have a better idea of how leagues and player transfers work. If you are truly dedicated, mastering special skills in betting shouldn’t be a problem.

How To Get Started With Indian Online Betting Sites?

As you will come to find out in this guide, sports betting is not that complicated. Placing wagers and winning on different sports is easier than most people think. If you want to maximize your betting experience, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1:- Choose a trustworthy sports betting site: Pick a safe, licensed and regulated site that allows players to place bets in sports. We have made things easier for you by compiling a list of the best bookmakers to place your sports bets. It only takes about two minutes to complete registration. Above all, if you are looking for a seamless sports betting experience, register on any of the casinos on this page. You might be surprised at how much fun you will have. Like when you get a welcome bonus to use on a bet and actually win from the bonus.
  • Step 2:- Deposit cash into your account: To play with real money, you must deposit into your bankroll. All the best casinos on our list offer a wide range of payments including e-wallets, bank cards and wire transfers.
  • Step 3:- Start hunting for a sport to bet on: They are many different types of bets that you can place on sports. So start by picking the one you are most familiar with. If you have a favourite sport, bet on it first. Lastly, keep an eye on the markets and news outlets to know if there is any pattern that can affect your bets. A minor ankle injury by a top athlete can change everything.
  • Step 4:- Step up your betting: Now that you have a funded account, it’s time to test your luck, make a bet and win money! Remember to make a sensible bet and don’t just go guessing. Also, keep in mind that a game can go either way – win or lose. So avoid playing with your emotions. Furthermore, you must ensure that you have a strategy, regardless of the sports, you are betting on. Read on to see different tricks and tips for sports betting.

Know All The Useful Betting Odds

Ódds’ is one of the most used words among sports bettors. That is because they directly affect the results of your bet. How well do you understand betting odds? If it is your first time coming across this, don’t let the numbers and mathematical signs scare you.

Sports betting odds are simple to understand.

Betting odds in India and any other parts of the world refer to probabilities that tell you how much chance you have to win. Using these probabilities or odds will help you to gauge if the bet you want to place is worth the risk. Having the right odds will help you mathematically calculate your wins even before making your bet. And the best part is you don’t have to be a math whizz.

There are three main types of odds in sports betting; British, American, and European.

American odds (Moneyline Odds)

American odds are commonly known as Moneyline odds. These are represented by numbers with either a plus or a minus sign (-+300 and -200). While the plus symbol shows the underdogs, the minus represents the favourite.

Don’t get confused with the favourite having a (-). It simply operates with the principle that the more the absolute value of a number, the higher the probability of winning. For example; a -250 favourite has a higher chance of winning than a -50.

On the contrary, the (+) underdog means the higher the number, the more accurate the underdog. For example, a  +300 underdog has more chances of winning than a +500 underdog.

In short, it will be easier for you to spot opportunities. However, it is only for 2 outcomes.

British odds

You can also call them Fractional, traditional or UK odds. One thing you will note is that they are all represented by a fraction. Although they are mainly favourable in horse racing events, you can use them on other sports.

For example, the game has an odd of 20/1 and you place a bet of 100 and your team wins. You will get $5,050.

Fractional odds will project how much you will get back for the amount you have wagered.

European odds

They are also called decimal odds and are represented by numbers that are separated by decimal points. Eg 0.5, 8.0, 6.0 etc

According to most seasoned bettors, decimal odds are by far the simplest to use. Calculating your payout is simple: odd x stake = payout

For example, if you had a $100 stake with 5.5 odds, your payout will be $550. You will have made a $450 profit from a $100 bet.

Decimal odds are remarkably easy to understand. Perhaps simpler than the other two types of odds.

As you are now familiar with betting odds, give it a try at a trustworthy casino. Don’t be suprised if you stumble upon a casino with a rich loyalty club that you can join.

Top Tips And Tricks To Win More on Sports Betting

If you have been trying to dip your hand into sports betting but are not sure if you will win, just relax. We will give you a few tricks to help you make wiser decisions that are aligned with the odds.

  • Always bet at licensed betting sites – Ensure that your casino of choice is well licensed and safe. Furthermore, check for the types of bonuses, data protection laws and sports betting games. To maximize fun, only sign up on bookmakers that offer an array of sports for betting.
  • Know more about the games, get the hang of how sports betting works – Before making real money bets, study details of the event including teams, previous games, venue of the game etc. Research to know what others have to say about the said match, tournament or competition. Avoid placing bets on sports that you are not acquitted to.
  • Come up with a betting budget and be a disciplined player – The number one rule for all gamblers is: never bet more than you can afford to lose. Ensure that you stick to the budget, especially after a win. Simply set minimum and maximum amounts of bets or wins that will signal you to stop for the day/week/month.
  • Have fun and don’t be in your feelings – Avoid becoming overconfident after a win or too upset after a loss. Betting is just a game!
  • Play sober and relaxed – Don’t consume alcohol when betting unless you are purely playing for fun and don’t care to win. Yes, gambling can be quite an adrenaline trigger but never place bets when anxious or in panic-mode.

Popular sports you can bet on

India has the best sports affair with cricket that you cannot find in any other country on the planet. So it is no surprise that most Indian sports bettors are also cricket fans. However, over the years, Indian players have extended their enthusiasm to other types of sports. Today, we have punters betting on different sports simultaneously.

Meaning you can place a bet on Cricket, then wager on a Champions League football match and even top up the fun by betting on esports.

The future of sports betting online in India will only expand. But you can get ahead of time by perfecting your betting skills in the games below.

Cricket Betting Guide

Cricket Betting

Cricket is at the heart of every Indian home. In fact, most Indians love to place a bet on cricket leagues. Since it is a popular and respected game in the country, you can expect sports media to talk about it. This is a good thing because you can access constant updates that will help you make wiser bets.

Ensure you familiarize yourself with studying league patterns and the history of the game. Any slight change in the player lineup or venue can affect the game.

Kabaddi Betting Guide

Kabaddi Betting

Kabaddi might have originated in ancient India but it is quickly becoming a favourite for modern players. Kabaddi is a contact team sport involving two teams of 7, facing-off in two 20-minutes rounds and a 5-minute break. Kabaddi is yet to grow in terms of leagues and events. So don’t be surprised that only a few betting sites offer online kabbadi betting.

Football Betting Guide

Football Betting

If you talk to most Indian bettors, you will discover that they started with placing stakes on football league games. Football betting is one of the most popular games for placing stakes in the world. Fortunately, we have a list of the best football betting sites in India. These sites offer diversified opportunities for placing wagers on football matches (both live and online).

Any bookmaker site you see on our pages is legit.  To get more tips on this, make sure to check out our guide to football betting.

Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse Racing Betting

Horse race online betting is yet another loved practice, from the city of Mumbai to Delhi. All fans of horse racing can now bet on their favourite horses from their devices, at home. You can choose to either stake on the tracks in India or wager on international races.

This is a sports betting category for players who are seeking a fair market to stake on horses. Just check out any sports betting site mentioned on India Play and give it a test.


Hockey Betting Guide

Hockey Betting

Field Hockey is popular in India, hosting millions of betting enthusiasts. India has, in fact, won several international hockey titles. While hockey odds are sometimes difficult to understand, things get easier with practice.

Basketball Betting Guide

Basketball Betting

With ten players from two different teams giving each other a run for their money, you can expect basketball betting to be extra fun. You have different leagues to pick from, mainly NBA or WNBA. Even if basketball is quite simple to understand, familiarising yourself with leagues and news can help you become better at basketball online betting.

Live Betting On Sports

Fortunately, for aficionados, you can now bet on a match or tournament as it happens, in real-time.

There was a time when all betting came to a stop as soon as a game has begun. Back then, one could miss out on a huge win, just because they didn’t place a bet on time. Furthermore, one had to sit back and wait for the entire game to complete before collecting wins. Those were the days when bookies lacked advanced technology to handle live bets.

Fast forward to now, live betting has changed the entire gambling industry.

Live betting, also known as in-play betting is the act of placing wagers on a sporting event in real-time. This means you can actually place bets, win and receive your money while the game is still taking place.

The biggest advantage of live betting is that you will have a wide range of betting options. Yet, the constantly changing odds mean you must pay extra attention, even as the game gets more exciting.

There are important factors to consider before placing a live bet. Start by doing your homework on the teams involved, understand the game’s momentum and pay attention till the game ends. Above all, enjoy live betting never go above your limits.

What Are The Different Types Of Sports Betting?


Exchange betting

This is an interactive form of fun where players can place stakes head to head against each other on gaming events. In short, you are betting against a friendly opponent instead of the bookie. If you pay close attention, you will notice that exchange betting offers odds with 20% more value. Also, you have the freedom to change your stand during an event, you must implement a strategy from the start.


Spread Betting

This is a rather popular type of betting among experienced bettors. When you spread bet, you are predicting that an event will end either below or above a set range. The amount you earn is directly proportional to how right or wrong your prediction was.

Spread bets involve two major numbers – a buying and selling price. The buying means that the outcome of the bet will be more than the top value of the spread. On the contrary, selling indicates that the results will be lower than the bottom amount of the range.


Fantasy Sports Betting

In this type of betting, you wager on fantasy spots instead of actual sports games. You can even create a fantasy sports team and play against an opponent. While fantasy sports operate like real things, they are not restricted to last as long as normal games. You can make money from fantasy sports by:

Joining a league and paying a fee. You will receive a payment when the game ends and your team is at the top 5 or 10.

Place a stake against an opponent and wait to win.

Best way to bet on sports from your mobile

The art of betting has drastically changed ever since the internet became widely accessible by people. Whether you are in a queue at the bank, waiting for your date at a restaurant or just trying to relax at home.

Thanks to technology, you can play sports betting odds on any mobile device you desire. You can now play and have fun on your tablet or phone. All you need is a stable network and you are good to go.

Most players wonder whether to use Android, iOS or blackberry. Truth is, you can access all types of sports bets and casino sites as long as your device connects to the internet. It really doesn’t matter whether you are on a bus, train or seated by the park.

We recommend that you only play at the best mobile casinos. You can be sure that all sites on our list adjust seamlessly on different mobile screens.

Are you a fan of bonuses? Good for you. Even when betting via mobile, you can still unlock and claim different bonuses to boost your gameplay.

Checklist for The Best Sports Bookmakers In India?

So many players and gamblers trust our betting guides and there is a reason. We are the most trustworthy casino review and guide site in India. Not only have we built a community of happy players but we are devoted to leading you to the best sites.

To declare a bookie safe and reliable, we check the following details:

  • Licensing & security – We want your cash and personal data to be secure. For a casino to be deemed worthy, it must be regulated by recognized authorities. It must also offer top-notch encryption for players’ personal information (names, address, phone etc).
  • Wide range of sports betting options – To ensure you have maximum and diversified fun, we have compiled sites that offer the most betting options.
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals – Nothing as satisfying as playing on a casino that releases your payouts as fast as it accepts deposits. After all, you want to access your cash wins as fast as possible.
  • Bonuses and promotions – What gifts or freebies does the bookie offer to their members? We go for huge bonuses that also offer fair terms and conditions. Always find out the latest offers and promotions of the site before proceeding to bet.
  • Customer support – What happens when you need urgent assistance with a live bet? What if you require help with your wins? Receive an accurate and timely response is paramount if you want to win in your games. We prefer sites that have live chat support as it is fast and reliable.

How To Deposit and Withdraw at Sports Betting sites

The process of depositing and withdrawing funds from your is easy – only if you bet at the best sites in India. All punters want to make quick transactions on betting sites. Whether you are funding your bankroll or withdrawing your wins. Here, we have compiled a list of payment options accepted in India.

“How to make a deposit at a Sports betting site?

  • Step 1:- Decide how much money you want to deposit to your account: How much money are you willing to use on your sports bet today? Pick an amount that will fit across your bets, without compromising on the quality of your wager. For example, if the best odds will cost about $50 but you only have $40, you can either change the bet or alter the amount.
  • Step 2:- Choose a currency to use for gambling: Most casino sites allow you to choose the currency that you wish to use. If you want to avoid extra charges or losses, research the conversion rates in your jurisdiction before making any bet.
  • Step 3:- Choose a method to deposit: How do you prefer to make a deposit? You can choose to use e-wallets, bank transfers, crypto or mobile banking. Remember to use a reliable method that you can access anytime.
  • Step 4:- Click on ‘deposit’: Look for the ‘deposit’ icon on the site and click. If it is your first time, you might be required to verify your identity. Look out for any deposit bonuses and accept if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Step 5:- Fill in your details: Fill in your financial details and follow the prompts until you see the funds reflect in your bankroll. Once the cash is in your account, you are free to use that money on your bets.

“Withdrawing your wins from sports betting sites”

After winning your bets, it’s time to withdraw your cash. The modes used to receive payouts are the same as the ones you used to deposit funds into your wallet. If you wish to withdraw using a different method, you might need to contact support to verify the new method.

The withdrawal period might vary, depending on the channel you are using. For instance, while e-wallets take less time to process, a bank transfer might take several business days.

You can withdraw via:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Gpay
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer

Before making a withdrawal, ensure you have met the wagering requirements if you had a bonus. Otherwise, you might be forced to forfeit the bonus wins. If it is your first payout at the site, they might request proof of identity. All this is done to protect your financial data.

To initiate a payout, search and click on ‘Withdrawal.’ Proceed to select your preferred withdrawal method and follow the prompts to the end. You should receive your cash within 1 – 3 days for most methods.

Have You Tried The Bonuses?

Who doesn’t appreciate a good bonus to add to their betting escapades? We are huge fans of bonuses and we always keep one eye out for promotions. Just about every bookmaker on our list offers promotions.

For most players, bonuses are a magnet. It is what draws them to the door of a sports betting site. As we mentioned above, you should only bet at sites that offer you bonuses. Not only do bonuses facilitate more fun but they also boost your chances of winning.

While sports betting promotions are a brilliant way to vamp your bankroll, especially beginner bettors, selecting a bonus requires due diligence. Start with reading the terms of the bonus before hitting accept.’

Check the type of bonuses at your bookie. The most common ones are either ‘cash bonus’ or ‘free play.’ The cash bonus will return the bet amount plus the profits from the bonus. However, free play only adds to your cash balance if you win.

If you are looking for ways of placing some extra bets without reaching further in your pockets, pick a bonus. Every bonus is likely to come with a rollover requirement. Therefore, always ensure you understand the terms.

Hurry and claim your bonus today. Let the fun begin!

Real Money vs Free Sports Betting

Free sports betting


Real Money Sports betting

You can win but can’t withdraw the cash as real money
You win real money
Easy for beginners
Bookmakers have tons of bonuses for real money players
You can try out new strategies without fear of losing money
You get to enjoy special perks like loyalty programs
You have fun with no risk involved
Real money bets are entertaining
You gain access to different options without stretching your bankroll
Access markets and competitions

Online sports betting is a fun affair, whether you play for free or use real money. Many of our recommended bookies also offer other exciting games that you might love.

Play The Best Sports Betting Game Softwares

The sports betting world has improved drastically over the internet era. This spike can be attributed to many things, among them, software providers. While bookies run the betting sites and focus on user satisfaction, reputable software companies facilitate the games.

Sportsbook software works by supplying the general interface you see (features and odds) and payment avenues. They also sometimes run other aspects like promotions, customer services and user interface. Yes, some bookies use software from similar companies. Yet, we are impressed that they maintain authenticity and don’t appear as clones.


Even for newbies, Playtech doesn’t need much introduction. Since its establishment in 1999, Playtech has been a reliable provider of betting software. The branch of the company that provides sports betting software is BGT Sports or PBS. Their sports platforms are stunning, stylish, advanced and crisp clear.


Betsoft is a renowned slots provider. However, they offer so much more than reels to spin. One of their most popular bookmaker software is the Virtual Racebook. It is a true 3D horse racing simulator that stirs elegance and realism in players.


Being the biggest software company in the industry, we expect NetEnt to also provide sports betting systems. Their Sports Betting Widget is one of their most popular sports and virtual betting at the same time.


We have a well-compiled list of the best sports betting sites with bonuses, reliable customer support and relevant licensing. Check out the list and pick a site from there.
Yes. Most bookies offer bonuses for players to use on sports betting. As we mentioned above, always look at the wagering requirements before accepting a bonus.
Staying updated with the latest news in your game of interest will help you make smarter decisions. Additionally, take a look at our tips and strategies for winning at sports bets.
Live sports betting is the act of placing wagers on a game that is taking place in real-time. You will stake on the sporting event as it happens.
It all depends on your level of skills in sports betting. Beginners can apply free play to bet until they learn how sports betting works.


Having come to the end of this guide to sports betting in India, we hope that you are now familiar with this practice. Be sure to check in again to get more detailed guides on how to increase your chances of winning at sports bets.

If you are looking for more secrets of proper sports betting, we got your back! We will be regularly updating information to ensure you stay updated on all the betting news, events and action.

It is finally time that you explored some betting options and saw what you will win. As we mentioned above, we know just where you can get all the generous bonuses. Additionally, we know all the casinos with polite customer service reps.

Don’t look further! Just visit any bookmaker or casino on our pages.


Before you proceed to read, please verify the legality to play online casinos and sports betting in your city. More Info Here