Play Live Baccarat Online

You are missing out if you have never played live baccarat. Beating an online dealer is fun but beating a live baccarat dealer comes with its own special thrill.

Best Live Baccarat Casinos might seem easy to find, but sadly, not all of them are as good as they claim to be. Before you go ahead and select those you like the most, it is very important you learn more about Baccarat as a game. 

Play Live Baccarat Online

Aside from the regular Baccarat games you can join and play online, there is also live dealer Baccarat you should check out too! Live Baccarat online has been a quite popular choice for gamblers worldwide, and if you want to get into it as well, you should register at Royal Pandato try your luck!

To learn more about online Baccarat real dealers, basic game rules, and Baccarat in general, continue reading as we will introduce you to everything you may wish to know!

What Is Playing Live Baccarat Like?

If you love to play casino table games, Baccarat is most likely the game you always come back to. Thanks to the technology today, we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy live Baccarat online from the comfort of our homes meanwhile sipping on our favorite cup of tea. 

For all of you wondering what is live Baccarat, it is basically one of the most popular table games that originate back to the 1400s, and today, you can play it live! If you already know how to play the standard Baccarat, live Baccarat will certainly be a great experience. 

With online Baccarat real dealers, the atmosphere when playing the game is a lot more interesting. According to people who are passionate about the live version of this game, it can often feel as if you are in a land-based casino. 

Of course, considering live Baccarat features real dealers, most of the people who decide to play it are the ones who have a decent knowledge about it. In most cases, it is high rollers and VIPS who enjoy playing it, which makes sense taking into consideration the live game is usually pricier to get into. 

The game itself is not complicated at all, and many people have learned how to play it in just a few minutes. You do not have to be a professional Baccarat player in order to win, nor you really have to be extremely experienced to enjoy live Baccarat either. If you want to learn how to play Baccarat, continue reading as we will explain everything below!

Benefits Of Playing Online Live Baccarat In India

Playing live dealer games is an outstanding experience and if you have never tried it before, you are probably curious to know about all of the benefits it has. In case live Baccarat has caught your eye and you want to give it a try, here are a few great things about it to consider:

Online Baccarat Real Dealers

When playing live Baccarat, you will be able to select your live dealer. This means you will be able to communicate with them and have an enjoyable time without worrying about whether your dealer is bad or not. Live dealers who work at online casinos are all professional and do their job as supposed to. Thanks to live dealers, live Baccarat games are generally fun and truly enjoyable.  


Being able to watch the game unfold before you and having a real dealer as a host is quite convenient, but being able to just sit on the bench in the park and play is even better. The reason so many people enjoy playing live dealer games is quite simple, it is much more affordable than going to a land-based casino, and the games are usually also faster as well. This means you can make a profit without going anywhere just by playing. 

Live Dealer Games Are Not Rigged

Another great benefit of playing live Baccarat is the fact you simply cannot be skeptical about whether or not your game is rigged. When you have a live dealer and you can see the entire game unfold before you, it is quite obvious that everything is fair and no one is trying to sabotage you. 

If you are one of the people who are incredibly skeptical about online casinos and gambling, live dealer games will make it all much more relaxing for you. 

Best Indian Online Casinos That Offer Live Baccarat Games

There are plenty of online Indian casinos that offer a variety of casino games provided by some of the best casino softwares. However, not all of the casinos are a good choice if you want to play live dealer games. Roulette games, slots, lottery, Speed Baccarat, and live dealer games can all be found at the following licensed and trustworthy casinos below:

Spin Casino

Spin Casino will not disappoint you if you give it a try. This amazingly designed online casino features some of the best casino bonus offers and features some of the biggest game libraries out there. While this casino is a great choice for everyone who loves slots games, it is also an excellent casino for everyone who loves table games such as Baccarat. Tap here to create an account at Spin Casino today!

Betway Casino

If you have not tried gambling at Betway Casino, now is the perfect time to do it. Just like Spin Casino, this one features an enormous game library that guarantees to have something you would enjoy! Unlike Spin Casino, Betway Casino has been around for a little bit longer, and frankly, it is also slightly more popular too. This is because, on Betway, you can also bet on your favorite sports teams! Click here to register on Betway Casino!

Jackpotcity Casino

Jackpotcity Casino is another amazing choice, and frankly, it has been around for longer than most online casinos you can play at today. This casino features some of the best table games out there as well as live dealer versions for all of you who like to interact with the dealers. If you are interested and you want to play casino games right away, click here and make an account at Jackpotcity Casino!

Of course, before you go ahead and make your first deposit, make sure to check out the list of payment options at the casino you wish to play at. It is important that the payment method you wish to use is actually available to use. 

How To Play Live Dealer Baccarat Games?

Live Dealer games bring that extra level of interaction and assurances to your online Baccarat games. But how do we play these live dealer games? Well, depending on which variant you choose to play this can vary, however, there are some things that are the same across all varieties. 

Below we will go through some simple steps to show you how to play a simple round within the game itself.

  1. First, choose one of the recommended Baccarat online casinos that provide live Baccarat games and sign up.
  2. Choose your favorite variation of Live Baccarat from the list. If you are not sure why not try out whichever one catches your eye?
  3. The game will begin with the dealer placing two pairs of cards down onto the table, one to the player and another to the banker. 
  4. The next step is placing bets. You can place your bet on the players’ or banker’s hand, with the option to place your bet on a tie if you are unsure.
  5. Facedown cards will be revealed and extra cards will be dealt to the player and the banker.
  6. The closest hand to nine will win, if you placed your bet on this hand then you win your bet!

There are also the individual scores of each card to take into consideration when playing. Without knowing these, playing any game of Baccarat can be difficult. 

  • Aces are equal to 1 point.
  • Each numbered card is equal to the number it holds, from 2 to 9.
  • 10 and each face card equals 0.
  • For example, a hand with a king and a 7 would only equal 7.

While this is only a simple overview of the flow of the game, this is enough for you to get through any of the varieties that are likely to be available. The flow of each game is often similar, with either the pace or some general rules being slightly different. 

There can also be some variety in house rules between casinos that you may not notice initially, these can have minor effects on the game. For example, the most common form of Baccarat is usually played with 6-8 decks of cards, which can change the odds of certain cards appearing.

Types Of Live Dealer Baccarat Games

So, we have mentioned multiple varieties of Live Baccarat. What are the offerings available to you and what is different about them? Below we will go over some of the types of Baccarat you can play live.

Punto Banco

One of the most popular varieties of Baccarat out there, for those of you who have played Baccarat before this will be an easy game to get started with. In fact, it may have been the variety you played without knowing as it is very popular in land-based casinos. 

Played with six to eight decks of cards and with the same rules as other standard variants, the main difference is in the pace of the game. If the speed of the game suits you then this is the variant for you.

Multi-Seat Baccarat

A variety of Live Baccarat that offers multiple seats at the table for you to take, giving you the chance to play more than one hand per round. If you are looking to play a more exciting and risky variant, this is for you. 

Giving you much higher chances to both win and lose as you manage multiple hands and bets. It is the perfect game to hop into quickly to try and win big.

Progressive Baccarat

Progressive Baccarat offers a progressive jackpot, hence the name. Giving you a massively increasing pot from which to win. It follows the usual rules of Baccarat so it is easy to get into without any new rules to learn. 

The Jackpot itself is won by placing a side bet, with the goal being that both the banker and player show the same suit aces and eights. With the jackpot going up into the hundreds of thousands for those lucky enough to win. 

Baccarat Squeeze

Another variant following the standard rules of Baccarat with a slight twist, the anticipation. Instead of quickly revealing the face-down cards, the dealer will take their time and build up suspense before revealing the cards. 

Not a game for everyone, it brings some extra fun for those who love suspense and the risk of the game. It also takes a lot longer for each round to pass, so this game is not for those short on time.


Yes, you can play mobile Baccarat at all of the casinos we have recommended in this article. You can play it without downloading any additional software, it is very simple!
There are plenty of payment methods offered by the casinos we mentioned above. We suggest you check each one of them and decide which payment method suits you the best. 
The number of cameras used in live dealer games varies, however, there are plenty of them (around 15) that will allow you to see the moves a dealer makes in your games. Live dealer games are designed to be transparent to the player, which makes it 100% fair in all possible ways. 
All in all, live dealer Baccarat is very much similar to other live dealer games, but sadly, it is still not as popular as some of them. For example, Roulette live games or Blackjack live games are still more popular than live Baccarat games. If you want lower betting limits, live Blackjack will probably be a better choice than live Baccarat. Live Baccarat is mainly for people who have a good gambling experience and a decent-sized bankroll.
Yes, VIP tables allow players to make higher stakes. To make it even better, VIP tables will also provide you with an option to play privately with a live dealer of your choice.


Overall, live Baccarat can be an outstanding and memorable experience if you enjoy interacting with the dealers and you like to see the game unfold as you progress through the game. Same as most table games, it is best if you learn how to play the game before you go ahead and join live dealer games. Live Baccarat usually goes on at a faster pace, which means having a certain amount of knowledge about the game will be needed.

If you are curious and impatient to play at one of the Live Baccarat Casinos, step onto one of our top 10 casinos. Above all, plan your bet sizes and have as much fun as you can.