Online Mastercard Casinos – Best Casino Payment Method

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Online Mastercard Casinos

Mastercard Casinos are quite popular among Indian players for a very long time and the reason behind it is quite simple too. Mastercard is one of the most popular and worldwide-known payment method that is a perfect choice for everyone who wishes to deposit and withdraw their money as securely as possible. If you are looking for a great Mastercard casino to play your favorite games at, click here and have a look at Betway Casino! In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know to successfully use Mastercard as your preferred payment method and if you are curious to learn all there is about it, please continue reading!  

How Does Mastercard Work In Online Casinos?

Established back in 1996. Mastercard is known as one of the most reputable payment methods in the entire world, it is used at millions of stores and websites on the internet, and to make it even better, it is also present in the gambling industry as one of the most popular deposit/withdrawal methods. The way Mastercard works in online casinos is quite straightforward, it serves to players as a payment method that allows them to deposit and withdraw their winnings at any time of the day, using any device they might want to, and all that can be done with only a few taps on the screen. 

Mastercard Casinos are casinos that offer Mastercard as their payment method, however, this does not mean you have to use it at all. It is entirely up to you which payment method you will decide to use, but it is also always good to know what are you getting by selecting a certain casino payment option. In most cases, Mastercard is a payment option selected by high rollers simply because it allows fast deposits of large sums of money. 

Another great thing about Mastercard and how it works in online casinos is the fact it can be used in four different ways: Mastercard Prepaid Cards, Mastercard Gift Cards, Mastercard Debit Cards, and Mastercard Credit Card. These are all provided by Mastercard obviously, which means they are safe to use and you should not have any issues when using any of these. 

Play With Top Online Casino Sites That Accept Mastercard

Mastercard casinos are quite a common thing considering many casinos online actually accept Mastercard as a payment method. Sadly, not all of them are worth mentioning but only the best ones you can play some of your favorite casino games on. Here are the top three online casinos that accept Mastercard as a withdrawal/depositing method.


Betway is one of the best Mastercard casinos right now and it is the best for a few reasons. On Betway there are hundreds of casino games to play and live dealer games are certainly a blast too. If you have been looking for a perfect place to play live dealer games, click here and make an accountas Betway features some of the best ones for sure! Aside from amazingly designed games, there are also many awesome bonuses and promotions Betway is known for offering. 

Spin Casino

As one of the casinos with a great reputation, Spin Casino must be mentioned as it truly is amazing. With a design that is easy to navigate, awesome bonuses and promotions as well as games, Spin Casino is another Mastercard Casino people truly enjoy visiting. Just like Betway, Spin Casino has a wide variety of games provided by very remarkable software providers such as Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. If you want to try out some of the best slots games ever, visit Spin Casino todayand grab your welcome bonus too!

Fun88 Casino

Founded back in 2009. Fun88 is surely one of the truly outstanding casino websites right now. With great sponsorships, bonuses, and promotions, Fun88 continues to be an online casino many people love to spend their time on. Aside from being able to choose from hundreds of casino games, Fun88 is also an awesome sportsbook for everyone who likes to bet too! If you want to see what luck has in it for you today, visit Fun88 and register today!

How To Make Payments Using Mastercard?

Mastercard Casinos are generally designed to be very simple when it comes to payments. Whenever you want to make a payment at one of the Mastercard online casinos, you will notice that the process is quite simple and there is nothing that will turn out to be a struggle. This is because no casino wants its customers to give up on making a deposit. 

Overall, Mastercard is considered to be one of the most popular payment methods worldwide, including India. This is because Mastercard ensures your funds and personal details are kept safe at all times. If you are wondering how to make payments using Mastercard in online casinos, follow the following steps: 

  • Make sure you have your Mastercard issued card. Mastercard features various types of cards such as debit cards, prepaid cards, and credit cards. In case you do not have one, visit your bank and let them know you want to have one. Your bank account can be easily linked to your Mastercard in order to make things a lot more convenient. 
  • Select one of the Mastercard casinos we have mentioned above and register in a matter of minutes.
  • Visit the cashier at the Mastercard casino you just made an account at and select Mastercard as your payment method. 
  • Go ahead and deposit as much as you wish – usually, Mastercard casinos allow deposits from $10 up to $10,000+ depending on the casino you play at. 
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and your deposit should be processed after that.
  • Go ahead and start playing some of your favorite casino games as soon as you notice your funds are available in your account. 

How To Withdraw Money Using Mastercard In Online Casinos

Mastercard Online Casinos

Just like depositing, withdrawing with Mastercard is very simple too. Most online Mastercard Casinos are quite straightforward, here are some of the steps you will need to make to withdraw your winnings:

  • Visit the online casino cashier at the online casino you made an account on.
  • Select Mastercard as your withdrawal option (Make sure the details on the card are the same as the ones you use for the casino account).
  • Go ahead and withdraw your money. Usually, Mastercard will allow you to withdraw a minimum of $20 or more, and according to the information found online, the cash amount can generally exceed up to $5,000 per transaction.
  • While depositing will take just a few minutes, withdrawing your money from an online casino might take up to four days. This is mainly because the casino itself has to process your withdrawal request and this alone can take up to 24 hours.

What Features Do Mastercard Casino Offers?

Mastercard puts their users’ safety as a top priority which is the same with Mastercard Casinos. These casinos are designed to provide the best and reliable solutions to all of the problems you might encounter when using Mastercard to play their games. This means that even if something doesn’t go well, you can always contact customer support and ask for advice. 

Knowing how important safety really is for Mastercard as a company it is quite obvious to say they also try their best to make their services as convenient as possible. Mastercard provides its customers with four different ways of paying as we already mentioned above, however, it is also aiming to be as fast as possible when it comes to the transactions and overall service steadiness. 

If you are one of the people who keep on doubting online banking and internet transactions, Mastercard might be a life-changer for you as it truly is an outstanding payment method for all gambling enthusiasts worldwide. If you ever decide to use Mastercard in one of the Mastercard Casinos online, you can also expect to get great bonuses as well. Some of them average between 10-15% bonus, however, these things can easily change, therefore it is best you take time to inform yourself about a certain Mastercard Casino you wish to play on. 

You can opt for other alternatives of casino payment options such as:-Paytm, Bank transfer, VISA, Paypal and many more.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mastercard Payment

Owning and using Mastercard is a great thing considering it is a worldwide-accepted payment method, however, even Mastercard has a few disadvantages you might want to know about:



Mastercard is fast when it comes to depositing as it will take just a few minutes to have it all processed and ready
While Mastercard itself is safe to use, having to provide all of your credit card data to an online casino can be quite tricky in case it ever ends up in the wrong hands. When using Mastercard at online casinos, please be careful with your personal data as well as your Mastercard information and never share it with anyone.
Mastercard allows you to deposit money even when you do not have the money in your bank account. This is because it is a credit and is considered a loan that you will have to pay afterward.
Mastercard may allow you to deposit money even if you do not have any money in your bank account at all, however, this can also be a disadvantage too – considering there is always a possibility you will go over your budget and end up having financial issues.
With Mastercard, you can decide in what way you wish to repay your credit. This means whether you want to pay per month or spread it over a longer period of time.
Sadly, some online casinos will charge for deposits and withdrawals when using a credit card.
Mastercard is accepted in nearly all online casinos
Mastercard also has a banking application that makes paying a lot more convenient.

Before anything, please understand that we are not connected to Mastercard as a company at all which means we are not the ones who can change any of this. Mastercard is a company on its own and it may be changed from time to time. In case you end up confused or something is unclear to you as their customer, we advise you to take your time and contact their customer service that will gladly explain all there is to you. Everything written in this article is based on the information found on the internet.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Using Mastercard In Casinos Online

Whether you use Mastercard or any other payment method, you should always make sure you do your research about a casino you want to make an account on. You surely do not want to have your personal information or card information exposed to people with wrong intentions and you always want to ensure you pick a decent casino that is trustworthy. 

When it comes to Mastercard and gambling in general, there have been cases where people ended up spending their money out of habit, which resulted in big financial issues and gambling addiction as well. E-wallets allow you to set the amount of money you can use, while with Mastercard, only sky is the limit. Make sure you know how to balance it out and keep a track of your spendings no matter how fun games really are. 

Mastercard Online Casinos – Safety And Security Measures

When it comes to safety and security, Mastercard has been one of the most secure payment methods for a very long time. Mastercard is known for using a state-of-the-art chip type of technology that makes their cards a lot more reliable when in use. To make things even better, when it comes to online purchases for Online Casinos, the users can also use MasterCard SecureCode for more protection. This is a unique code that is used for all online purchases and is used similarly as a PIN at an ATM. Users who want to can also use tokenization that allows them to use a unique token instead of writing down 16 digits that are usually found on the card itself. 

So far, Mastercard as a company has earned many awards such as World’s Most Innovative Companies by Forbes magazine as well as ranked as one of the companies to ‘’Change the World’’ by Fortune. Overall, Mastercard really is all about security and reliability, however, with so many e-wallets available in online casinos, many are replacing it with one of those as they are usually faster. 


Generally, there are no extra fees for using Mastercard, however, there can be small fees on your withdrawals. All in all, fees are something done by your card provider, therefore, these things easily change and you should always keep yourself informed well enough before you actually use your card.
The casinos mentioned in this article are all licensed and well-reputable casinos thousands of people play on every single day. These Mastercard casinos are quick and entirely painless for their players, everything is legal, safe and games are 100% fair at all times. 
Yes, it is possible to change your payment method whenever you like. The only times you might be forced to use a payment method is when you deposit money, certain casinos might require you to use the same payment method to withdraw the money too. 


Mastercard casinos are popular for a reason, they are safe, their games are fair and Mastercard is generally a quite great payment method looking at the bigger picture of it all. If you want to ensure your safety remains a priority at all times, Mastercard is actually an amazing choice and you will certainly not regret it considering all of the technology they have developed to keep things as safe as possible. Aside from being safe, Mastercard is very fast too, just not as fast as some of the e-wallet options of course. 

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