Play European Roulette For Real Money In 2022

Play European Roulette

Many Indian gamblers love to play online European roulette because the even bets pay more than other roulette variants.  The dynamic nature of European Roulette and a great number of betting options, make this variation of roulette one of the most popular choices worldwide, not just in India. With great rewards and a lower house edge, European Roulette is one of those games you certainly want to try out after picking out a specific online casino for your needs, Betway and Royal Panda being some of the most popular ones. 

What Is European Roulette And How To Play It?

European Roulette is one of the oldest, simplest, and also most popular variants of online Roulette, with many of the benefits of other Roulette variants it remains easy to understand and pick up game which is why it has spread around the world. The game consists of a wheel surrounded by 37 numbers ranging from 0-36, all of the alternating colors between black and red with the zero being green. 

To play, you simply place your chips across the board that accompanies the wheel, on any of the various bets that will be explained later in the article. Once you have placed your bets, the dealer will spin the wheel, the ball will be dropped onto it and eventually land in one of the numbered pockets, should your bet correspond in some way to that number, you win, if not your bet is lost.

 It is that simple, yet it remains a popular and exciting game favored by many players alike. Almost all casinos will have Roulette available, and all will have European Roulette. In order to play all you have to do is create an account on one of the online casinos listed below, search for European Roulette and play.

Top 3 Casinos To Play European Roulette

If you are interested in trying out European Roulette in India, it is extremely important for you to do your research and pick the best Online European Roulette Casinos as you do. Knowing not all of the Online European Roulette games are the same on all websites, some of them are actually a much better choice for you to try out. The following casinos are trustworthy, respectable, and well-known to most online gambling enthusiasts in India:

Royal Panda Casino

With a huge variety of casino games online, Royal Panda has been a very popular pick for many people in India. This online casino has games developed in cooperation with Evolution Gaming which immediately gives you a slight insight of how fair and good the games really are. While Royal Panda might not be as old as some of the other online casinos out there, it is certainly a great one to begin your online roulette experience and try your luck. With a very user-friendly interface, great bonuses and promotions as well as welcome bonus that is outstanding, Royal Panda also provides its users with a variety of payment methods to choose from as well! Try your luck by playing European Roulette at Royal Panda by clicking here!

  • An outstanding Customer Support
  • Powered by Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and so on.
  • Live Roulette Games
  • An amazing SSL Encryption
  • A welcome bonus of 100% for a maximum deposit of 10,000 Rupees. 

Payment Methods: PaySafeCard, MasterCard, VISA, Skrill, Trustly, bank transfers, Neteller, and more

Yeti Casino

The first thing you think of after hearing Yeti casino is most likely a huge snowman, however, Yeti casino is a lot more than just that! This light-hearted online casino platform has been providing its players with great online gambling experiences since 2017. Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority as well as UK Gambling Commission, Yeti Casino surely deserves a mention as it is currently one of the best Online European Roulette Casinos out there. Register at Yeti Casino today because there are over 450 casino games you can play on here and the number keeps on going up. With a great and very easy to navigate user interface, Yeti Casino is one of the choices no one has a reason to regret.

  • Very responsive Customer Support
  • Powered by Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, NextGen Gaming, and so on.
  • Live Roulette Games
  • Incredible SSL Encryption
  • A welcome bonus of 100% for a maximum deposit of 24,000 Rupees.

Payment Methods: bank transfers, ecoPayz, Neteller, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, and more.

Betway Casino

Betway Casino has always been a very exciting and intriguing online casino experience for gambling enthusiasts worldwide. This awesome online casino was founded back in 2006. Which makes it quite old, yet still outstandingly good! With over 500 casino games you can choose from, Betway Casino is currently considered to be one of the best casino websites in the entire world. Betway Casino is also licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, which means it is 100% safe to use and the games are 100% fair thanks to the RNG system. Same as the first two we mentioned, Betway Casino offers truly outstanding bonuses and promotions for all of its players. Click here to check some of the great bonuses at Betway Casino!

  • Customer Support is always available and willing to help out.
  • Powered by Microgaming
  • Live Roulette Games 
  • SSL Encryption
  • A welcome bonus of 100% for a maximum deposit of 60,000 Rupees.

Payment Methods: Skrill, Much Better, Neteller, bank transfers, VISA, Mastercard, ecoPayz, Neosurf, and more.

Types Of Bets In European Roulette

Like other variations of Roulette, European Roulette in India has a wide variety of betting options, however, these can be narrowed down to two main betting types which cover different bets within regions of the board each with their own risks and rewards, these are Inside bets and Outside bets, we shall expand upon these below.

play European Roulette online

Outside Bets

Outside bets come with a higher chance of winning and are relatively easy to understand, however, they also come with lower returns on your bets. Thus they are generally the best choice for a new player or someone looking to make easy returns on their money. Outside bets generally split the board into large chunks, giving you a much higher chance of winning. 

There are five kinds of outside bets to be aware of, three of which come with an almost 50/50 chance of a win, these are the Red/Black bet, placing your bet on the spin landing on a number of your chosen color. 

Odd/Even bets, which split the board between odd and even numbers, and High/Low bets, which allow you to place your bet across two ranges of numbers from 1-18 and 19-36, bringing you a win if it lands in your chosen half. 

Two more risky yet more rewarding kinds of outside bets which split the board into 3 sections are the Column bet, allowing you to bet on the 3 columns of the table, or the Dozens bet, working much like the High/Low but splitting the board into thirds, every two rows being a choice from 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are the riskier option between the two, but they also come with far higher rewards should you place your bets well and win. Inside bets tend to focus on specific numbers or small groupings of them, such as rows or blocks. 

The riskiest and simplest of these is the Single bet, placing your bet on only one number, there is also the split bet, placing your bet between two adjacent numbers such as 10-11, 20-21. 

There are also Street bets, covering 3 numbers in one of the rows and corner bets, covering 4 adjacent numbers in a square around the corner you place your wager. 

Finally, there are Trio bets, covering 0, 1, 2, and 3, and Six-line bets, working much like Street bets but covering 2 rows together. 

Popular European Roulette Bonuses

Many online casinos offer great bonuses from signup rewards and first deposit bonuses to free spins in various games. If you are wondering which are some of the bonuses and how you can get them, it is important to note most bonuses are usually related to the money you deposit on the website you play games on. For example, Yeti casino provides its players with a 100% match-up bonus that goes up to a max of 24,000 Rupees. This means you will not be able to get a 100% bonus fully if you deposit more than 24,000 Rupees.

Bonuses and promotions are a very big part of any online casino and these bonuses are usually the main reason that keeps people playing and depositing money. Knowing everyone gets rewarded with something after registration and their deposits make people want to try and see how lucky they can get. As already mentioned above, most websites feature great welcome bonuses, especially Betway in this case as they provide a 100% match-up bonus that goes up to a max of 60,000 Rupees. 

Another type of bonuses are related to daily promotions and bonuses. This type provides players with an additional percentage added to their winnings, this is usually a certain percentage of the winning prize or even free spins for certain Slot machines. 

Quick European Roulette Tips

As a new player, going into a new game without any knowledge of what you are doing, or a new version of the game that might have rules you are not aware of, it can be daunting, so we have put together some quick tips to help you get started with more confidence.

  • Check beforehand if you can play for free to try out the game, many sites will offer either the chance to play with fake bets or have a free version of the game available for practice or fun. 
  • Know how much money you want to play with as your bankroll and do not go beyond that once you play.
  • Always separate your winnings from your bankroll so that you do not leave empty handed.
  • Check whether or not the game offers the “La Partage” and “En Prison” rules before you begin playing as not all tables and Casinos play with them. 
  • Stick to keeping your larger bets to the outside of the board and smaller, riskier bets on the inside to increase your odds of winning money and staying in the game. 
  • If you find yourself on a losing streak, avoid playing riskier bets, spread smaller bets around the outside board and work to win back your money. 

European Roulette Deposits And Withdrawal Methods

Currently, there are a plentiful of payment methods Indian players can choose from. Knowing that the casinos in our site all feature very similar payment methods (Skrill, PaySafeCard, VISA, Mastercard, bank transfers, Neteller…), it is quite obvious to say these payment methods are to be trusted and it is entirely up to you whether you will use them. 

It does not matter whether you play Slots, European Roulette, or Blackjack, your payment methods will be the same and which one you decide to use is completely up to you. Both depositing and withdrawing is something that is entirely related to the website/online casino you use to play your games on. For example, if you decide to use bank transfer to deposit your money to your account, you can also use bank transfer to withdraw your money from your account. 

It is important to note that you can deposit and withdraw your money whenever you want, it does not matter what time of the day or night it is, these services are available to everyone 24/7, every single day. Sadly, the payouts can sometimes take up to three days, which means you will need to be patient in order to get your money. All in all, even if you end up having to wait three days for your payout, remember that all of the websites we mentioned have SSL technology that is designed to protect your funds and your account no matter what.

When using a certain payment method, try to stick to only one of them instead of using 3-4 different ones. This is because of the AML laws (anti-money laundering laws).

Why Choose European Roulette Over French Roulette?

When choosing between different types of Roulette, it can often be difficult without knowing the full details of each version of the game. However, when it comes to European and Online French Roulette, rule and board wise they are strikingly similar, with the main difference being game terms and board layout. 

One of the well known features of the French game, the two rules “En Prison” and “La Partage” are often available in many Casinos when playing European Roulette, meaning that you get a simpler and easier to understand game for those not used to the French gaming terms, while also having access to these helpful rules that can save your bets should the spin land on zero. 

All in all, Online European Roulette is perhaps the easiest choice for new players, being both simple enough to get into, and interesting enough for veteran players to enjoy. With the same low house edge that keeps the game fair for everyone who plays and making it one of the most popular choices worldwide. 


Yes, there is minimum and maximum wager, however, they vary depending on the casino and the kind of games you decide to play - such as the high roller games which have a very high minimum and maximum wager.
Yes, most Online Casinos will offer a free version of Roulette to play for fun and get used to how you play the game, all you require to play is an account on the site of whichever Casino you choose.
No, while most online casinos will allow you to download and use their software to play games, this is not mandatory. You can use a computer and open the website using an internet browser to play European Roulette and/or any other games provided by the website of your choice. 
The majority of online casino websites list their payout percentages on their website, however, these percentages usually vary depending on the casino itself. The payout percentage is the amount of money you get back from the casino after you bet a certain amount of money over time. 


Online European Roulette is an extremely popular game all around the world with a strong following of gamblers thanks to its simplicity, fun and fair gameplay. Now with online casinos and apps becoming even more popular, it’s never been easier to play European Roulette in India wherever you may be, either out in a park or the comfort of your own home. 

Best of all, thanks to the strict requirements for online casinos to be licensed, you can be sure your money is safe and secure with their wide variety of payment methods, meaning you only have to sign up, play and try your luck worry-free! Have fun playing!