Top Online Casino Software Providers In India 2022

Top Online Casino Software Providers

Online casino software providers are the reason we have so many great casino games available to play and enjoy. Seeing the online casino industry has been on the rise throughout the years, the industry itself is attracting more and more people worldwide. Casino operators and entrepreneurs strongly rely on online casino software providers, without them, the gambling industry would be nowhere as good as it is today! If you are curious to know more about which software used by online casinos deserves a mention and how they work to make our favorite casino games so very enjoyable, continue reading as we will go over all you might want to know! For example, Betway is a great online casino to check out, click here and make an account today!

List Of The Best Online Casino Software Providers In India

Of course, just as with every other business out there, the gambling industry is very reliant on their games and content they provide to their visitors. Knowing how important these things really are to an online casino, many casino companies out there decide to cooperate with the best software providers that guarantee to provide them with an outstanding and fair gaming experience


Microgaming has been around since 1994., and it has always been one of the best online casino software providers out there. Their games are well-known worldwide and most of the casinos they cooperate with offer their players with hundreds and hundreds of awesome casino games. Microgaming has received many great awards from multiple gambling magazines too! If you are curious to check out one of the most popular casinos that feature Microgaming games, step onto any of the top 10 casinos in India in our list.




Microgaming has over 850 quality titles available
Microgaming excludes US-based players/population
Microgaming featured many record-breaking jackpots
Player feedback does not seem to matter much to Microgaming
A huge collection of premium video poker games
Many Microgaming games feature very similar graphics and engines
A large collection of table games
Many pre-game video clips players need to go through to start their games
Microgaming supports over 45 languages
Full-screen mode is set by default


Established back in 1999. Playtech has been a reliable software provider for many casinos so far. Their casinos always offer trending and fun gaming options as well as old classic games for everyone who ends up nostalgic every now and then! Currently, Playtech is one of the software providers with a truly outstanding reputation and it only keeps on getting better!




Playtech provides quality service to gamers and casinos online
Playtech casinos cannot have any other software providers games
Cash-worthy promotions and great rewards
Playtech does not have a very bright history
Responsive customer service
Playtech games used to be unreliable at times back in the days
A lot of diversity in the software provided to online casinos
Certain games are quite hard to find
Playtech has earned many recognition rewards and certifications
Lacks more table games

Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

Net Entertainment is another great software provider that was founded back in the 90s. Even with many competitors in the business, NetEnt managed to rise up and set new, awesome standards in the gambling industry online. Net Entertainment is reliable and a safe software provider that is currently licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, one of the best-whitelisted jurisdictions today! Wish to check out a great NetEnt casino? Scroll down to find a trusted Indian casino to play and win.




Net Entertainment games are very mobile-friendly
Some people believe the graphics are too cartoony
NetEnt games are spread all over online casinos worldwide
Some of the classic games have been ruined after the conversion to HTML5
Outstanding table games with great graphics
Certain games can load slower than others
NetEnt games feature great sounds and animations as well as graphics
NetEnt games are accessible only through a browser
Net Entertainment has benefits coming from the largest progressive jackpots in the gambling industry
Net Entertainment does not have any applications available for download

What Is Casino Software And How Does It Work?

When talking about casino software, we are generally referring to the many games a casino offers, which are often provided by external companies, either exclusively designed for them or games that can be found across multiple sites. While there is a great variety in the kinds of games available, they come in 3 main types which we will go into further later, these are Downloadable, Instant and Mobile, each with their own features.

All games run on a similar principle, while the design of the game, how you play, and what is represented to you the user can be quite different, all casino games run using a combination of programming and RNG’s or Random Number Generators, these can be used to determine the order of the deck in a virtual card game, the result of a spin in roulette or what appears in virtual slots. 

The games may be using one or more to simulate the random nature of live dealer games in order to keep them fair for the user and ensure there is no casino advantage over the odds. So you can be confident in the fairness of almost all casino software giving you a fair chance at winning, the rest is up to your skill and luck.

How We Rate The Top Online Casino Softwares?

When rating top online casino softwares we always think of many different things at the same time. One of the most important things we take into consideration is their history, reliability, security, and special features. All these things are extremely important for gamblers worldwide and if a software provider does not seem to be focused on these, they are most likely never a good choice. The reason history of a software provider matters is simply due to the fact that older software providers will always be a better choice than entirely new ones. Usually, it takes quite a while for a software provider to get licensed and properly regulated, therefore, try sticking with those that have been tested and played on for years. 

All of the information related to software providers and their accomplishments can be easily found on the internet and after taking a while to research all of them out, things become quite obvious in the end. The software providers who have gotten multiple awards for various things so far have been judged by independent judges who look for the game range, game quality, fairness, and security of the games people are meant to be playing at an online casino of their choices. These judges make sure nothing ever goes wrong, and if something ever goes wrong, there is always a way to have it fixed. 

We take a firm look at each of the software providers and we judge the strength of their portfolios as well. Most trustworthy software providers feature hundreds of games that are well-developed as well as updated on a frequent basis. 

Popular Types Of Online Casino Softwares

When talking about the types of casino software as previously mentioned, they are Downloadable software, Instant play software, and Mobile software or apps. Each kind is in its own way unique, with its own benefits and downfalls, below we will go into each one in turn.


Downloadable software often consists of PC compatible games that require a download from the casinos site in order to be loaded up and logged into. These games are often more thoroughly developed into larger, more flashy, and visually appealing games that require the larger share of your PC’s power when running. This can be inconvenient for those who do not have particularly powerful desktop systems, however. 

Instant Play

Instant play software is generally flash software that is loaded in the browser and runs the games without having to download anything or spend any time waiting, with you already logged into the site and with most desktop and mobile devices being flash compatible, you can play them almost anywhere. While this style of game is excellent for broad usability, it is somewhat restricted due to lower file sizes and the restrictions that come with that, in order to allow for them to load quickly and run well within your browser. 


Mobile software or specifically mobile apps can vary between direct game downloads that are integrated to your casino account logins or, casino apps themselves with wide libraries of games that can be played immediately from the app, or downloaded as an addition to it and then loaded up in the app to play. The ease of use has led to the rise of mobile popularity, with many people having smartphones capable of running the apps and almost all games being compatible with most systems. 

The Best Casino Software To Play On Mobile Devices

The best mobile software can often vary between developers, with many factors to consider depending on the age of your mobile device and whether or not you want to download individual apps, one casino app, or use your mobile browser. Often online casinos will cooperate with one or multiple companies to build their library of games, and depending on the company, the compatibility of said games may vary.

The Best Casino Software To Play On Mobile DevicesThe Best Casino Software To Play On Mobile Devices


As previously mentioned, Microgaming has been developing casino games for over two decades, With a wealth of experience and a great deal of knowledge for what people enjoy. They have been innovators with their many unique games and expert use of up to date technology to adapt their well designed and visually appealing games for instant play through the browser or fully integrated into mobile apps should that be your preferred method of play. If you are curious to see some of the best Microgaming games, sign up on a top casino.


Another well-established competitor in the mobile casino games market, they provide a plethora of unique mobile games to enjoy, in fact, Netent even focuses heavily on their mobile gaming market, with reportedly up to 40% of their revenue coming from them. It is clear they have adapted well to the mobile environment, making sure their games are visually clean, fun, and fair, with great adaptability between web and app environments again ensuring no issues no matter your preference for browser or app. 


Unsurprisingly with the heated competition, there are multiple companies constantly competing to outdo one another, a third of these is Playtech, having continuously competed with the other two to hold the attention of many casinos. Branching out into mobile devices alongside their competitors they provide many intriguing games for mobile gamblers, with modern graphics and best of all, great bonus features that can lead to even bigger winnings. They have endeavored to make their games compatible with most smartphones and tablets, through either app or web access and thanks to this they have also held on tight to the attention of most online casinos, with their games available in many of those more well-known establishments. 


Yes, at times, developers will release a free-to-play version of the game that they have created. This is done so that casino operators can provide their customers with a wider choice of gaming options. For example, there are also free spins that are actually provided by certain software providers and they are often the reason many people end up checking them out!
It is quite simple, you visit the casino of your choice and check whether your favorite software provider has any of their games featured on the website. There are also many reviews on the internet related to this matter in case you are unlucky and cannot find what you need.
Yes! There are many casinos out there that work with multiple software providers. In most cases, you are able to search for the casino games provided by a specific software provider.
Back in the days, you had to do this, however, today, that is not the case. Nearly all of the games are now instant play, which means you can play them through any device in a matter of seconds!


There might be many online casino software providers you heard of so far, however, they all have their advantages as well as disadvantages. When picking a casino you wish to play on, it is strongly advised you check which software provider develops their games. The ones mentioned in this article are the safest and most fair choices for the Indian gambling enthusiasts and in case you had no idea what these software providers really meant, now you know and you should be able to figure out whether they are worth your attention or not.