European Blackjack Online – Guide for Indians

European Blackjack is considered to be a unique version of the regular Blackjack game as we know it. It has been a popular table casino game in land-based casinos, but also at online casinos too. While it is very similar to the traditional Blackjack, there are still a couple of rule changes you should know about before you give it a try. 

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What Is European Blackjack And What Is The History Behind It?

European Blackjack is one of the most popular and player-friendly casino table games. Even if you are not considered to be a professional at the game, there is a chance for you to win. All in all, Blackjack was first played back in the 1760s in France, then in the UK during the 1770s. 

European Blackjack Online

At first, Blackjack was better known as Vingt-Un, however, the name was changed to Twenty-One after it has appeared in the United States back in the 1800s. The first rules of Blackjack were made in 1825. and these rules were just the reprint of regular English rules from the 1800s. Blackjack got the name ‘’Blackjack’’ around 1899.

European Blackjack is just one of the many different versions of the Blackjack that can be found at top online casinos worldwide. It is extremely similar to the standard Blackjack game that is currently one of the most frequent ones you will get to see players play.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of European Blackjack

Just like any other casino table out there, European Blackjack has advantages and disadvantages you should know about:




European Blackjack is played with two up to eight decks. This is great for card counters since it enables players to apply the chosen system and keep a track of the cards with ease.
One of the main disadvantages of European Blackjack is the fact that there is no hole card and usually, the dealer is not able to check for Blackjack.
European Blackjack guarantees bigger house edges.
There are certain issues with European Blackjack related to CSMs, this is implemented at certain casinos and it removes the benefit of card counters.
Dealer is required to stand on 17 since it is the move known to decrease the house edge.
European Blackjack is great, however, it is advised you learn a few regular Blackjack tips first to get familiar with the game.
European Blackjack is one of the most famous Blackjack versions found at some of the best online casinos today.
European Blackjack also comes in a free demo option on many websites due to its popularity.

Online Casinos Offering European Blackjack Games

Knowing European Blackjack is currently one of the most played Blackjack versions at online casinos, you must be wondering about which are the best casinos to join. For you, we have picked out the best online casinos in India you can play European Blackjack at!

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How To Play European Blackjack?

When learning how to play European Blackjack online casino, the first thing to cover is the terms used within the game, once you know these it becomes far easier to follow the relatively simple rules. Below we will go over each term before explaining the game step by step.


  • To “Hit” is to ask for the dealer to give you another card on your turn.
  • To “Stand” is to tell the dealer you are happy with your hand and want no more cards.
  • A “Blackjack” or “Natural” is a winning, two-card hand made up of a face card or a ten and an Ace, totaling 21. 
  • A “Split” is possible when you get a pair of identical cards, for example, a pair of sixes. You can then split your hand into two, you will then have to make an identical wager on your second hand. 
  • To “Double” is doubling your current bet and hit one final time in the round. 
  • To go “Bust” is when you go over 21 and lose the round and your bet.
  • A “Soft Hand” is a hand involving an ace that can still be changed between 1 or 11

Game Rules

Now that we know the terms, we can go over the rules and play the game step by step.

  • The game begins with the dealer handing out one card to each of the players. They will then place their first card down and continue around the table once more. Then the dealer will finish by placing his own second card face down. 
  • After this, the dealer will follow the same order around the table, asking each player if they wish to hit, if they do then they may do so until they wish to stand or go bust. The dealer will then move onto the next player.
  • Once the dealer has dealt cards to each player, he/she will reveal his second card, if the total is below 17 he/she must hit, otherwise, he/she will stand. 
  • If your hand is closer to the card value number of 21 than the dealers, then you have won your bet. If the dealer’s hand is closer to the card value number of 21 than yours, you have lost. The game will move on to another round where you can place another bet. 

Play European Blackjack Mobile Games

Playing European Blackjack on the mobile phone is simple, all you need to do is create an account at an online casino. The process of registration is quick and if you really want to play, this process is not something you can avoid. Once your account is ready and verified, just go ahead and download the application or load up the website in your mobile browser. 

Considering online casinos nowadays all use HTML5, you will be able to find your favorite games in nearly all of them. In order to start your European Blackjack journey, you will also have to make the first deposit to your account. 

Once you have deposited your money, you will finally be able to place bets and play all of the games you can find in the game library of the chosen casino. To make things even better, there are many online casinos out there that will also give you a chance to try out demo versions of the games!

Difference Between American And European Blackjack

American Blackjack and European Blackjack do not just have different names, but there are a few things that make them different from each other. For most people, American Blackjack is the first version of Blackjack they play as it is considered to be the standard version and is one of the most popular ones at online casinos today. 

If you are curious to know about what makes European Blackjack different than American Blackjack, here are a few major differences you should know about: 

  • Unlike American Blackjack, European Blackjack can be played with two up to eight decks of cards. This gives the player an advantage over the house and can allow players to count the cards too. 
  • In European Blackjack the dealer does not reveal their second card if the first is an Ace or card value of 10, leading to a slightly higher house edge. 
  • When playing European Blackjack, a ‘’Split’’ cannot be played on 5’s and 10’s and only rarely with 4’s when the dealer’s upwards facing card is a 5 or a 6.
  • There is no ‘’Surrender’’ option available in European Blackjack, this means you cannot leave the game with half of your initial bet if you expect to lose. 
  • You can only double your bet in European Blackjack if your hand is worth 9 points or higher, unlike in American Blackjack where you can do this at any time. 


CSM stands for Continuous Shuffling Machines. This is a counter-measure that prevents players from keeping track of the cards easily. It was implemented in some online casinos after they noticed the huge benefits of European Blackjack and card counting. CSM makes the card counting strategy a rather ineffective choice.
No, not every online casino has applied CSM at all, the only reason we mention it is because we want you to check the rules and know how they will work in your games. Depending on the casino you decide to play on, these rules may be different so it is always good to do a double check!
Yes, European Blackjack should be available and playable on all platforms, your smartphone, desktop device, tablet, and/or your laptop!
No thanks to HTML5, you can play European Blackjack without downloading any additional software or programs.
In most cases, European Blackjack is played using six decks of cards, however, there are also variants that will use four up to eight decks too.


There is no doubt that European Blackjack is one of the most fun and interesting versions of Blackjack as a game. With its great chances of winning and quite straightforward rules, it has been the main choice for many Indian gamblers out there. 

There are many subtleties that can have an impact on the performance of the players and if you get familiar with the game, you could do miracles! If you are still quite unfamiliar with the standard version of Blackjack, we suggest you create an account and start playing.

The casinos is our list will likely offer a few free blackjack tables where you can practice. Learn how the standard game is played, and after that, you can go ahead and try out European Blackjack too!