Best Cricket Betting Sites In India {2022}

Welcome, Indian gambling aficionados to our guide about cricket betting in India! In this review, you will learn much exciting information about cricket gambling. We will cover topics such as how to get started with betting on cricket, odds in cricket, live cricket streaming, and so on. With three different formats of cricket and a global appeal, this means that this sport is always playing somewhere in the world, and it is also a very popular sport to bet on. This sport is growing every day, and cricket betting is very competitive and evolving constantly.

Best Cricket Betting Sites In India

Cricket is a sport that is played between two teams with eleven players on every side. Those players score points or runs. You can score a point if you hit the ball across the boundary. You can also score a point if you run between two sets of three wickets. A wicket is a wooden post. There are many formats of cricket like Twenty20, One Day and Test Cricket, and the most popular is One Day format of cricket.

There’s nothing like watching cricket with the closest ones in your house. But something that is even more exciting is betting on cricket. Watching cricket with your friends or family and betting on this sport is fantastic, and there’s nothing better than that. Today, in the era of the Internet, you can bet on cricket at many betting websites. Indian gambling enthusiasts can bet on many sports betting websites, and websites like Betway and Spin Casino are very popular. All of these betting websites have their mobile apps, so you can also watch and bet on cricket on your smartphone or tablet. Also, another great thing about these websites is they also accept Rupees as a currency with which you can make payments.

If you are in a rush and want to start betting on the spot, give a look to our recommended betting Sites accepting Indians in the table below! Otherwise, without further delay, let’s begin with our guide. Keep Reading!

Top-rated Bookies That Accept Indian Punters

Free Tips To Get Started With Cricket Betting?

Betting on cricket is a very exciting form of gambling, and there are a lot of people that enjoy betting on this sport. Like all sports, cricket also has rules and forms, and you have to fully understand them so you can start betting as soon as possible.

Here are some things that you have to pay attention to while betting on cricket. 

  • Understanding the online sportsbook – before you begin to bet on certain cricket matches, you have to get to know the rules of the game and how this game is played. Without fully understanding the game, you may lose a bet and the money you put on the bet. Once you understand the sportsbook, you can look for chances on which you can rely on and eventually put your bets. 
  • Cricket has many betting odds – this sport has a lot of options on which you can bet on. There’s much more than winning, which you must take into consideration if you want to win big money.  
  • You should know your strategy and teams very well. 

What To Consider While Choosing A Cricket Betting Site In India

The following list will contain criteria which you must consider when you choose a cricket betting site online :

betting Odds


Betting odds vary from website to website. That even goes for the sport of cricket. Before you choose the ideal betting website, you have to compare the cricket odds and find what odds can get you the most money.

Betting Markets

Betting Markets

Some people want to bet on cricket because they want to bet on a certain cricket event or even try a certain bet. You should know that there are a lot of betting websites that don’t offer a wide range of betting markets. So, you have to compare the available bets before you choose a certain betting website.



You should pay attention to how much a certain website is trustworthy. You certainly don’t want someone to violate your personal info. You also don’t want to lose your money. You should be 100% certain that the site has a reputation of being safe as well as reliable.

Live streaming

Live streaming

You should always check if a cricket betting site has an option of live streaming because only the most reliable sites have that option. Many enthusiasts look for the option of live streaming because it is the best thing about the entire betting experience in cricket. If you are perhaps on the go, or in any location outdoors, you can take your phone and watch a cricket match in real-time.

If you are looking for a combination of the above criteria, and want to receive top Bonuses, the best places to start are, without any doubt, Fun88, with an Incredible 10% Cashback Bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week, and Betway with their unique 2500 Rupees Bonus. Try them now! You will not regret it.

What Are The Odds In Cricket?

When you start to bet, remember that if you want to be successful at betting, don’t exceed the biggest amount of money that you’ve intended to bet with. Now, we will give you an example of how cricket bets work. Let’s say that India is playing a cricket match against Pakistan. India has 1.55 odds to win that match. So, what does that mean? Betting odds happen to present a probability of a certain outcome. So, India has the odds of 1.55 to end up victorious in this cricket match. Odds reflect an assessment of the bookmaker. With the next formula, we  will calculate the odds of India winning this match, in percentages:

Probability/likelihood= 1/decimal odds

So, the possibility of India winning this match with 1.55 odds are:

1/1.55= 0.65 = 65%

So, India has a 65% chance of winning the cricket match.

The Betting Markets

Every day you can find at least a couple of cricket matches on which you can bet on. For every cricket match, there are a couple of betting markets that have their own calculation of odds for the game. It is very important that you find a website that offers markets at which you can bid more and win more money. Cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet in India, with sites like LeoVegas that offers wide betting options. Most punters like to choose the finest betting websites, and LeoVegas is surely one of them. The more cricket matches on which you can bet, there will be more options for you. 

Reliability Of The Bookmakers

Today, there are more than 500 online betting websites. There are websites that are well-known, while there are a lot of websites you may have never heard of. Thus, there are many bookmakers that do not have a reputation as being reliable. 

That being said, you would surely like that your funds and data are not in the wrong hands. Because, in the end, if you manage to get a win, you would want to get your money as soon as possible. You should look for a bookmaker that is well-known in the online betting business, and you should pick a reliable betting website. There are many reliable online bookmakers, but Fun88 is one of the best that falls under that category. 

Live Cricket Streaming India

If you’re making live bets on cricket matches, it would be best if you could stream the cricket match while you’re making bets. With live streaming, you can place the bets as soon as you see something promising in the match. Most cricket online betting websites offer free live streaming for all Indian gambling enthusiasts. Click here to try it with LeoVegas.

How To Make Money With Online Cricket Betting India

If you want to make money with betting, you have to be patient and completely dedicated to the cause. You have to expand your knowledge about the game of cricket, get to know the players and different cricket teams, and that way, you will increase your chances of winning some money while betting on this beautiful sport.

How To Start With Cricket Betting

Betting on cricket is very interesting, but you have to go through a couple of things before you start betting. First, you have to get to know all the rules and types of cricket before you go with betting. The best way to start with cricket is with free bets. You can get these free bets as a part of the welcome package when you create an account at an online bookmaker. The majority of betting websites offer free bets as a part of the welcome package, and one of them is Spin Sports. 

Where To Bet On Cricket While In India?

Here are the short reviews of the most popular cricket betting sites in India.



Fun88 is an online betting platform. It was founded in Canada in the year 1994. Today, Fun88 is a well-known gambling website that is very popular among the most hardcore gambling enthusiasts. This brand has been involved with a lot of sports and poker sponsorship. Click Here to start betting on cricket with Fun88.



Betway was founded in 2006, and today it is one of the most highly-rated online gambling websites. This gambling platform provides top-notch quality service by using the most modern software to ensure its users have the best possible gambling experience. They provide sportsbook, bingo, poker, etc. Click Here to start betting on cricket with Betway.


LeoVegas was founded in 2011, and right now, they offer one of the best online gambling experiences on the Internet. Recently, they started to offer sports betting, and many gambling aficionados have liked what they had to offer. You can bet on many sports, and of course, Indian players will be able to place bets on cricket matches. Click Here to start betting on cricket with LeoVegas.


Spin Sports is an online gambling platform that was introduced to gambling lovers back in 2001. In 2017 they began with sports betting. Their sportsbook is known for its excellent odds for all sports, especially for cricket, great customer service, and attention to the smallest details. Click Here to start betting on cricket with Spins Sports.


22Bet is a sports betting website that was founded in 2018. This is an excellent website for all gambling aficionados that like to place bets on their favorite like cricket, for example. This online sportsbook offers live sports betting, virtual fantasy sports, and many other options that everyone would like to try out. You will also get exclusive bonuses from here, so click here to start betting on cricket with 22Bet.

Is It Legal To Bet On Cricket Online In India?

Online cricket betting is completely legal in many countries around the world and in some states in India too. The best way to know if your area allows betting on cricket is by talking to a professional lawyer. 

What types of Cricket Betting are available in India?

Bet On Cricket

The first thing to mention, but we are sure that you know it, some of the Indian cricket leagues are the Indian Premier League IPL, Karnataka Premier League, Rajwada Cricket League, etc. Indian gambling admirers can bet on international cricket matches as well, but mostly they can bet on local Indian games and leagues, where we need to mention the Test, ODI, and other T20 matches as well.

 Here are the various types of cricket bets in India:

Match Betting

This is definitely the most common form of online cricket betting in India. The goal of this bet is to predict the winning team of the two teams that are playing the game of cricket. Match odds is another name for this type of betting. Some of the best Indian cricket teams on which you can bet on are the Bengal cricket team, the Mumbai cricket team, and the Karnataka cricket team. The bookie offers access to country-specific matches like the Pakistan Super League, which opens big opportunities for cricket betting enthusiasts. Indian gambling lovers are often concerned with cricket games that include Indian players, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t access the entire list of cricket matches on the website.

Tied Match

Many online sportsbooks like to give you the option of betting on Test cricket matches that will end in a draw. Another name for this cricket bet is also Draw no bet, and you can use this bet with the combination of match betting in the case there are some weather difficulties, and the match ends with no winners. 

What is live cricket betting, and how do you do it In India?

Live cricket betting is betting on a match that is currently underway but didn’t finish yet. When you make live bets, you have to pay attention to special bets & understand momentum swings in the game of cricket. Betting sites offer live betting, the most reliable, in order to have a unique Live Streaming experience is Betway

Mobile Cricket Betting With Smartphones And Android

The technological world is evolving by the minute, and today you can bet on many sports from your mobile device. There are many online sportsbooks that offer mobile apps with which you can bet on matches wherever you go. 

Cricket Betting Strategies That Works

  • Focus on specific markets.
  • Place bets at multiple online sportsbooks.
  • Always read the most recent news about cricket so you can get a better insight when placing bets.


In this guide about online cricket betting, we covered many topics that will help you make great bets on cricket matches. Don’t waste any time, pick an online sportsbook from the brands you see on our website and bet on cricket!