Online Bingo Games

“Bingo!” When you hear someone shout this word in a land-based casino, you know that they have just won some cash. But now, you can play and enjoy a stirring game of online bingo from the location of your choice, thanks to the many casino sites in India.

In this guide, we will discuss all the latest and best casinos to play online Bingo games. Whether you are playing free bingo or with real cash bets. You will also be more familiar with how the game works. Furthermore, we are giving you some important tips and tricks to help you win.

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Online Bingo Games

History of bingo 

Bingo started in a small town in Italy, in 1530. Although people almost forgot about the game completely in the 1990s, it is back in full swing. That is all thanks to the advent of online gambling sites. Actually, online bingo is a billion-worth online game, enjoyed by different players from all over the world, including India. 

It is fair to say that bingo has changed the lives of many people from different cultures. One of them is Lisa Potter, a house cleaner in the UK, who won a whooping ₹1,200,000 after only betting about ₹445 on a single game.

Getting started with Online bingo 

Playing online bingo games is one of the most alleviating and entertaining things you can do today. It doesn’t involve much physical energy or mental strain.  All you need to do is sit, enjoy yourself and hope that you cross the right numbers. No wonder many people love this game.

One thing you will note is that land-based bingo is not allowed in Indian halls. So you won’t find any premise where you can sit and play this game. Yes, this is sad. The good news is, you can still treat yourself to a thrilling bingo game at the best casino sites.

We have the best casinos in India listed on our page. Visit any of them to make sure you have extreme fun on bingo.

How to play Bingo Online?

Bingo might seem too easy in the movies – all you see is happy people in a room, with pieces of paper then you hear ‘bingo!’ However, things are a bit different if you are going to play the game online.

For starts, every player receives a card with a row of numbers. This is called ‘a ticket.’ Your main goal of the game is – be the first player to cross all numbers on the card.

The variant of bingo you are playing mostly depends on how many numbers you have on your ticket or card. 

In short, the numbers on your bingo ticket correspond to the numbers that the caller can draw.

The balls are normally selected randomly online. Before the game starts, you will receive one or more bingo cards. You will notice that a bingo card has a 5×5 grid forming 25 fields with a letter covering a wide range of numbers.

In most bingo games, you will get a prize for filling one line in your card and for a full house (when all the numbers in your card/ticket have been called).

Popular bingo games in India 

Bingo is not that complicated and the variants are straightforward. So, let us look at some of the most popular bingo variants online

75 ball online bingo

75 ball online bingo

In 75 Ball, every square on the 5 x 5 grid has a number,  except the square in the centre which is ‘free for all players.

There are 5 prizes you can win in every online bingo game:

  • 1 line
  • 2 line
  • 3 line
  • 4 line
  • 5 line

The player who will have all their numbers mentioned first in vertical, horizontal or diagonal line will win the 1 line prize.

90 ball online bingo

90 ball online bingo

90 ball is another popular variant. The tickets come with 3 rows and 9 columns. There are 3 prizes for players to grab in each game.

  • 1 line prize
  • 2 line prize
  • Full house prize

Just like other variants, the player who crosses off all the numbers on their ticket first will be the full-house winner. Sometimes, two or more people can play at the same time. In such a case, the prize will be shared equally.

If this is your first time playing online bingo, it is best if you start with 90 balls. It is easier, faster to understand and more straightforward. After all, it only has 3 patterns as compared to 5 patterns in 75 balls.

Other popular bingo variants

30 ball bingo – This is a fast-paced variant that every player should try. You only play with 30 balls and the cards/tickets have a 3×3 grid. The only way to win this game is to fill all your cards. It is a shorter and more straightforward game.

Joker bingo – You will play cards instead of grids of the numbered cards. You will get a group of six hands and you will win after calling bingo on the card with the letter ‘J’. Another way of winning is by covering all your cards.

U-Pickém Bingo – You pick up a number and alter your card to win. It is similar to Keno and one of the most popular variants.

Death bingo – This works in reverse. As soon as you get a bingo, you get eliminated from the game. The winner is the last man standing who doesn’t get the Bingo.

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Tips and tricks to win on online bingo 

Bingo is one of the most loved online casino games for a reason. It is fun, simple and easy to play. With a strategy, you can look forward to even more exciting gameplay.

Play at low-peak hours

When it comes to bingo, the prize money is not affected by the number of players.  Your main strategy should be to play against as few opponents as you can. This boosts your chances of winning. Weekends or odd hours are the best times to play bingo.

Go for Granville bingo strategy

One of the most striking strategies for winning online bingo games is the Granville strategy.The strategy insists on some basic bingo rules like:

  • The game should have an equal number of low and high numbers.
  • The game must have an equal number of odd or even numbers.
  • Must have an equal number that ends with any number between 1 and 9

Tippet strategy for bingo

This only applies to the 75 ball bingo.  For this to work, you must:

Select bingo cards with numbers closer to 1 and 75 when you are playing short bingo games.

If you are playing longer bingo games, pick tickets or cards with numbers close to 38.

Buy more bingo cards

One of the easiest strategies is buying more bingo tickets. The more you have in your hand, the higher your chances of winning.  For example, if a number is called out and is not in one card, there is a huge chance that you will find it in another card.

Manage your bankroll

Like we insist in all our gaming guides, handling your bankroll well will ultimately increase your wins and minimize your losses. Before heading into a game of bingo, set a budget and don’t fudge even when tempted to bet above your limits. In short, avoid risking more than 3% of your total bankroll in one single round.

Best casino sites to play online bingo 

The only way to truly enjoy bingo and play as much as you like is to choose a  trustworthy online casino. You will be a safer and happier player since you have more to enjoy. 

Of course, we have a list of the most trustworthy casino sites to play free bingo and other games. 

Spin Casino – Spin Casino is a great place to start. They already have an exciting game of Snowball Video bingo waiting for you, in addition to a ₹1,00,000 welcome bonus. 

Fun88 Casino – Fun88 not only comes with interesting bingo variants but it is also the rusted sponsor to Newcastle. Furthermore, they have fair daily and monthly withdrawal limits. This means you can withdraw more of your wins than other casinos.

LeoVegas-  LeoVegas casino is for every bingo player looking for thrilling gaming action, away from the city of Vegas. Not only do they have a wide range of bingo and other games, but they also give you up to ₹10000 as a new player.

For a casino to be good enough for you to play bingo, it must have the following qualities.

Fast and wide range of payments – Of course, you want to ensure that you use the safest payment method to withdraw your bingo wins.

Secure financial and personal data – You will have more fun with bingo online knowing that all your gaming deals are safe from fraudsters.

Bingo variants – Bingo is a fun game and you need to play different variants to appreciate the gameplay. So head over to a casino with various bingo games to maximize your fun.

What about live bingo?

Live bingo is just like other live casino games – you get to play in real-time and with live dealers. The dealers are professional, charming and always ready to assist.  

Once you join a table with multiple players, you will all be competing for a similar prize. All players are able to see their cards as well as keep track of the different numbers being drawn from the pot. What makes live bingo extra interesting is the ‘chat settings.’ They have made it easy for players to chat with each other during the game.

Why you should play online Bingo games?

Bingo is one of the most fun games you can play online. Plus it is as fun as other cross and circle games like craps and ludo.

  • It is an easy and straightforward game that people of all age groups can enjoy.
  • Bingo is somehow similar to Tambola, a popular game among Indian players.
  • Bingo has been proven to improve cognitive and eye-hand coordination abilities.
  • You can also access a huge list of bonuses and promotions. All the top online casinos in India on our page have some type of bonus you can claim. Go check the casinos out.
  • Online bingo has chat capabilities that make it easy for you to communicate with other players.


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30 ball is the easiest bingo since it has fewer lines and numbers.
Yes. You will find them at the best casino sites in our list.
Playing bingo online is not a crime by the Indian laws.
During off-peak hours. It could be during the weekend, late nights or early mornings. The point is to play when there are a few players as possible.


In conclusion, we agree that Bingo is quite an exciting game to play. The rules are easy and the patterns are simple to fathom. All you need to do is learn the different jargon of the game (common terminologies). Until you can understand the rules, practice your craft on free bingo.

The bottom line is, bingo is one of the most fun games online. We agree that playing gets more interesting when you have extra perks to enjoy.

So head over to a popular casino to reveal incredible promotion packages and enjoy your mobile bingo.