UPI Online Casino – Play With UPI In Indian Casinos

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UPI Online Casino

There are many online UPI casinos emerging to the surface and that is great, considering UPI has been an extremely popular payment method in India. Covering more than half of the digital payments in India, UPI usage has been on the rise since 2016 and the numbers keep on rising. If you have been hearing about it a lot, but you still have no idea what it is and how to use it, we decided to provide you with all you might want to know about UPI as a payment method at some of the best UPI casino sites. Knowing there are some truly outstanding UPI  online casinos, you are most likely curious to see which one is the best – check out Jackpotcity Casinoand select UPI as your preferred payment option today!

What Is UPI And How Does It Work?

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface and is an organization owned by NPCI (National Payments Corporation Of India). This payment method was launched back in 2016. and while it might seem quite new compared to most payment options we have offered to us today, it is still a great payment method for people from India. Back in 2016. UPI had only 21 banks processing UPI payment based transactions, today, UPI operates with over 142 banks and the number is increasing as we speak. UPI is a payment method that works as an instant real-time system processing fund transfers between two bank accounts, it is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and the Indian Bank Association. 

If you ever decide to use UPI as a payment method at one of your favorite online UPI casinos, make sure you create a VPA. VPA stands for Virtual Payment Address and it is meant to be connected to your bank account. This address will be the reason you will never have to bother with bank account numbers and codes, therefore, while it might seem like an additional step that will take your time away. In reality, it will actually save you a lot of time and cause a lot less stress than having to go over bank account details over and over again each time you wish to make a deposit. 

Online Casinos In India Accepting UPI

Knowing UPI is a very popular payment method in India, there are plenty of UPI casinos you can play on, however, we have picked the top three ones for you to enjoy and all you have to do is make an account in order to go ahead and try your luck! 


With an enormous game library available to all players, Betway casino is certainly a good choice for all gambling enthusiasts looking to have a fair and memorable gambling experience. Betway has been around for quite a while, and despite having a rather shaky start, Betway is today a truly great UPI casino you should check out right away!

Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda is one of those online casinos that look very warm and inviting right away. With their great game library with hundreds and hundreds of games you can enjoy, Royal Panda keeps on entertaining many gamblers in India. Aside from offering a wide variety of games, Royal Panda also offers bonuses. You can claim by making the deposit today!

Spin Casino

As the name itself states, Spin Casino is known for having the biggest library of Slots games for all of you who like to test your luck by spinning! With its great and easy to navigate design, Spin Casino continues to impress gamblers worldwide, especially Indian gamblers who seem to be seen playing at Spin Casino quite often. If you are curious to see all Spin Casino has to offer, click here and create an account!

How To Use UPI In Indian Casinos?

Using your UPI with online casinos is easy, all you need to do is set up your account following some easy steps. Once set up, it takes no time at all to make casino payments using your new UPI ID anywhere that accepts the payment method.

  1. Download the UPI app from your App Store, Google play store, or website
  2. Create your account by entering the relevant details such as name, password, etc.
  3. Go to Add/Link/Manage your bank account and add your chosen payment method, either your bank, GPay, PayTM, or other accepted method, you can add multiple if you wish
  4. Once this is done simply verify your account and it is ready to be used wherever you wish and in any online UPI casino

It is as simple as that, once you have it set up, to make use of it in your chosen casinos, simply select it as your deposit/withdrawal method when following the steps below. It’s quick, easy, and best of all it is safe. 

How To Deposit And Withdraw Money Using UPI In Online Casinos?

Making deposits through UPI is a simple process once you have everything you need set up and ready for you. When you have chosen your desired UPI app, linked your bank account, and filled out any additional required information it will be ready for use. All you need from then on is your UPI ID ready to be entered wherever you want to use it. Below we will cover how to make deposits and withdrawals once you have your UPI app set up and ready.




Log into your UPI casino account
Once again log into your casino account
Navigate to the payments or wallet page and select Deposit
Navigate to the payments or wallet page and select Withdrawal
Select UPI from the list of options available to you
Select UPI from the list of options that appear
Enter your UPI ID/VPA from your app and enter your desired deposit amount
Enter your UPI ID or VPA and select the amount of cash to withdraw from your account
Accept the payment in your browser and the request on your mobile app
Accept the transaction and the money will be moved into your account
The money will arrive in your account within moments
This could take some time to arrive, however it could also be instant

Overall, making deposits and withdrawals with UPI on a mobile casino is as simple as it can possibly be, even if you have never done it before, you will have no issues figuring out how it works on your own. It is important you are patient though, in case your withdrawal request seems to be quite slow. In most cases, withdrawals need to be processed by the casino you play on, therefore, it is not really UPI that is slowing you down. 

Why Are UPI Casinos The First Choice For Indian Players?

So why are UPI casinos such a great choice for Indian players? Well, UPI was set up in India to help with online payment security and ease of use. It helps people unify their payment methods into one place, from bank accounts to e-wallets such as GPay and Paypal. UPI payments offer their own additional security beyond traditional payment methods, and even give the additional layer beyond other e-payment sites that you can use through your UPI. All while still being quick and easy to use, only requiring you to enter your UPI ID wherever you are spending your money, select the payment option you wish to use in the pop up and accept the payment. Simple as that with no fuss or time waiting around, the transfers are done instantly. 

What Are Merits And Demerits Of UPI Casinos?

Same as all other payment methods you can use at online casinos, UPI also has its advantages and disadvantages you should pay attention to. Before deciding to use UPI as your payment method, we advise you to go over all of the benefits as well as disadvantages of using it just to make sure it is a suitable payment method for you and your needs!




Your funds will be transferred and processed in a matter of seconds with UPI
UPI is only available for Indian users who have an account from the participating bank
You can use Two-factor authentication for extra security measures
All of your transactions made with UPI will be listed in your bank statements
Select UPI from the list of options available to you
Select UPI from the list of options that appear
With UPI you can send payment requests
There may be extra fees you will have to pay when using UPI as a payment method.
You can withdraw your money from an online casino using UPI and it is very simple!
You can make payments using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop device, whenever and however you want to

Online UPI Casino Bonuses

Using UPI as a payment method leaves many casinos available to you, thanks to the widespread use of many of the UPI Apps, meaning that you have a broad choice of casinos to choose from. Letting you pick and choose between the best rewards and bonuses for you, with things like extra cash back for your first few deposits, refer friend bonuses, and many others.

For example, should you sign up with Royal Panda there is a ₹10000 bonus waiting for you with many of your favorite games waiting for you to bet on sports even on Cricket! Likewise, Spin casino has another similar bonus waiting for you with your first three deposits, matching each one up to a limit till the total reaches ₹10000 as well. These and many other offers are waiting for you amongst the many trusted online UPI casinos waiting for you out there. Get out there, find the one that suits you, and get to enjoy all your favorite casino games

Security Measures At UPI Casinos

UPI payments offer an extra layer of security for you when doing online transfers, depending on which service you choose to use for your UPI the security measures can vary. No matter your choice they will offer you an extra step between your bank and the casino, with your transaction happening between the bank and service you chose before they then pass the money onto the casino using only your UPI ID. No personal info, no transaction details, or information beyond that ID is passed on, alongside additional protections for the transaction and encryption of all info that is passed between each stage. UPI is an excellent choice for security and ease of use, allowing you that peace of mind whenever you make payment. 

Another important thing you need to know is the fact we are not related to UPI as a company and we are here just to explain to you how it works and what can you use it for. In case you ever end up noticing there have been any changes made with UPI itself, this is not on us. All of the information written in this article was previously researched on the internet, therefore, any changes are possible. We suggest you speak to customer service of the casino you play on, or UPI’s customer service if you ever find something to be unclear or confusing.


Considering UPI is an Indian payment method, the base currency for all Indian bank accounts will be Rupees. If you decide to make transfers to a vendor using a different currency, you can expect to have the money converted for a small fee. These fees are set by the bank itself.
Yes, of course. You will be able to claim your bonuses if you use UPI without any issues at all.
How much you can withdraw using UPI entirely depends on the casino you play on. The higher tier the casino is, the more you will be able to withdraw using the UPI payment option.
Yes, definitely. You should not worry about having any problems when playing at UPI casinos as UPI itself is an Indian payment option do not forget!
Yes, you can, UPI allows you to use the same VPA with more than just one bank account!
No, you cannot link UPI to an e-wallet as it is always connected to your bank account only.


As an Indian player you are most likely very glad to see that UPI is so very popular in the gambling industry and frankly, it is great knowing you can use your own currencies without a worry. Sadly, UPI is not accepted anywhere else but India, therefore, if you ever want to use other currencies and not Rupees, you might not really like UPI itself. Overall, UPI is a safe and reliable payment method for everyone and if you have never tried it out, you should do so now! 

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