Best Bitcoin Casinos & Betting Sites In India

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Best bitcoin casino

If you are wondering where to find the best bitcoin casinos in India and how to use Bitcoin to gamble online, this guide is for you.

You’ve probably heard about the amazing things that Bitcoin can do and you’re wondering whether you can use it to gamble online. Well, there is some good news for you. Innovation and technology advancements make it possible for players, to stash away your Rupees and use Bitcoin to bet on your favourite online casino games.

We are aware that the internet is filled with plenty of resources pertaining to Bitcoin gambling. Some are true while others are quite unreliable. But don’t fear, because in this guide we’re going to walk you through the entire process of gambling with Bitcoin.

Are you interested in knowing the best Bitcoin casinos in India? Do you want to know the benefits you’ll gain from using Bitcoin to gamble online? Here’s how it all works.

9 Best Bitcoin Casinos In India – Play For Real Money

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that was created in 2009. It is the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency currently being used online.  Bitcoin also abbreviated as BTC, isn’t regulated by any government or central bank. This however doesn’t mean that it doesn’t flactuate in value.

How To use Your Bitcoin Wallet

To make a Bitcoin deposit, you’ll need to obtain this digital currency by creating a Bitcoin wallet. There are three main Bitcoin wallets you can get- hosted, non-custodial and hardware.

Hosted wallets are the easiest to navigate. Here, you’ll use a third party such as Coinbase or Copay to send, receive and store your bitcoins. These apps work similarly to a bank and they will keep your crypto safe. Also, if you ever forget your password, you won’t lose your crypto.

Things are a bit different when it comes to non-custodial wallets. These wallets put you in full control of your coins and you’ll get a “Private key” or password that you’ll have to present before making any transaction. If you lose or forget your private key, you won’t be able to access your assets.

Last but not least we have the hardware wallet. This is a physical device that you can use to store your private keys offline. It’s the safest but also the most complicated to master.

We are sure that all the above named wallets seem attractive. However, to simplify things, we are going to only discuss how you can use hosted Bitcoin wallets to gamble.

The Benefits Of Using Bitcoin To Gamble Online

Using Bitcoin as a casino payment method comes with plenty of advantages. Below are some of them.

Gamble Anonymously

Let’s be honest, it does feel good to gamble online knowing the casino doesn’t have all your banking details. Unlike using your credit/debit card to directly deposit funds into your betting account, with Bitcoin, the currency is sent over to the casino with no personal details attached to it.

Also, because online gambling in India is still a grey topic, many banks refuse to accept withdrawals from casinos. Therefore, gambling at a crypto casino will ensure you receive your winnings in time and without facing legal repercussions.

Bitcoin casinos are safe

Bitcoin payments are sometimes considered the safest in the financial market. Once you create a hosted wallet with a reputable provider, you can go ahead and join any online Bitcoin casino without worrying about your payment information getting stolen.

Enjoy Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Are you tired of waiting for hours for your deposit to reflect in your betting account? It doesn’t have to be this way. Simply sign up at a Bitcoin online casino and you’ll experience it firsthand. Due to Bitcoin’s independent nature transferring funds is just as easy as when depositing at a Paypal casino. With other payment methods, it can take hours for the deposit to get processed but with Bitcoin, deposits are almost instantaneous.

Bitcoin has Low Fees

It may shock you to learn that using more traditional deposit and withdrawal options can cripple you financially. In fact, if you begin counting all the fees associated with transferring money to and from a bank account you might end up giving up your gambling hobby. Luckily, Bitcoin exists and with this cryptocurrency, you can enjoy free transactions or small fees that other payment methods may not offer.

Flexible & Convenient Gaming

Far from the privacy and the low fees, there is another benefit of playing at Bitcoin gambling sites. Yes, we’re talking about flexibility. Many people think that you can only buy Bitcoins in full units which cost thousands of dollars. But this isn’t true. Bitcoins can be bought in extremely small pieces. For instance, you can buy a thousandth of a Bitcoin for less than 200 Rupees then send the Bitcoin amount to the casino.

Access Special Bonuses and Promotions

Bitcoin is still a relatively new payment method. However, this doesn’t mean that players who use it can’t qualify for casino offers. There are plenty of exclusive Bitcoin bonuses to unlock especially no deposit ones. Also, once you create an account at a casino, you will most likely receive a generous welcome bonus.

Which is The Top Bitcoin Casino In India

There are a good number of Indian Bitcoin casinos you can join. Not only do you enjoy the convenience of Bitcoin payments, but they also offer an excellent variety of games and features.


Jackpot City is without a doubt one of the best Bitcoin casinos in India. This casino has been operating for almost two decades and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Fans of Microgaming will particularly enjoy gambling on this site as it hosts numerous Microgaming slots including Treasure Nile and Terminator 2.

Table games are also available and you can enjoy numerous variations of Blackjack and roulette. Also if you’re looking for an exceptional live Bitcoin casino that has state-of-the-art streaming technology and interactive dealers, then this is the place for you.

Due to the instant-play nature of the casino, you can also access games and banking services from your mobile device. You’ll also get to play at a secure site that uses 256-bit technology to encrypt all data including payment information.

How To Find Safe Bitcoin Online Casinos

The internet has made it easier to gamble. That is something that no one can deny. But let us not forget that the internet is also filled with tons of fraudulent casinos. This is why you need to be absolutely careful when gambling online. So, how does one find a real Bitcoin casino? It’s easy.

Check Licensing and Regulation

There’s no such thing as the best online Bitcoin casino. Instead, there’s a legitimate and trustworthy casino. Meaning first thing you should always look for is licensing and regulation. A license from a government regulatory body is a must-have for any online casino. We are aware that sometimes casinos offer attractive bonuses that sway players away from checking their credentials. Don’t fall into this trap. If the casino doesn’t have a license, it’s simply not worth your time or money.

Number and Quality of Games

If you’re an avid fan of roulette, you likely wake up every morning believing that its super cool and it rules to play roulette online. But guess what? That’s what every other roulette fan believes.

Meaning, the number and quality of games at an online casino is important. After checking the casino’s licensing information, do a quick survey of their Bitcoin casino games. Slots and table games must be available. They are industry standard and should always be present.

The live dealer section is also very important. Check the quality of their graphics and streaming technology. Low quality games mean that you might experience trouble when playing which may ultimately result in huge losses.

Test Customer Support Availability

Let’s say perhaps you’re gambling at an exclusive roulette casino using Bitcoin. All over sudden, your free spins disappear, the Bitcoin withdrawal page goes blank and the website refuses to function. What’s the first thing you need to do?  The first and only thing you should do is contact the casino’s support team. The casino should have a friendly support system available and they should offer assistance via several ways including email and phone. Good Bitcoin casinos will go further and set up a live chat or work 24/7 to ensure everyone’s problems are solved.

How To Use Bitcoin To Deposit Funds To A Casino

Using Bitcoin to make casino deposits varies depending on the wallet provider and casino you’re using. The following steps are the ones you’re most likely to encounter.

  • Find a reputable wallet provider and open a Bitcoin wallet.
  • Use direct bank transfers or your debit/credit card to fund your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Once there are funds in your wallet, buy the amount of Bitcoins you want.
  • Go to the “deposit” or “cashier” section of your casino and select Bitcoin as your payment method.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit, your cryptocurrency address or username. Then submit the request.
  • Open your Bitcoin wallet and enter the casino’s cryptocurrency address or username and confirm the payment.


No. Only a few Indian casinos currently accept Bitcoin. This might change in the future because Bitcoin is growing in popularity.
Yes. Funding your betting account with Bitcoin is safe as you will not be providing the casino with your banking details.
Bitcoin can be sold in small affordable units. At the moment, you can buy a thousandth of a Bitcoin for less than 200 Rupees.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we would like to say that Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention and it is no secret that all players can benefit from using it. Additionally, bitcoin casinos use other banking methods like e-wallets and bank cards. This will not interfere with your Bitcoin deposits whatsoever. However, you can use these methods as alternatives.

We hope that you can now find and choose the best Bitcoin Casinos in India for you. Moreover, you’ve learned the benefits of using Bitcoin to gamble online. You are now ready to kick start your Bitcoin gambling journey. Open a Bitcoin wallet today and begin playing your favourite games.

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