2022’s Online Neteller Casinos – A Complete Guide

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Neteller casinos have been quite popular for many years now, precisely, since 1999. Knowing Neteller has been around for such a long time, it is quite obvious to say it is a very reliable and great choice for gambling enthusiasts worldwide, not just in India. Unlike most payment methods, Neteller is an e-wallet that can be found in most online casinos nowadays. To many gamblers, Neteller is a payment method they consider ‘’PayPal of the online gambling’’ and seeing how popular it really has been throughout the years in the gambling industry, it makes sense! If you have been looking for the best Neteller casino to play your favorite spin games on, check out Spin Casinoand see how it is to spin and win! Curious to know more about Neteller and how it works? Continue reading as we will guide you through everything you may need to know. 

How To Use Neteller To Play In Online Casinos?

Neteller Online Casinos

As already mentioned above, many online casinos actually accept Neteller as one of the payment methods. If you wish to use Neteller to gamble online, it is important you learn more about how it works and how to start playing once you make your first deposit. 

Before anything, it is advised you do your research and select one of the best Neteller casinos with the best Neteller casino bonuses. With so many choices out there, there is no way you will be unable to find a casino that will be enjoyable to play on. Many Neteller casinos actually offer a wide range of games, bonuses, and promotions, therefore, all you really need to do is look for those that have the best offerings. 

Once you manage to decide which casino will be the one you will try your luck at, go ahead and create an account using your true personal information and then select Neteller as your payment method. Usually, your first deposit will result in an awesome bonus of 100%, which is great and means you will be able to play more than what you have paid for. In most cases, the minimum deposit amount that will allow you to start playing is $10, which is just enough and could potentially lead to a profit as well if you are lucky enough. 

Best Casino Sites That Accept Neteller Payments

With such a wide variety of Neteller casinos in the gambling industry, many people end up confused and clueless on which one they should pick. It is important to always take into consideration the number of bonuses and games you will get, therefore, always try to pick licensed and Neteller casinos that provide Neteller games developed by some of the truly outstanding software providers! Here are a few that are worth a mention:

Betway Casino

Betway Casino was founded back in 2006, it is an international gambling company, and still to this day, it runs one of the best Neteller casinos out there. With a huge variety of casino games and an amazing sportsbook, Betway keeps on being a great choice for Indian gamblers every single day. If you are interested, click here and make an account on Betway in order to try out some of the best casino games in the industry! 

Royal Panda

If you have been looking for a fun-looking Neteller online casino that has a great reputation in the gambling world, Royal Panda is surely the one you will love to play games on. This casino is owned and operated by Royal Panda Limited and they have been around for quite a while. Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission, Royal Panda Neteller casino is a great choice for people who wish to enjoy a huge variety of live games and a lot more. If you are impatient to try it out, click here and make your first deposit on Royal Panda!

Jackpotcity Casino

Just like Royal Panda and Betway Casino, Jackpot City casino is a Neteller casino licensed and well-respected for years! This casino was founded back in 1998, and it is still to this day a very popular choice among gamblers worldwide, including Indian gamblers. With over 500 casino games provided by Microgaming, Jackpotcity Casino is a great choice for everyone who wishes to get some great bonuses and rewards as they play their favorite games. Perhaps you wish to try out some very fun games and claim your welcome bonus? If so, click here to create an account at Jackpotcity casino and have a fun gambling experience!

Why Is Neteller The First Choice For Indian Gamblers

With Neteller having been around so long and having handled much of the world’s gambling transactions since 2000. With its long history of managing them, it has gained a reputation as a reliable transfer service and e-wallet for use in online gambling. Thanks to this history, it is commonly accepted by almost all online casinos for payment and withdrawals, meaning if you do choose Neteller it is likely to be available no matter the casino that interests you. 

With this age also comes a great deal of added security, with some features you do not find elsewhere, while online payment services provide multi-layered security for an account and transfer protection, Neteller also has the added bonus of all user funds being kept separate from the business, meaning that no matter what happens to the company, your money is safe. 

Again, thanks to its experience it has developed a very easy to use the system for users to make payments through with a clean and simple interface, and speedy transfers for your money. There are also a variety of ways for you to pay into your Neteller account, with only direct bank transfers being an issue due to it being a UK based company. And while this inconvenience does exist, all other payment methods are available such as Paytm and Card transfers, plus with the company being based in the UK it is limited by their laws, which as mentioned, requires them to keep your money safe at all times and separate from their own funds. 

Things To Remember While Playing At Neteller Casinos

When looking to play at any casino, you have to consider your payment method with the potential benefits and negatives it may bring, when it comes to Neteller there are a few things to remember as you play. For example, Neteller offers you the ability to sign up for and use their Net+ prepaid Mastercard, which can be used in the same way as a regular debit card, meaning you can withdraw cash and deposit it directly into your Neteller account, as well as make use of it anywhere Mastercard is accepted as a payment method, meaning you can even bypass the somewhat rare regional restrictions of Neteller. 

Another detail to consider with individual payment methods is a transfer, deposit, and withdrawal limits. Neteller does come with some transfer costs when sending money to certain businesses or when converting currencies, so that is something to keep in mind. There are also some transfer limits with regular users being limited to $2500 or its equivalent in each individual transaction or up to $5000 if the transfer is between Neteller accounts. They do however offer membership bonuses with multiple tiers increasing your individual transaction limits, likewise, your withdrawal limits follow the same system, increasing as you go through the VIP levels. 

Terms And Conditions Of Using Neteller For Indian Players

Just like every other payment method out there, Neteller has certain terms and conditions everyone should know about before making an account and trying to use it as a payment method in one of the Neteller casinos. First and most important one of all is that only people aged 18 and more can create an account and become the user of Neteller payment service. Of course, together with that, it is important to be a resident of the country that provides Neteller service, which for you should not be a problem considering Neteller is available throughout entire India. 

When creating an account and starting to use the Neteller payment method, it is important you always provide proper and true personal information, otherwise, you will not be able to use the service at all. Not providing true and proper personal information may result in unnecessary fees and problems with payments overall. 

Of course, there are a lot more things we could go over about this, however, if you really are interested and you want to know all there is related to terms and condition, it is advised you either speak to customer support or read it all on the official website of Neteller. 

None of the information written in this article is 100% definitive and certain things can be changed at any time. Neteller is not related to us at all and in case anything is unclear, we advise you to speak to their customer service and the customer service of the casino you decide to make your deposits and withdrawals on. The information provided in this article originates from the internet only. 

What Are Pros And Cons Of Neteller Online Casinos?

When looking for a payment method, you should always consider the pros and cons when making use of each of their systems, helping you to decide which suits your needs best for whatever use you may have for it. 




Neteller is accepted as a payment method in almost all online casinos so its use can be guaranteed almost anywhere you visit.
Functions only in 6 currencies, so you will have to deal with conversions which may incur some additional expenses, not including their usual transfer fees.
Near-instant money transfers between bank to account and casino meaning no waiting around for the money to arrive in your accounts.
They have a longer than average verification process, which could be a problem if you wish to get to playing quickly.
Easy to link your account to multiple payment methods such as Debit cards and PayTM.
Additional protection of using an e-wallet to transfer the money between yourself and the casino, keeping your details secure and out of sight.

What Bonuses Will You Get When Playing With Neteller?

A point to always consider when signing up with any site is whether or not your chosen payment method will leave you eligible for the many sign up and deposit bonuses available. When browsing sites, you should always check both that your chosen transfer method is available for use and also whether or not the bonuses that may have caught your eye will be redeemable when using said method, as certain sites will only allow their cash bonuses to certain payment methods such as by card. 

For example, our recommended casinos, have many bonuses waiting for you should you choose to sign up, Jackpot City for example will double each of your first four deposits up to £400 or your local equivalent. Betway offers you cash welcome bonuses depending on what it is you’re looking to play alongside various promotions. While Royal Panda has a €1000 bonus on your first three deposits and 10 free spins on their Book of the Dead slot game. 

With many other bonuses available across many other sites, all you need to do is check for suitability in the terms and conditions, as most will clearly state whether or not Neteller is excluded from their bonuses, then enjoy whichever site catches your interest, bonuses and all!

How To Deposit And Withdraw Money Using Neteller In Online Casinos?

Making transfers using Neteller is a simple process only requiring you to have set up your Neteller account with either a functioning payment method or deposited some cash into your account. Then you only need to remember or have the required account details on hand so you can log into the in-browser pop-up when making your deposits or withdrawals, below we will walk you through the processes step by step.




Go to the Deposits and Withdrawals section of your chosen casino.
Once again navigate to the Deposits and Withdrawals page of your casino
Select Neteller as your chosen payment method and enter the amount of cash you wish to deposit.
Select Neteller as your withdrawal method and enter the amount of cash you wish to withdraw from your account, first checking that it is within the acceptable amount on your chosen casino
Enter the required details for your Neteller account in the popup and confirm the transaction.
Enter the required account details and accept the transaction
Return to your casino account and you will see your funds arrive either immediately or after a few moments.
Within a few minutes or usually, immediately, the money will be in your Neteller account, from there you can transfer your money to your bank account or elsewhere at your own leisure


No, Neteller provides its users with many different services, and considering it is an e-wallet, there are many things you can really use it for.
Yes, everyone can create a Neteller account for free, there are no fees associated with the registration of an account at all!
Neteller is known for supporting a big variety of money currencies: USD, Zloty, Australian Dollar, Krona, Swiss franc, Euro, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian Krone, Canadian Dollar Ruble, Sterling, and Danish Krona.
In case you are not very impressed by Neteller service, you can always check out other e-wallets such as PayPal or Skrill. Both of these are known to be very safe and certainly extremely popular as well. Of course, if you would prefer not to use an e-wallet to deposit and withdraw your money from online casinos, you can always try out using credit/debit cards, Visa, and Mastercard for example.


While there might be many Neteller casinos available to people worldwide, seeing how big the choices really are can seem quite intimidating for some people. If you are truly interested in using Neteller as a payment method, you must understand that not all online casinos that feature Neteller are safe to play on. Even if Neteller is a safe and quite fast payment method, it does not guarantee the casinos it is available on our 100% safe. The best you can do is follow the honest advice from your fellow gamblers, look for licensed casinos, or simply head to one of the Neteller casinos mentioned in this article. 

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