Live Blackjack Online Casino Games 2022

Live Blackjack is unbelievably popular in many online casinos nowadays. Today, you can play Live Blackjack in nearly every online casino thanks to its insane popularity worldwide!

Live Blackjack Online Casino Games

Unlike most casino table games, Blackjack is a game even new players decide to play without hesitation. This casino table game is designed in a way that makes people fall in love with it right away! 

Whether you own a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet, now you can play your favorite table game on the go! If you have never had a chance to play Blackjack or you already managed to master it fully, go ahead and test your Blackjack skills by registering at Royal Panda!

What Is Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack is a regular Blackjack game you can play at an online casino of your choice. Live casino Blackjack features a live dealer who will be a host of your game. Unlike the basic Blackjack games that are played at online casinos, Live Blackjack is actually an improvement taking everything into consideration. 

Back in the days if you wanted to have a dealer to play Blackjack, you either had to hire one or simply go to a land-based casino to play. Today, you can literally play and have different live dealers dealing your cards every single day via your smartphone device or a computer. 

To make things even better there are also many versions of Live Blackjack for you to enjoy. All you really need to start your adventure is to register at an Indian online casino and make your first deposit. Blackjack is a game everyone can play and given a chance, people can also master it too! 

Mastering the arts of Blackjack will help you win more often and on top of that, you will also feel a lot more confident to make higher wagers too! 

Benefits Of Playing Live Blackjack In India

Knowing Blackjack is such a popular game, Live Blackjack turned out to be an amazing thing due to the many great benefits it has. Here are some of the benefits you will experience by playing Live Blackjack casinos online in India:

Games Cannot Be Rigged

Considering there are many people out there who claim online casino games are rigged, Live Blackjack is great proof of being completely fair. Whenever you play Live Blackjack, you are able to see the cards that are being dealt on the table. You are able to see the live dealer who will react and make calls depending on the situation.

Live Blackjack Is Convenient

Being able to see that a real person is dealing your cards, being able to talk to the dealer and sip on your favorite cup of tea is a true convenience. Best Live Blackjack sites give you a chance to lay back and play your favorite game without even having to tip the dealer either! 

Live Blackjack Allows You To Pick Your Dealer

Another great thing about Live Blackjack online is the chance to pick your own dealer. This is something most people love as there are times in the land-based casino where we all thought that our dealer was bad. Now you are actually able to pick your dealer and play your favorite game without any setbacks at all! 

Online Casinos That Offer Live Blackjack Games

Considering Live Blackjack is a rather popular choice amongst Indian gambling enthusiasts, we have decided to provide you with the best ones! The following casinos are all licensed, tested, and trustworthy: 

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is an online casino that features an amazing library of casino games for everyone. Roulette, Slots, Poker, and even Blackjack can be played here. To make it even better, Live Blackjack is also quite popular at Spin Casino too, therefore, give it a try! Click here and create an account at Spin Casino!

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is one of the online casino giants that have been a top choice for many Indian gamblers so far. There are thousands of Indian players enjoying playing their favorite casino games at Betway casino. If you want to have a fun and enjoyable time,click here and make an account at Betway yourself!

Jackpotcity Casino

Jackpotcity Casino is another great online casino that is worth a mention. Just like the previous two, Jackpotcity casino has an enormous library of casino games for you to enjoy. Of course, here you can also play Live Blackjack too! Tap here and try your luck at Jackpotcity casino today!

How To Play Live Dealer Blackjack Casino Games?

If you are unsure about how to play Live Blackjack games, here is an example for you to consider next time you jump into a game!

  • Placing your bet is the first thing you have to do, make sure to check the betting limits first!
  • The dealer will go ahead and deal two cards to all of the players at the table. 
  • Picture cards such as queens, kings, and jacks count as 10, Aces count as 1 or 11. 
  • In order to get the right hand, you will have to decide about your choices.
  • ‘’Stand’’ if you are content with the first two cards you got.
  • ‘’Hit’’ if you want the dealer to provide you with a next card, and continue until you wish to ‘’Stand’’
  • ‘’Double Down’’ if you wish to double your initial bet and get an additional card. This is an excellent strategy if you are happy with what you have but need one more card to get a good result.
  • In case you have two cards of the same value, ‘’Split’’. You can make a second bet and the dealer will go-ahead to split them into two entirely new hands. 
  • ‘’Surrender’’ if you are unlucky and your cards are beyond awful. If you surrender you will get back half of your first bet. 

The whole idea behind Blackjack is to get the card values as close to 21 or 21 overall. If you go over 21 value, you will lose/bust. Of course, if the dealer provides you an Ace and any other card worth 10 card value. This means you have Blackjack and the dealer will need to get the same in order to stop you from winning. Also, check how to play Blackjack Casino games by clicking here!

Different Types Of Live Dealer Blackjack Games

Just as most casino table games, Blackjack also comes in many different versions you can choose from. Depending on your playstyle and the wagering in general, you can select the version that will work best for you. Here are some of the most common Live Blackjack versions you can enjoy:

VIP Live Blackjack

VIP Live Blackjack is for experienced Blackjack players who like to make high rolls. VIP Blackjack makes the entire experience a lot more luxurious. Notably, each online casino offering VIP blackjack has a distinctively styled VIP environment. In most cases, VIP Blackjack is played by high wagering customers and like-minded players. 

Speed Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack Games

Speed Blackjack is obviously the fastest Live Blackjack there is. Each player’s first two cards will be dealt as always. Then, once the dealing is done, every player has a chance to decide whether to ‘’Hit’’, ‘’Double Down’’ or ‘’Split’’. The player who makes the fastest decision is the player who gets their cards first next time they are being dealt by the dealer. 

Free Bet Live Blackjack

Free Bet Live Blackjack is quite interesting as in this version of Blackjack, players get a free Double Down bet on two cards with values of 11,10, or 9. Added to this value, are Split bets on all card pairs except for cards that are valued as 10. 

To make it even better, free bets are offered to players whenever their hand is qualified. Usually, Free Bet Blackjack includes four optional side bets. These bets are any pairs, 21 and 3, hot three and bust it as well as Six Card Charlie rule.

Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack is quite different from what we are used to. Power Blackjack actually added the chance to Double, Triple, and even Quadruple Down on any of their first two cards, also after the split! 

The game is played with eight decks, 9s, and 10s are entirely removed from every deck but all of the picture cards still remain untouched in the deck. Mathematically looking, this is 64 fewer cards available for the game and a huge chance for players to try out new strategies to win. 

Same as Free Bet Blackjack, Power Blackjack also features four optional side bets such as any pairs, 21 and 3, hot three, and Bust it. The only difference is that Power Blackjack does not have the Six Card Charlie rule. 


No, not all casinos offer Live Blackjack games. If you want to play Live Blackjack, check out the casinos we recommended in this article! You will not be disappointed!
No, sadly, you should try playing a regular Blackjack game if you want to learn how to play. Live Dealer games require you to bet real money and frankly, we highly doubt you want to lose money in order to learn how to play. 
The winning amount of money entirely depends on how much you set your bet to be. Another thing to consider is the fact that most online casinos have their own betting limits as well as multipliers and bonuses. 
Yes, you can place bets from multiple seats. Some casino providers even allow players to wager multiple hands too, however, this number can vary depending on the casino.
Yes, there is a connection between the deck number and the house edge. The more decks are used the bigger the House Edge will be!


All in all, Live Blackjack is an amazing way of enjoying the game but also making a profit. Blackjack has been around for centuries and its popularity does not seem to fade away at all. On contrary, Blackjack remains one of the best and most chosen casino games for many.

If you are impatient to try out Live Blackjack today, make sure to take a look at any of the top casinos on our page and create an account! Who knows, maybe you get lucky! 

One thing you can be guaranteed of is – all the casinos on our page are safe, trustworthy and entertaining.