Best Online Blackjack Casinos In India – Guide, Games & Bonuses

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games, and the most played banking game in the world. Players love online blackjack because you can play to win with real strategies. This gives it a high Return to Player when compared with other casino games.

Best Online Blackjack Casinos In India

In this online Blackjack real money guide, we will explore how to play the game, where to play it, and how to win when you play it.

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How To Play Blackjack Online?

Blackjack is played with several 52-card decks. It is a banking game, meaning that it is played against the banker, also called the dealer. The aim of the game is to get a hand value better than the banker’s hand, but not more than 21 which is called a “Bust”.

Typically, a game starts with the players placing a bet, then cards are dealt. Two cards are dealt to the players and the dealer is dealt two cards with just one facing up and the other called the “Hole Card” facing down. From this position, you can decide if you need to take more cards to get closer to 21 or not.

You can do either of the following:

  • Hit: Take another card
  • Surrender: End the hand and receive half of your bet
  • Stand: Take no more cards and wait for the reveal of the bankers second card
  • Double Down: Take one more card and double the size of your bet
  • Split: If you get dealt two cards of the same value (for example, two 10s), you can split them into two different bets and add a card to the two hands. They both get their own bets and win or lose against the banker’s hand independently.

The banker on the other hand can only Hit until they exceed 17 or Bust. The cards are counted based on their face value. Cards 2 to 9 have the value of what’s on their card, 10, Q, K, and J have a value of 10, while the Ace can be 1 or 11.

The presence of an Ace in any hand makes it a soft hand because it can be a 1 or 11. For instance, a soft 17 is Ace-6 (which can also be a 7), while a hard 17 is 10-7 or 9-8.

You’re said to have hit 21 or Blackjack if you have an Ace and any of 10, Q, K, or J. A blackjack is paid out at 3:2 odds while regular wins are paid out at even odds.

Start Playing Online Blackjack at the Best Casinos

Alright, we now know how to play Blackjack online. But how do we know the best casinos to play blackjack in India? Well, we have a method for selecting great gambling sites that gets us the best, and you can use it too. Just follow these simple steps:

Check for a Casino License

A license is important for every casino online to have. The internet is a wild space and it gives freedom to everyone to do whatever they want, including making an online Blackjack casino. You can avoid these illegal casinos by making sure that you play online casino games at a site that has verified licenses from reputable authorities. Some popular regulatory bodies include the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, etc. These regulatory bodies make sure that every gambling operator that they issue a license first passes some tests. These include security tests, financial tests, as well as testing the fairness of their real money online Blackjack games as well.

Check for Varied Banking Methods

 This is important because you want to be able to make transactions as easily as possible. As an Indian player, UPI integrated payment solutions like PhonePe, Paytm, and GPay, are ideal. However, there are other methods that are great as well. You can make use of e-wallets like Astropay, Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill, mobile solutions like MuchBetter, Siru, and Apple Pay, and cryptocoins like Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Check for Promotion Offers

 When considering the best strategy you want to employ to win playing online Blackjack, you also account for how much you need in your bankroll to fund such a strategy. Usually, you need a substantial bankroll to play long enough to win anything. Promotion offers can help you get a bankroll that is large enough. However, you must ensure that the wagering requirements for your preferred offer is doable. The wagering or rollover requirement should not be too high.

Check for Reliable Customer Support 

Customer support channels will help you get rid of any issues that you may have with the casino. Customer support channels like a comprehensive FAQs section, phone calls, emails, Whatsapp messaging, and a dedicated 24/7 live chat customer representative. Also, a live community chat section is also great as it helps you get real-time feedback on your issues from customers like yourself.

Check for Gaming Variety 

There are several variations of online Blackjack that you can enjoy. Live Blackjack variations are a good example as they combine the mobility of online casinos with the experience of land-based casinos.


But besides Blackjack, you should also have the opportunity to play other casino games if you want to.

Top Real Money Blackjack Variations of 2021 in India

Here are some of the most interesting Blackjack tournaments that you can enjoy at online Blackjack India casinos:

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is a very popular form of the game. It involves each player automatically having two hands dealt to them. These hands win or lose independently, however, you must place the same bet on both hands. You can split your cards even in this game, and the characteristic feature is that you can switch cards from one hand to another to get a better combination. For instance, two hands of 10-4 and Ace-5 can be reconfigured to 10-Ace and 4-5. However, 21s or Blackjacks are paid out at even money.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack games follow all the traditional rules that we addressed at the beginning. However, in this version, the banker is not dealt the hole card until you make a decision.

Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments

 These tournaments allow you to compete against the other players. It still has the same features of traditional Blackjack where your aim is to beat the hand of the dealer. However, Sit ‘n’ Go tourneys allow a fixed number of players for a fixed amount of time with the aim of rewarding the player with the most chips at the end of the round.

Live Blackjack

 This is a family of blackjack games available at live dealer casinos. They do not particularly have a distinctive feature that differs from the game. The characteristic feature of live dealer Blackjack is that you are being dealt the game by a real dealer from the screen of your device. You can play it anywhere, and at any time.

Winning Strategies For Blackjack Betting Online

Blackjack is great because you can apply real playing techniques that will increase your winning chances in a real way. Unlike other casino games, you can’t influence or predict the outcome of the game.

You may have heard of the practice of card counting, or maybe you’ve seen it in a movie. It usually involves the player being so good that they have to get booted out of the casino.

One simple way to sound cards is to assign values to certain groups of cards.

In a Hi-Lo card counting strategy, for example, cards 2 to 6 are assigned +1, 7 to 9 are assigned 0, and 10, Q, K, J, and Ace are assigned -1. In this system you will add the value of each card that appears to get the effect of removal (EOR) of that card on the whole deck.

For instance, if twelve cards have been dealt so far, with two having a 0 value, two having a -1 value, and the remaining eight having a +1 value, this means that the total EOR is +6. What this means is that you have more big numbers (Q, K, J, Ace, 10) in the deck and you should start placing bigger wagers.

5 Real Money Blackjack Betting Tips For 2021

In online Blackjack, there are 5 big ways to make sure you keep winning. They include:

Select the Best Online Blackjack Casino

 We’ve already discussed how you can do this. However, here’s a recap of what make a Blackjack online casino the best:

  • Operating license
  • The promotion offers fair wagering requirements
  • A variety of banking methods
  • A variety of games selections
  • Great customer support

Learn Card Counting Techniques 

What card counting entails is to predict when you have or don’t have an advantage and increase or decrease your bet size accordingly. The Hi-Lo technique is one of the most common techniques, however, other techniques like Halves and Zen count help give your predictions more nuance.

Read the Room

There are several situations that you’ll find yourself in if you play Blackjack online long enough. With time you’ll learn how to react to those situations and we may not be able to cover all of them. However,let us take a look at 5 common situations you’ll encounter in online Blackjack games:

  • Always split if your pair is 8s or Aces
  • Double down if the banker has a faceup card of 9 or less and your two cards have a value of 10.
  • Stand if the dealer has a 7 face up card and you have a pair of 9s
  • Double down if your hand is a hard 11
  • Double down on an 8 in a single deck game if the banker has a 5 or 6 face up card

 Play Practice Games

Like we said, the list of different situations you’ll find yourself in is many. The best way to know what to do in certain Blackjack situations is to play practice games.

There are several Blackjack online free games you can play at casinos. Doing this will also let you know when is the right time to stop wagering when you’re winning or losing.

 Make Use of Promotion Offers

Asides from playing demo games at free online Blackjack casinos, you can reduce the risk of playing by exploiting the bonus offer given by the casinos. Welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and loyalty programs are all opportunities to give yourself more betting time in the online Blackjack casino.

Make Money On The Go With Mobile Blackjack Betting

Mobile gamers are not left out of the fun. You can enjoy the best of blackjack online including live dealer Blackjack if you select the right mobile online Blackjack casino. Select the best mobile Blackjack gambling apps with these steps:

  • Make sure that the banking methods for the PC website are all available on the mobile app.
  • The game providers in the casinos should be reputable. Recognizable names especially for live Blackjack games include Ezugi and Evolution Gaming.
  • Play with mobile casino apps that have good user interface design. This is good as it will help you to transition from your PC website to your desktop app without losing any features.

Real Money Online Blackjack FAQs

The best online Blackjack casino is the one with an operating license, good bonuses, secure website, and reliable customer support.
There are aspects of luck to the game in the sense that each draw from the deck of cards is random. However, the card counting techniques as well as the tips we’ve outlined in this review is a skill you can learn.
No, if you have a pair of 10s, you should stand. You’re just one shy of a blackjack, and it’s unlikely that the banker get’s a hand of 21.

Our Verdict on Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack is a great casino game to play. It has great odds, and you can implement a greater level of skill than in other casino games. We’ve gone through all the steps that you can follow to get the best chance of winning online Blackjack.

These steps include finding the right casino, as well as playing with the best strategies. For more tips on the best casino games and tips, check out our other reviews and start beating the house edge!