Blackjack Switch In India 2022

Throughout the years, Blackjack has gotten plenty of interesting variations. Being one of the most popular casino table games, Blackjack has proven to be a great game for everyone, even those who have never really played it before. 

Blackjack Switch In India

While there are many different Blackjack variations, only a few of them have managed to make their way to some of the most popular online casinos in India. For example, Blackjack Switch is currently one of the most popular versions of Blackjack and it can be found in most of the online casinos out there.

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What Is Blackjack Switch And What Is There About Its History?

Blackjack Switch is another Blackjack variation many Indian gamblers enjoy playing at their favorite online casinos. Thanks to Geoff Hall and his big passion related to card games, today we can play Blackjack Switch. This man’s name is a very well-known name in the casino industry and since his early age, he has been trying to improve and increase the dynamics of many card games, including Blackjack.

In the 1980s Hall started becoming very interested in Blackjack as a game and he borrowed a book from another fellow player to study it through. Soon after, Geoff actually developed his Blackjack skills and became extremely good at the game and all it had to offer. 

Blackjack Switch is one of the Hall’s best-known creations of all time. Back in 2001. Blackjack Switch was first introduced at the Harvey’s Casino and just two years later, Hall figured he would make another change to the rules by adding Push 22 rule. 

In 2003. his latest Blackjack Switch version was introduced to the public and soon after it made its way to some of the biggest and best casinos in America. Today, we can play Blackjack Switch on our smartphones, tablets as well as computers! 

The Difference Between Blackjack Switch And Regular Blackjack

When it comes to Blackjack Switch, the main moves and rules of the game are pretty much the same as they are in the standard version of Blackjack. The main difference between Blackjack Switch and standard Blackjack is the fact that instead of one hand, players have two hands. 

This allows players to switch the top cards and increase their winning chances. Each player plays them in turn and starts with the right hand, moving onto the left hand. It is important to note that in Blackjack Switch the top cards of the two hands are only allowed to be switched BEFORE taking any hits. 

Imagine a player is dealt a soft 15 and an 8 in hand. This player could easily Switch and get better chances of winning with a 10 hand and/or a soft 13 Hand. 

Blackjack Switch is usually played with four up to eight decks. For example, the Blackjack Switch that was released by Playtech is played with six decks and they are randomly shuffled through the RNG system every single round. 

When playing Blackjack Switch the dealer are required to check for naturals in case their starting card is a card value of ten or ace. If this is the case, the insurance will be offered against their ten or ace and pay at regular odds of 2 to 1. 

Unlike in standard Blackjack, the payout is not one of three to two as players are paid with an even amount of money instead. 

Online Casinos Offering Blackjack Switch Games

Now that you know how popular and interesting Blackjack Switch really is, you are most likely wondering about which online casinos have it offered in their game library. For you, we have selected some of the best online casinos that feature fair Blackjack Switch games:

Jackpotcity Casino

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Betway Casino

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Spin Casino

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How To Play Blackjack Switch?

If you wish to learn how to play Blackjack Switch, we suggest you try playing the standard version of Blackjack first. Of course, if you already know how to play the standard Blackjack, here are a few Blackjack tips that will help you understand how is Blackjack Switch usually played at online casinos:

  • As always, your aim is to get as close to the card value number of 21. Going over 21 will result in a loss! 
  • After joining the table, you will place your bets and get two hands of two cards.
  • The dealer will deal only one hand to themselves.
  • The next step is all on you, you will mix and match your cards to get the best result you possibly can. 
  • Before you Hit, Stand, Double your bets or Split your hand, you will be given a chance to actually switch two of your hands in order to make two new hands if you feel it is a good idea to do so
  • After this, you will continue the same as if you would in a standard Blackjack game with two standard Blackjack hands
  • Once you Hit, Stand, Split or Double your hands and your hands are as close to 21 as they can possibly be, you can finally click on Stand and see whether you have won or not. 
  • The dealer will go ahead and reveal their facedown card and continue to play their hand, the same as he/she would in a regular Blackjack game. 
  • After this, the dealer will compare their hand with each of your hands.

Special Rules That Only Apply To Blackjack Switch

  1. The dealers will peek for Blackjack when showing 10 or an Ace.
  2. The dealer hits a soft 17 in nearly all games.
  3. Insurance is always available and usually pays 2/1
  4. Unlike usual 3/2, Blackjack Switch pays 1/1.
  5. Whenever a player switches in order to create Blackjack, it will only count as 21.
  6. A dealer’s hand of 22 will push against player hands of 21 or less, but an actual Blackjack can still beat it. 
  7. Players are allowed to double down even after they decide to split.

Pros And Cons Of Blackjack Switch

Same as most of the casino games out there, Blackjack Switch has pros and cons you most likely want to know about before you go ahead and spend your money to play it. To make your life easier, here are a few things to remember:




Blackjack Switch gives players great chances of winning since the house edge of the main game is the lowest there is in Blackjack.
If you are not familiar with how Blackjack Switch works, benefiting from low house advantage will be quite hard
The rules of Blackjack Switch are usually never altered by casino providers.
Getting used to perfect switching and basic strategies of Blackjack Switch is a lot harder than in the standard version of the game.
Blackjack Switch is challenging and interesting due to players making choices for two hands.
When playing Blackjack Switch you will notice there are many unusual moves happening, to some players, this is a bad thing, however, it is entirely up to you.
With Blackjack Switch you have a unique opportunity to actually exchange cards between your hands.
The dealers in Blackjack Switch will not go Bust if their card value is a total of 22 and they got no Ace or ten. Instead, they will tie with non-busted player hands instead, all except for Blackjacks.
This variation of Blackjack allows players to test their knowledge and skills in order to improve their multi-tasking abilities the next time they play.


Whether or not you should play Blackjack Switch is something only you know. If you are on a small budget and you are not very experienced in playing Blackjack Switch, you might want to stick to the standard Blackjack version instead.
Yes, you can easily play Blackjack Switch on your smartphone if you have an account at one of the casinos we mentioned in this article.
No, you are not required to download anything in order to play Blackjack Switch online. Some online casinos have their own applications though, so if you want to try that out it would be great!
In most cases, the games will run better through the casino application, however, it really depends on the device you own as well.
Sadly, Live Blackjack Switch is not widely available, however, there are certain casinos that offer it as a game.


While most claim Blackjack Switch is not very different from regular Blackjack game or free blackjack games, it is very important to understand the differences first. The Blackjack Switch variation gives players a chance to make changes and increase their winning opportunities, however, this can also be very confusing for new players too. 

If you are not very well informed or you never really played standard Blackjack for real money, we suggest you give it a try before you jump into Blackjack Switch.

Not only do you get to have fun but learning black switch blackjack and having strategies can turn profitable too.