Best Online Casino Bonuses & Offers of 2022

Casino bonuses come in different shapes and sizes. More so, there is a whole wealth of freebies to look into before deciding which offers to pick. However, they all depend on your gaming status as a new or returning player.

Best Online Casino Bonuses

Notably, casino bonuses have different terms and conditions. Knowing how to receive the best casino bonuses, and what to look out for can help you mitigate losses and make the best out of the available offers. Regardless of your proficiency in online gaming, wagering in top real money casinos provides you lucrative opportunities to win massively. For example, if you sign up at Spin Casino, you will enjoy a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 rupees and a bunch of cash reloading bonuses.

Without wasting time, we want you to understand the different types of casino bonuses securable in the online gaming market. The following list includes some of the most popular gaming sites with numerous and top-rated casino bonuses. Create a gaming account in any of them, deposit some cash, and claim your welcome bonus right off the bat. 

Various Types Of Casino Bonuses

Welcome bonuses

Are you new to online casino gaming? Have you been looking for a lucrative bonus? Well, if so, a welcome bonus is the first giveaway you will receive after signing up on almost all gaming platforms. Frankly, welcome bonuses act as bait to entice potential gamblers to join an online casino

Typically, a welcome bonus includes a generous match of the first bunch of cash a gamer deposits into a gaming account. More so, in top Indian casino sites like the ones we have mentioned below the welcome bonus will include free spins. The giveaway is often an amount equal to the initial money you credit or a percentage of it. 

You should lookout for a decent offer before you decide to sign up. For example, the freebie can be 100% of up to 10,000 rupees, which means you will have a total of 20,000 rupees assuming you deposit 10,000 rupees. Some brands like Royal Panda offer 10 free spins as part of the welcome bonus as soon as you create a gaming account. Similarly, others will give you tokens to use in wagering on poker or bingo.

Loyalty bonuses

There is no doubt that online casinos want to reward new gamers as well as those who remain loyal. As it is, loyalty bonuses tend to be long-running. By simply wagering and depositing cash regularly, you can effortlessly become a loyal member and enjoy the various perks. That means you will be receiving tier tokens to help you wager more and climb the loyalty ladder.

In the same breath, you will earn points, which you can use to place bets risk-free. You can again get cashback from losses you make when wagering or access exclusive tournaments on certain days.

A cashback bonus is a partial rebate of lost funds in online gaming. Therefore, once you start wagering, it is crucial you sign up for the site’s newsletter and deposit cash often.

Promotion bonuses

As you log in to wager, you will often see promotional banners at the bottom or top section of the brand you use. The offers may be cash codes, invitations to specific events, or any other unusual activity. 

Freeroll bonuses are often part of promotional gifts and are usable in online poker rooms. Promos offer an excellent avenue to grow bankroll or recover losses. Therefore, always keep your eyes open to ensure you don’t miss any promotional giveaways up for grabs.

No deposit bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are rewards of fixed free spins or a percentage of free wagering cash. They are the holy grail of freebies since they are crucial but rare and limited. As it is, gamers receive them without depositing money into their gaming accounts. 

However, the giveaway may demand you meet some wagering requirements or key in a unique code first. It can also require you to click a link that will add funds to your gaming account automatically. 

On the other hand, no-deposit bonuses have restrictions for wagering on certain games or gameplays with specific odds. They again payout the winnings in most instances without including the initial free cash. More so, if you wager with a no deposit bonus of 1000 rupees and win 2000 rupees, 1000 rupees will go back to the gaming brand you use, and you will receive the remaining 1000 rupees. 

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are often known as real cash deposit bonuses. They are available to returning players but are sometimes smaller than the welcome bonus. Some gaming sites give away deposit bonuses more than once, with a bunch of platforms being so generous that you will receive the offers up to three times, like in Fun88 Casino. Similarly, they have wagering requirements demanding you to wager a certain amount of cash on specific games during a set period before receiving a payout.  

Referral bonuses

Referral bonuses are available to gamers for inviting friends to register a gaming account at the site you use. And although the offer sounds decent, some brands demand you and your invitee to meet the wagering requirements. As a result, you may end up suffering consequences, assuming your friend fails to attain the set threshold. 

Free spins bonuses

Well, free spins are wagerable in specific slot games, based on the casino site’s guideline. They also have caps on how many you should use before being able to withdraw winnings. Nevertheless, you can receive free spins without depositing cash.  You will also get special free spins on weekdays and weekends after crediting funds in your gaming account. 

Importantly, you should not only check how many free spins you get but also the amount of cash you ought to deposit first, as well as the stake or the spins’ values. As it is, wagering with free spins worth 1000 rupees is better than those worth 100 rupees.

What Are The Casino Bonuses Wagering Requirements?

Wager requirements are also known as Playthrough or rollover requirements. They are basically the terms and conditions to use freebies and have significant impacts on the actual bonuses. They again demand you wager with a certain amount of cash before being able to make withdrawals. Similarly, the Playthrough requirements have expiry dates, which you must fulfill lest your bonuses may be revoked.

Notably, some games don’t contribute to the wagering requirement, while others contribute partly. More so, it is utterly crucial you examine the fine details of rollover requirements before you commit yourself. Be sure to check the weight of each offer to the games. For example, video slot games often cover 100% of the wagering terms while live dealer games contribute about 20%. That means you will attain the rollover requirement faster if you stake in slots than in live dealer games.

Some of the issues to consider include time limits, wagerable games, and bonus limits. For instance, if you deposit 1000 rupees but the wagering requirements demand you wager 35 times, you must spend at least 35,000 rupees in slots (35×1000×100/100) or 70,000 rupees (35×1000×20/100) in live dealer games. 

Therefore, be quick to know whether a bonus is viable or not since some are limited to one household or device. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions may lead to rescinding or permanent closure of your gaming account. But again, you can decline to take an offer if at all it has strict wagering requirements.

How To Get The Best Casino Bonus?

Cash transacting options

There are different cash transaction methods available in online casinos. On the flip side though, not all channels are acceptable in India or all gaming brands. Consequently, ensure you check whether the site you want to join offers workable depositing and withdrawing options. Otherwise, if you sign up blindly, you will encounter glitches whenever you wish to transact cash. Popular cash transaction methods in online casinos are credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and wire bank transfer. 

Licensing of the casino site

Notably, with loads of online casinos available in the gaming market, some are unlicensed and rogue. In other words, they lack genuine gambling documents and transparent mechanisms to produce results. As a result, wagering at such platforms may deny you winnings in very unclear circumstances. 

If you want to be on the safe side, affirm the brand you join has a license from renowned bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. In the same degree, ensure games such as slots utilize independently audited Random Number Generators (RNG) from companies like TST and eCOGRA

Quality of the games

Being a gambler means you will be wagering and playing different games. Consequently, the gaming platform you join ought to furnish you with loads of quality gameplays. And considering some games like video slots often have top-notch graphics, the casino site you pick should match up and ensure you enjoy crystal video feeds always. 

Banking fees

Banking fees are often a significant headache to loads of gamblers. Ideally, the withdrawal fees subjected to you indicate how much money you will receive at the end of the day. On the other hand, they determine how much funds you should deposit and the bonus you will get. More so, if the fees are high, you will only do yourself justice by looking for an alternative gaming brand. Luckily, all our recommended sites allow free depositing of cash, and the withdrawal rates are amicable.

Customer support

Confirming the availability of a site’s customer support team is crucial to ensure you find help quickly. As it is, if a gaming brand lacks a customer support framework, you may face challenges, especially if you are a new gamer. Consequently, only join platforms offering round the clock assistance in multiple channels such as email and live chat. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bonuses

No, a welcome bonus is only accessible once per account. Therefore, if you want it more than once, create a gaming account on multiple sites. 
No, owning multiple accounts in one brand is a violation of online gaming rules. In fact, you will lose all the accounts if the casino site you use finds out.
That will depend on the casino site you use and the terms and conditions for the free spins. Nevertheless, it is advisable to utilize freebies first for the sake of meeting the wagering requirements faster. 
Repercussions of failing to meet wagering requirements vary from site to site. For instance, you may lose all your winnings from the bonuses or have them frozen.
The minimum permissible deposit to qualify you for a bonus depends on the site you join. The amount of cash may range from 100 rupees up to and above 2000 rupees.
Well, that will depend on the type of bonus you get and the site you use to wager. More often than ever, some sites allow withdrawing winnings after meeting the wagering requirements. 


In summation, all casino bonuses are lucrative despite them having wagering requirements. The only aspect you should be keen on is the different ties surrounding the offers. Consider comparing the bonuses right off. Don’t miss any of the giveaways. Create a gaming account at any of our recommended brands and ensure you deposit a significant amount of cash. Achieving that will ensure you get a decent welcome bonus to help you wager, win, and grow your bankroll.