Best Basketball Betting Sites In India 2022

Dear Indian punters, there is an exciting sport you need to try out –  Best Basketball Betting Sites In India! Basketball is among the most popular sports on the planet. Millions of people across the globe like watching this sport as it’s being played in numerous tournaments and leagues. Apart from watching, basketball is also a sport that is popular among betting enthusiasts. Sure, watching a game of basketball is entertaining on its own, but when you add betting to the whole experience, it gets more thrilling and interesting. 

Basketball Betting Sites

You probably know that basketball is a sport that is played between two teams and that each team consists of five players. The basic principle of this sport is to shoot the ball in the basket and score more points than the opponent in order to win the game.  A fact that backs up just how much basketball betting is popular is that gambling aficionados place bets at online bookmakers such as Betway

If you really want to be successful at betting on any sport, you don’t just invest just your money, but your time as well. Analyzing teams, players, and competitions can be quite time-consuming, but when you look in the long run, you can make a considerable profit while betting. This is also the case when it comes to betting on basketball.

So, if you want to win and make money while placing bets on basketball, you have to be equipped. We will help you by providing all the necessary information you may need for betting on this sport. This guide is meant for all the bettors in India, the ones who began to bet, and for the bettors that are highly-experienced.  We’ve covered major talking points such as how to bet on basketball, how to start betting on basketball, what to consider when you choose a betting website, and so on! Before we start, a small suggestion: choose one of the bookmakers below and make your first deposit, then come back to this guide and learn what to do. Delay aside, let’s start!

Best Basketball Betting Sites In India 2022

How To Get Started With Basketball Betting In India

Betting on basketball games can be demanding, especially if you’re a rookie. But, to be honest, no one started to bet by already knowing all about it, so you have to get familiar with how it works. 

The first thing that betting enthusiasts must know is how long does a basketball season last. For example, in one season, in the UBA Pro Basketball League, each team plays six games. Knowing this should help you to successfully start with betting on basketball.

The next thing that you have to know all about the basketball betting websites on this page is that are trustworthy and safe to bet at. Then you should start to read user reviews, see what license they have, how fast does it take to process a payout, and so on. So, if you want to bet on basketball at a reliable site, websites like Fun88 will be a solid fit for you. 

What things to consider while choosing an online basketball betting site in India?

There are countless factors that you need to consider while choosing a basketball betting website, but we selected the most important ones:

Reliability Of The Online Bookmakers

Today, there are hundreds of bookmakers on the Internet. There are sites that are famous, but there are also quite many websites that are unknown to punters. Thus, there are many online basketball betting websites that are simply unsafe and unreliable for punters. Any gambling aficionado can say with certainty that he would want his personal information and funds in the right hands, at a website that has a reputation for being reliable and safe. Because, if you win while betting on a game of basketball, you would surely want to get your winnings without delays. So you have to look for an online bookmaker that is known for its trustworthiness. One indicator that will prove to you that an online sports website is reliable is the license that it has. If it’s licensed by regulatory companies like the Malta commission, UK Gambling Commission or Curacao eGaming, you should know those sites are the real deal. There are a plethora of trustworthy online bookmakers, and sites where you can keep up with your basketball bets.

Leagues And Teams

Nowadays, you can find a lot of tournaments and leagues where you can place bets on basketball games. For example, the most popular basketball league in India is the UBA Pro Basketball League. In this top-flight Indian basketball league, there are a bunch of great teams like the Chennai Slam, Delhi Capitals, Punjab Steelers, Bengaluru Beast, etc. So, an ideal betting site has to offer the option of betting on numerous leagues and teams. Including international leagues and games, like the NBA. You can bet on different aspects of international basketball from the dunks, to transfers, scores etc.

Betting Markets

When it comes to betting on a game of basketball, you have to learn a lot about the betting market. It’s not as easy as picking a website, making an account, and placing a bet. You have to be absolutely positive that you’ve chosen an online bookmaker with a high-level betting market. Also, you need to make a comparison of available bets at particular betting sites and look for a website that offers live betting so you can select an online bookmaker with the finest betting market.


You must look for a website that has decent odds for Basket. If it has low odds, then you should probably bet on another website. Here are the odds which any trustworthy website must offer:

  1. Over or under odds – just like football, basketball also offers this type of odds. So, you should go with a website that offers top-quality over or under odds.
  2. Match winner – as you could presume, to place this bet, you need to choose a winner of the match. Choose a website that offers top-notch match winner odds.

Sites to bet on basketball and receive lucrative odds

Here are some of the best basketball sites where you can place bets on numerous basketball matches.

Fun88 Casino

Fun88 Casino

Fun88 is a fantastic online bookmaker that will reward newbies with a 100 match-up bonus once they make their initial deposit. This online betting platform has been in the industry since 1994, and today it is known for its trustworthiness and safety. The customer service representatives respond in a matter of minutes once the bettors contact them via live chat. Click here to start betting on basketball with Fun88!



Betway is a superb site with some of the best odds in the online gambling business. The newcomers will get a nice welcome bonus in the form of a 100% match-up bonus of up to a max of 2500 Rupees. It also has a mobile app where you can place bets while you’re in a car, bus, train, etc. Click here to start betting on basketball with Betway!



LeoVegas is considered as one of the best online gambling websites in the world. It was established in 2011, and since then, punters absolutely love to spend time on this website and bet on countless games of basketball. They offer a wide range of bets. Click here to start betting on basketball with LeoVegas

Spin Sports

Spin Sports

Spin Sports is the ideal online bookmaker for punters to place bets on basketball. Three years ago, this betting website started to offer punters the opportunity to place bets on various sports. The process of signing up on this website only takes a few minutes. Click here to start betting on basketball with Spin Sports!



22Bet is a betting website where punters can enjoy placing bets on their favorite basketball teamsand players as well. It has a kind and professional customer support that is available to bettors around the clock, which is simply fantastic. It also offers a more than generous welcome package consisting of a 100% match-up bonus of up to a max of 10000 Rupees! Click here to start betting on basketball with 22Bet!

How to make money with online basketball betting?

In the previous section, we provided you with all the necessary information you must know when you’re choosing a betting website and reviews some brands too. But it’s important for you to create an account, deposit some money into your account’s wallet, and place bets on basketball games. As you know, in order to make money with online basketball betting, you have to make an account at a hockey betting website. There is no way to escape this road. As you understand, there are many sports betting websites where you earn some massive cash prizes. If you have not opened a casino basketball account yet, check for the best websites where your chance to win big is very high.

The process of making an account is pretty straightforward. You will have to fill out a form by providing your full name, e-mail address, and so on. Once you’re done with that, you will have to deposit some funds into your account’s wallet. After doing that, you can place bets on the game of basketball and win some huge rewards. In addition, you have to deposit your funds in Rupees. The best payment methods with which you can deposit some money are MasterCard, Visa, bank transfer, Skrill, and Neteller.

How to do online basketball betting In India? And is it legal?

Again, when you start to bet on basketball, you have to pick an online bookmaker, make an account, deposit some money into your account’s wallet, and then you can bet on basketball games in India. In order to bet intelligently, do some research on the teams and its players. Betting aficionados from India can bet on international basketball games, but they can mostly place bets on local Indian basketball games and leagues. Online bookies offer Indian punters country-specific matches in the UBA Pro Basketball League, which is fantastic news for Indian bettors who chase some big rewards. 

Online basketball betting in India is not illegal in some states, but the only thing that betting companies must offer is the Rupee as a currency to make payments. Therefore, it is crucial for bettors to acquaint themselves with the gambling guidelines in their state by at least consulting a lawyer.  

Types Of Basketball Bet To Play Online In India

Point spread

This is a very popular type of bet. Basically, you can bet on either the negative or the positive sign. Let’s say that you place a bet on Chennai Slam with a point spread of -10. That would mean that this team has to score more than 10 points for you to win this bet. If it doesn’t score more than 10 points, you will, unfortunately, lose that bet. 

Moneyline bet

You bet on a basketball team that you think will win. Remember that, if a team has a bigger possibility to get a win, the prize would be smaller. Also, if someone is a big underdog, your reward will also be quite large.

Totals/ Over or under

This is a type of bet where you predict that the total points from both teams would either be over or under the online bookmaker’s total.

Prop bets

This type of basketball bet requires knowledge of the players in a team. You place bets on how many points a player will score, how many blocks or steals will he get, and so on. 

What Is Live Online Basketball Betting, And How To Do It?

Live betting or in-play betting offers the opportunity for punters to place bets on a game of basketball that has already started. The odds change from minute to minute, based on many factors, so you have to be quick when you’re placing bets.

Basketball Betting Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that will definitely be useful to you once you start betting on basketball:

  • Checking the starting lineup is very important because if the key player is injured, that could seriously influence the outcome of the match.
  • Don’t bet on your favorite team, bet on the team that has greater odds for winning.
  • Keep an eye on stats, if you’re placing prop bets.

Basketball Betting FAQ

There are the moneyline, prop, totals, and point spread types of odds.
Fill out a form by providing personal details like your full name, e-mail address, and so on.
The best teams from India are Chennai Slam, Bengaluru Beast, Punjab Steelers, etc.
The best deposit methods you could use are Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal.
One website would be just enough when you’re betting on basketball.
Betting on basketball in India isn’t illegal in some states, which makes it crucial to talk to a professional lawyer before proceeding to wager online.
You have to be 21 years of age. 
Usually, this would take a day or two.
Make an account at a sports betting website, and make your initial deposit.
Typically, you should invest at least 700 Rupees or an equivalent of $10.


The trend of betting on basketball in India is growing day by day, so there are a lot of people that like to bet on basketball, and so should you. Make an account at one of our recommended basketball betting websites, deposit some money, place bets on basketball, and eventually win! Good luck!