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Video poker is the most interesting casino game where you are not competing against the dealer or other players. A perfect game where your skills can influence the outcome. Video Poker was referred to as poker slots in the early 1970s. 

Here you’ll learn how to play and beat video poker machines by reducing the house edge. We have also shared the video poker strategies, and poker hand rankings to play smarter and slower.

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Best Real Money Video Poker Casinos-2022

What is Video Poker?

This gambling game is almost similar to slot reels and uses the same hand ranking as that in online poker games. The game uses a single deck of 52 cards. Instead of a dealer, it uses a random number generator to distribute cards and deal with the player.

The objective of video poker: To get the best five-card poker hand value to win the game.

It is one of the few and most popular casino games that offer high odds, high payouts, and a fair chance to use the skills.

House edge in Video Poker: Varies from 5% to 0.50% (or even less to 0.46%)

How to play Video Poker?

Playing video poker is an easy task. What’s challenging is to find and select the safe and best casino site that offers video poker. Once, you are done with this, you are all set to play the most popular gambling game.  Take a look!

Step 1: To Select your favorite Video Poker Game.

As a beginner, the most important thing to keep in mind is to select a low-risk video poker game with high winning odds and RTP.  

Step 2: To Place the Bet

The more you bet, the more you’ll get. Most of the experienced players prefer the maximum bet to get the maximum payout. We suggest starting with placing low-value bets for the newbies.

Step 3: Choose to Play or Fold

After you have decided how many coins you want to wager on the video poker machine, click on the ‘deal’ button.

Step 4: Choose to accept or discard the cards

Take enough time, use poker hand ranking basic strategy, and choose wisely to hold, replace or discard the cards. 

Step 5: Know your hand value.

In video poker games, you’ll end up winning some money whether or not you have the best hand value.

Poker Hand Rankings

Hand Example Image
Royal flush A, k, Q, J of the same suit (either hearts, clubs, spades, or diamonds). Royal flush
Straight flush Five consecutive cards -from the same suit Straight flush
Four of a kind 4 cards of the same rank and different suits. Four of a kind
Full House Three cards of same rank+ two different cards of the same rank. Full House
Flush Five non-consecutive cards of the same suit. Flush
Straight Five sequential cards of mixed suits. Straight
Three of a Kind 3 cards of the same rank and different suits. Three of a Kind
Two Pair Two cards of the same rank+ two other cards of the same rank. Two Pair

What are the winning hands in video poker?

  • Top row: Royal flush, Straight flush
  • Middle row: Four of a kind, full house, Flush
  • Bottom row: Straight, Three of a kind, Two pair, Jacks or better

Video Poker Payouts

Payouts in online video poker depend on the number of coins you wagered and the variant you chose to play. Also, the choice of casino and game developer matters a lot. 

The maximum wagering amount in video poker is 5 coins. That means you’ll get great payouts if you win. 

Below is the example of the Payout table in “Jacks or Better”  video poker game:

Poker Hands Payoffs
Jacks or better pays x1
Two pairs pay x2
Three of a kind x3
Straight pays x5
Flush pays x6
Full house x9
Four of a kind x20
Straight Flush x40
Royal Flush X250

What is the theoretical RTP in Video Poker?

The  Return to Player) is 99.54% in full pay Jacks or Better. While some other variations like Deuces Wild games offer an RTP of 100.08%.

Video Poker Variations: Best Video Poker Games

  • 9/6 Jacks or Better: This classic version of the video poker game is played using a single deck of cards. 9/6 means you’ll get a payout of 9 times the bet for the full house and 6 times the bet for a flush. Jacks or Better is the lowest hand whereas royal flush is the best hand. The rules are the same as that of 5-card poker.

RTP : 96.54% | Highest payout: 800 x maximum bet(5 coins)

  • Tens or Better:  The most popular 6/5 video poker variant with huge winning potential in the long run. That means payouts for a full house is 6 times the bet and for a flush is 5 times the bet.  Pair of tens is the lowest winning combination. Comparatively, winning odds are better but payouts are a little lower.

RTP: |Highest Payout:  600 x maximum bet (5 coins)

  • Aces and Eights: Almost similar to jacks and better is the perfect choice for novice players. Get the best payouts with four a kind hand ranking. That means 4 A’s and four 8’s are the most valuable hands. It also features a special double-or-nothing bonus round.

RTP: |Highest Payout: 400 x maximum bet (5 coins)

  • Deuces Wild: The most-favorite video poker game that offers 100% payouts with 0 house edge. All the 2’s are considered as wild cards. The paytable begins with three of a kind. Deuces Royal Flush is 2nd best hand ranking whereas natural royal flush is the highest winning hand.

RTP: 100.76% |Highest Payout:

  • Multi-play Video Poker Games: This version allows you to play multiple hands in a single game round. You can select the different bet values (from 1 to 5 coins) per hand. Finally, click on the deal and draw button.

RTP: 98.26% |Highest Payout:

Video Poker Strategy

  • Play video poker for free a few times to learn the rules, and betting options.
  • Always hold your face cards. Even two of them can help you win some money.
  • Don’t miss your small winnings chasing the higher hand values.
  • Play the most popular video poker games with the best odds & RTP.
  • Choose the video poker games with progressive payouts.
  • Place Maximum bet if budget is not a constraint.
  • Try holding a lower card combination of  ‘Two of a kind’ if you have nothing valuable.

FAQS about playing Video Poker

Log in today at Betway, 22bet, Fun88 for the best welcome bonuses and a variety of the latest video poker games.
Yes! You can play online video poker at legal and licensed worldwide casino sites. Always remember to check if they accept Indian currency. Check some of the best foreign-based video poker casinos in India.
No, video poker games are played using RNG technology. There is no possibility of biases and unfair means. Rest, there is no doubt that house is always at an advantage whether you lose or win the game. A part of your winning belongs to the casino operator.
  1. ‘Understand the rules and poker hand rankings before the game begins.
  2. Try to choose progressive jackpot machines that offer the highest payouts.
  3. Do not rush while playing hands and placing bets.
You can try Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, Deuce Wild are some of the most played video poker games in India with high winning odds, and about 100% RTP.
It’s a combination of luck and skills. If played smartly, a player can reduce the house edge to zero. All that matters is how efficiently you can make smart decisions to get the best hand values.

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  3. Make a Deposit using Paytm, UPI, Credit/Debit cards.
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The Best Video Poker Apps for 2022

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