Ecopayz Banking At Online Casinos In 2022

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Ecopayz Banking

You might have noticed Ecopayz Casinos are quite a regular thing you can see lately. These casinos all feature Ecopayz as a payment method and frankly, there are so many of them that finding the best ones might seem like a mission impossible. Lucky for you, we decided to help you out and list the three best Online Ecopayz casinos, as well as give you all of the information you might want to know about Ecopayz as a payment method. If you already know how to use Ecopayz and you have been looking for a perfect Ecopayz online casino to try your luck at, click here and check out Spin Casino! Ecopayz has been around for quite a while, so it is certainly a great choice for many, continue reading to learn why! 

2022’s Top Indian Casino Sites That Accept Ecopayz As A Payment Method

Currently, there are around 40 Ecopayz casinos out there, but the following ones are the safest choice and most popular choice among Indian gamblers:

Betway Casino

Betway is an online casino that has been around for quite a long time and luckily, it is only getting better as time goes on. With a huge game library provided by Microgaming, their games are all fair and truly enjoyable. If you are impatient to check out whether they feature your favorite table games, go ahead and make an account on Betway today! Betway has been a top choice for many gamblers worldwide and seeing how nicely it has been operating all these years, it is certainly worth a mention. 

Jackpotcity Casino

Jackpotcity casino is one of the older, highly respected online casinos and as soon you take a look at their website you will see why. It is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, and eCogra has certified it as a fair play online casino. The casino itself is designed in a very friendly and easy to navigate manner, therefore there should not be anything stopping you from trying it out. Click here andmake your first deposit at Jackpotcity Casino, who knows, maybe the bonus brings a big smile to your face! 

Royal Panda Casino

Another casino that will surely bring a big smile to your face is Royal Panda Casino. This casino has everything a gambler like you would need, be it slots games, table games, or live dealer games, Royal Panda has it all. With hundreds and hundreds of games you can play here, there are also great bonuses and promotions for all players. Click here to create an account on Royal Panda.

How To Win Real Money At Online Ecopayz Casinos?

Just as most casino payment methods require you to, Ecopayz also requires you to sign up for an account. This process generally takes only a few minutes and all you need to do is come up with a username and a strong password, as well as provide your basic personal details such as your real name, date of birth, phone number, email, and your residential address. 

Ecopayz has been around since 2000., back then it was known as ecoCard, however, the name was changed after the company expanded in 2013. – Ecopayz is considered to be one of the oldest e-wallets in the world and today, it is one of the most popular payment methods all over the world, especially in the gambling industry. In reality, Ecopayz is a product used in a similar way as a PayPal account. All Ecopayz users can top their account using their bank account and use it to spend their money using Ecopayz as their e-wallet option. There are also ecoCards that are prepaid cards and are powered by Mastercard! Unlike most e-wallets, Ecopayz does not require you to do a credit check at all either! 

With Ecopayz there are five different account levels, Classic ecoAccount, Silver ecoAccount, Gold ecoAccount, Platinum ecoAccount, and VIP ecoAccount. The higher level of account you have, the lower fees you will need to pay. People who have higher level accounts are people who have used Ecopayz for a long time, for example, those who have a Premium account have been using Ecopayz a lot more than those who have a Gold ecoAccount. To make things even better, having a higher level account will provide you with more features as well as higher transaction limits, which is great for high rollers in the gambling industry! 

Overall, Ecopayz makes money transactions over the internet a smooth and very simple experience. Thanks to their great design and flawless website, everyone can deposit and withdraw their money at any time of the day. To learn more about how to make deposits and withdrawals, read the paragraph below. Ecopayz made sure the whole process is extremely easy, so even if you have never used it before, everything will be very straight forward, no matter which device you decide to use, be it your smartphone or your desktop. 

How To Deposit And Withdraw Money Using Ecopayz?

Making deposits and withdrawals using Ecopayz is something everyone can do as it is very simple and the process is something most of us have gone through already with other payment options such as Paypal and for example, Neteller.




Head to your ecoAccount and make sure there is money available for you to spend.
Head to the Cashier tab of the Ecopayz online casino.
Select an option that allows you to use Ecopayz to deposit money to an online Ecopayz casino via the Cashiers tab.
Make sure your banking details always match.
Sign-in into your Ecopayz account following the directions provided to you on the go.
Select Ecopayz as your payment method.
Fill in the deposit amount you wish to spend to play your favorite casino games.
Make sure to submit all of the important and required documentation requested by the casino.
Make sure to pay attention to your casino account changes and look for bonuses you can earn when making a deposit.
Go ahead and verify your details and withdrawal amount by entering the amount of money you wish to withdraw from your account.
After your money has been deposited to the Ecopayz casino of your choice, you can now freely use it to gamble and see where your luck takes you. Go ahead and check out Betway and make the first deposit that will grant you a generous welcome bonus!
Click on ‘’Withdraw’’ and wait for the casino to process your withdrawal request.
After 24 hours, up to a few days, your money will arrive in your ecoPayz account and you will be able to use them via your e-wallet or simply go ahead and transfer them to your bank account.

Why Do Gamblers Want To Play At Ecoplayz Casinos?

There are many reasons why gamblers in India love to use Ecopayz as their payment method. Ecopayz provides its users with many great benefits and understanding all of them might give you a better insight into why gamblers often choose Ecopayz as their payment option at Ecopayz casinos. 

Before anything, it is very important to note that Ecopayz is all about the safety and security of your personal information, and using it as your payment method guarantees a lower risk of getting any of your personal or financial information breached. All of the information you provide to Ecopayz during your registration process is always stored using TLS and SSL protocols. 

Another great reason why gamblers decide to use Ecopayz is the fact that it is easy and very straightforward in general. You can use the Ecopayz application or their website to make your deposits and withdrawals, which is very convenient for people who like to gamble on the go. 

To make things even better for Ecopayz users, this e-wallet can also be used as a bankroll tool, which is a great thing for people who gamble as they can easily keep a track of their spending habits at casinos. In general, this prevents gamblers from accidentally getting a very pricy credit card bill. 

How To Use Ecopayz In Online Casino?

As already mentioned above, Ecopayz is reliable and very easy to use – you can use it to deposit and withdraw money at many online casinos. Depositing funds and withdrawing them is a very seamless process and all you really need to have is an account featuring your personal information. All Ecopayz accounts also need to go through a verification process, therefore, once you have your account ready, make sure you also verify it too. Sadly, just like most payment methods out there, the withdrawal process takes a little bit longer than depositing, but considering the deposits with Ecopayz are instant, you should have no problem waiting a day or two to get your withdrawal processed. 

If you have not read about how to make deposits and withdrawals with Ecopayz, please go ahead and check it all above – we have provided you with all of the steps you need to follow about it and in case you are still wondering how to create an account, we have gone over that as well. 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ecopayz Casinos?

Every payment option has its advantages and disadvantages, so does Ecopayz. Before you decide to use Ecopayz as your payment method at an online Ecopayz casino, it is advised you take time to understand its advantages, as well as disadvantages as some of them might be very important to you.




Ecopayz transactions are done instantly, your funds will be available on your casino account right away.
The service is not available in many countries, just 33 of them.
Transactions done with Ecopayz are done in the safest and most sophisticated way following bank safety standards.
Subscribing to the service seems to be a rather unpopular thing, many people dislike that.
Payments with Ecopayz are 100% anonymous and no personal information will ever be released to any third parties.
Ecopayz charges a fee for most of its features.
Prepaid debit cards allow players to easily track and manage their spendings.
Ecopayz is accepted in many online casinos worldwide.
Ecopayz account is free and setting up is extremely simple!

Comparison Between Entropay And Ecopayz

Entropay is slightly younger than Ecopayz, it was founded back in 2003 and it provides its users with a Virtual VISA card that can be used on the go. Unlike Ecopayz which is available in only 33 countries worldwide, Entropay is available in all countries where VISA is accepted and legal – this means around 40+ countries, which is quite a lot compared to Ecopayz. 

Just like Ecopayz, Entropay offers a prepaid card you can load with money, only difference is the fact that Entropay will not require new members to verify themselves in order to get a prepaid card. Sadly, unlike Ecopayz, Entropay actually features quite high fees that go from 4% up to nearly 5% depending on the type of transaction you are doing. Loading your Entropay prepaid card will charge you a 4.95% fee, while there is a 3.95% fee for all the money you add to your Entropay virtual card. 

It is of extreme importance to note that we are nowhere related to any of these payment methods. Both Ecopayz and Entropay are companies on their own and we do not cooperate with them in any kind of way. The information provided in this article has been gathered from the internet, therefore, keep in mind that any of it can change at any time of the day. In case you are unsure about anything, please register to their websites and contact their customer support if you have any questions or issues related to your payments. 

Ecopayz Casino Bonuses

When it comes to casino bonuses, Ecopayz provides its users with great casino bonuses too. For example, using Ecopayz at one of the Ecopayz casinos online and making the first deposit will always get you a 100% match deposit bonus which means if you deposit $100, you will get 100% of it as a bonus. Of course, it is important you understand that all these bonuses strictly rely on the Ecopayz casino you decide to play on and there are always wagering requirements you are required to fulfill as well! Some casinos will offer you a generous bonus as well as free spins or bets, while others will provide you with something else, it entirely depends on the casino and the contract Ecopayz has with them as a company. 

Whenever depositing with Ecopayz, it is advised you look for bonuses and promotions as you are probably willing to get as best bonuses as you possibly can! 


Ecopayz features many similar benefits as Paypal or Neteller, you can connect your ecoCard to your account and get all of the benefits. When it comes to the transaction speed, Ecopayz is pretty much the same as all other e-wallets and deposits are instant, while withdrawals tend to take 1-3 days. 
Most Ecopayz casinos will not charge you fees when you use Ecopayz, however, some fees might end up associated with your transactions between your ecoAccount and your bank account. In case you are interested to know more about this, visit the Ecopayz website and find more about it in detail. 
It is pretty simple, the verification process means you will need to make a micro deposit. Ecopayz will request an additional amount of money, usually a very small amount of money, and you will have to check your card account or paper statement to know the exact amount Ecopayz charged you when you tried to verify your account and use that exact amount to verify the ownership and legitimacy of your card.
To get a Silver level account on Ecopayz, you must verify your identity. This means you will need two documents, one will be your photo identification, while other will be used to verify your current address. 


Overall, Ecopayz is a great choice for everyone who prefers using e-wallets and staying anonymous when gambling online. If there is one thing people dislike about Ecopayz, it is its overall availability in the world, and the fact there are subscriptions that provide users with additional features which they get charged for anyway. Ecopayz is a safe and reliable option for everyone, however, if you are doubtful, perhaps you could try out some of the Ecopayz alternatives too. There are many online Ecopayz casinos out there, but not all of them are really worth giving a try, please always make sure to look for licensed casinos and use your Ecopayz account with care! 

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