Sic Bo Casino Guide for Indian Players

Sic Bo might look complicated from far because of the numbers but it’s one simple game.

The Sic Bo casino game is one of the few entertainment activities you can win with less effort. The game originates from China and holds different names such as Tai Sai, Hi-Lo, Dai Siu, or the Big and Small game. In the same vein, it has a couple of versions such as the US Chuch-a-luck and the Grand Hazard. Nevertheless, the original game is the most popular in India.  

Sic Bo Casino Guide for Indian Players

Currently, the original Sic Bo comes in two variations, which include the software and live dealer. And by playing it on Betway Casino, you will have numerous chances to get promotional giveaways. 

Now, in case you have been wondering how to get the ball rolling, then you are at the right place to get the needful acquaintance on the game. We will tell you about everything professional Sic Bo players know that you don’t. But before we get to uncover the details, we would like you to have your gaming account up and running by signing up with one of the sites below.

How to Play the Original Sic Bo Casino Game?

 Play the Original Sic Bo Casino Game

The Sic Bo game takes place on a large table with three dice. It also has a paytable that contains the payout combinations. Winning involves predicting the outcomes of each dice’s number or sum once they roll. Nevertheless, each dice has different payouts, and you can wager in different ways. The house edge often ranges from 2.78% to up to 30%. Ideally, a house edge indicates the mathematical advantage a casino has over the players.

Jumping off, you should create a gaming account with a trusted Indian online casino site and set a budget. Then, you need to buy chips and bet by placing them on the square boxes on the table depicting the outcome you predict. The software will then roll the three dice randomly and show their outcomes. If they fall in your favor, you receive your reward, depending on the paytable, odds, and house edge.

Every possible winning combination is present on the paytable together with its payout odds. This makes it easy for novice players to pick up the drill. However, you should take the information on the paytable with a grain of salt to avoid placing low-value bets.

What is Live Dealer Sic Bo Casino?

The live dealer Sic Bo gaming is wagering somehow similar to how you would do it in a brick and mortar casino. The variant comes in that you will be communicating with the dealer of the game throughout the session virtually. In other words, the live dealer game takes place on an online interface but with a human moderator

The Sic Bo live dealer game has two dealers who supervise the gameplay. They monitor the game, shake the dice in a chest, and communicate with players via the webcam. Similar to a land-based casino, you will see the happenings of the game, thanks to multiple angled cameras mounted around the play table. 

Odds of Winning – Sic Bo Betting Options

Small and Big Bets

The two are the most basic wagers you can place. The small bets involve foretelling the sum outcome of the three dice from 4 to 10, while the Big bet is predicting the total from 11 to 17. Both bets pay 1 to 1, and their house edge is the least in all betting options. The winning probability is 48.61% rather than 50/50 since if your outcome in either of the bets is 3 or 18, you will lose your bet. On the other hand, it is possible to have one specific sum covering all the numbers (4 to 17).

Single Dice or Number Bet

A single dice bet involves foretelling a specific number (1 to 6) to appear on one, two, or all the dice. The payout on one dice is 1 to 1, for two dice is 2 to 1, and for three is 3 to 1. 

Double and Triple Bets

A Double bet involves predicting the same numbers to come out of two dice. Its payout is 10 to 1, but the probability is 7.4%. The Triple bet requires you to foretell identical numbers to appear in all the dice. The payout is 30 to 1. Similarly, you can improve the payout in a triple bet to 180 to 1 by wagering on the specific set of numbers’ outcome

Two Dice Combination Bet (Domino Bet)

The Domino bet requires you predict two dice for outcomes of specific numbers such as 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, etc. The payout is 5 to 1.

SMALL/ BIG BET 105 1 TO 1 2.78%
SUM OF 10 OR 11 27 6 TO 1 12.50%
SUM OF 9 OR 12 25 6 TO 1 18.99%
SUM OF 8 OR 13 21 8 TO 1 12.50%
SUM OF 7 OR 14 15 12 TO 1 9.72%
SUM OF 6 OR 15 10 17 TO 1 16.67%
SUM OF 5 OR 16 6 30 TO 1 13.89%
SUM OF 4 OR 17 3 60 TO 1 15.28%
DOUBLE BET 6 10 TO 1 18.25%
ANY TRIPLE BET 6 30 TO 1 13.89%
SINGLE DICE BET 75, 15,1 1 TO 1, 2 TO 2, 3 TO 1 7.87%
TWO DICE COMPO 30 5 TO 1 16.67%

NOTE: The house edges above are approximated and vary from casino to casino. To enjoy a better advantage against the house, consider wagering only in one of the top 10 Indian Casinos in our list.

The legal Aspect of Playing Sic Bo Game in India

Gaming in the Sic Bo online game in India isn’t illegal in some states as long as you use a reputable site that supports transacting in rupees. That is the only guideline from the State of Sikkim and three others. As for the rest of the regions, they operate under the Public Gambling Act of 1867 that prohibits operating, owning, playing, or wagering in any form of land-based casino house or game within India. Generally, if you play using offshore sites, you should acquaint yourself with the gambling rules by at least talking to a lawyer to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.  

Mini-reviews of Top Sites to Play Sic Bo Casino Game


LeoVegas has its license from the UK Gambling Commission and supports playing live dealer Sic Bo. It again uses top-notch SSL security features from DigiCert and a 2048-bit coding system to encrypt gamers’ data. 

Additionally, it has a user-friendly mobile app compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS devices. The site offers new players a matching 100% welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees on the first deposit. It gives out reload bonuses of 25% on the second deposit and 50% on the third. It also has a loyalty program to its regular customers, and the minimum you can deposit is 750 rupees or an equivalent of $10. Depositing cash is 100% free, and you can make transactions through credit and debit cards, wire bank transfer, and e-wallets. Still, you can get assistance 24/7 on the site via email, live chat, and phone call. Click here to play with LeoVegas!

Fun88 Casino
Fun88 Casino uses an SSL security system to encrypt data and runs under the Curacao Jurisdiction license. It again offers an excellent loyalty program and bonuses. It accepts transacting cash in rupees through e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and wire bank transfers. You can also wager using Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.  Still, the site’s  offers 10% Cashback Bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% Deposit Bonus for Casino games. Depositing cash is free, and you can reach the customer support team through email and live chat. Click here to play with Fun88 Casino!

Betway Casino
Betway Casino has a certificate from the eCOGRA and utilizes the latest SSL security features to encrypt data. It gives first-time gamers a 100% welcome bonus of up to 60,000 on their first deposit. It again offers second and third deposit bonuses of 25% and 50%, respectively. Depositing cash is free, and you can transact directly using rupees through credit and debit cards, wire bank transfers, and e-wallets. The site also has a mobile app compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The customer support team is reachable via email, phone call, and live chat. Click here to play with Betway Casino!

LeoVegasRoyal Panda
Royal Panda has licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. The site has a loyalty program and a reload bonus of 50% match of up to 11,000 rupees ($150) weekly. It still furnishes new gamers with a 100% welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees matching the first deposit after signup. Royal Vegas also has a mobile app compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It allows transacting cash through e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and wire bank transfer. The minimum deposit you can make is 1000 rupees or an equivalent of $15. Additionally, you can get assistance around the clock on the site via email, phone call, and live chat. Click here to play with Royal Panda!

22Bet has an excellent mobile app that is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. The site is accessible in the Hindi language. It again supports transacting cash with over 150 e-wallet methods, credit and debit cards, and wire bank transfer. Still, gamers can wager using Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The site furnishes new punters a 100% welcome bonus of up to 25,000 rupees on their first deposit upon signup. It again has a 7500 rupees ($100) weekly promotion. Loading cash into the gaming wallet is free, and most withdrawals take less than 15 minutes to be processed. In addition, you can get assistance 24/7 on the site via email. 22bet. Click here to Play with 22Bet!

E-wallet Payment Methods Acceptable in India

Some of the online payment options acceptable in India include Skrill, Interac, MuchBetter, Sofort, Ecobanq, Trustly, ecoPayz, AstroPay, Visa Electron, iDeal, MasterCard, Neteller, Qiwi, EntroPay, Paysafecard, Giropay, Maestro, and Neosurf. However, this is not an exhaustive list of all the methods you can use. Also, some may only be applicable for either withdrawing or depositing cash, depending on the site.  

Playing Tips for Sic Bo Online Game

Frankly, Sic Bo is a game of chance. However, a few tweaks can help you play effectively. They include:

Avoid betting on too many areas

Betting on numerous areas may result in a huge win if your predictions are correct. But wait, what will happen if you fail? Instead of wagering on many areas, analyze the most lucrative and possible chances of winning. Pick a few of them if the payouts are worth the risk and discard the rest. Achieving that will boost your chances to win and build your bankroll in the long term.

Wager more on Big and Small bets

Although the two bets have a small payout, their winning combinations are the most, and the house edge is the least. This means, by wagering on them, you will have numerous chances to win and lose little to the house at the end. Notably, you must apprehend that the higher a bet’s payout, the lower the winning chances.

Set a Budget

Careless betting on the Sic Bo online game may easily drain your wallet or leave you broke. Therefore, the best way to go about betting is you set a limit to how much you will spend each time you are playing. Similarly, you can keep track of your spending by withdrawing profits immediately you win. 

Avoid Being Carried Away by the Game

Loads of gamblers are often carried away by the wave of outcomes after a few gaming sessions. Again, they tend to assume that the outcomes will shift in a particular direction after being in the opposite direction. That is a myth and can cost you dearly. Remember, Sic Bo is a game of chance, and any outcome is independent of the previous. Therefore, have your stand and bet according to what you think and want, but not depending on past outcomes.


Well, that’s all you need to know in the Sic Bo online gaming. Now, it’s time to start wagering with any of our recommended sites. Do you remember the welcome bonus? Make sure you deposit a significant amount of cash to create a reasonable bankroll right off. Still, you can play the free version of Sic Bo if you need a wee bit of exposure before wagering with real cash.