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Google Pay Casinos have become a thing quite fast due to Google Pay being a very viable payment method – it is an amazing solution for everyone who uses their smartphone to play casino games. Google Pay is fast and depositing/withdrawing your money with it has never been easier. If you have been looking for a swift and reliable payment method to use, Google Pay has all you will need to begin your gambling adventures right away. If you are excited to try it out, go ahead andregister at Royal Panda today! To learn more about how to use Google Pay and see which Google Pay Online Casinos are worth giving a try, continue reading! 

Google Pay Casinos

Top Indian Casinos That Accept Payments Through Google Pay

Finding decent, trustworthy online casinos can seem like a hard thing to do, however, there are a few that you should take a look at in case you are interested in using Google Pay as one of your payment methods. The following casinos all offer Google Pay as a payment method and on top of that, they also feature a great selection of various casino games you can play and hopefully earn some money as well! 

Betway Casino

As one of the world’s biggest sports betting and casino websites, Betway has also managed to become extremely popular in India as well. With their generous 100% deposit bonus for all new players and a wide range of high-quality casino games provided by Evolution Gaming and Microgaming, Betway surely deserves its title as one of the best online casinos worldwide. Want to see what makes Betway Casino a great choice? Click here to make an accountand see it for yourself!

Royal Panda Casino

If you have been looking for Google Pay Casinos that feature an endless variety of casino games developed by no one else but Microgaming and Net Entertainment – Royal Panda Casino is one of the websites/apps you will certainly want to give a try. Wish to play some of the many games at Royal Panda? If your answer is yes, click here and check them out! At the first look, Royal Panda is an online casino that features a very lively and flashy-looking website that is meant to make your gambling experience slightly less serious and more enjoyable.

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City is another quite outstanding Google Pay Online Casino. With over 500 casino games to choose from, Jackpot City is one of the casinos everyone has heard of at least once. Aside from many great bonuses and rewards, Jackpot City also features an amazingly good website that is very easy to navigate and get used to. Impatient to try your luck at Jackpot Casino? Make an account here and start gambling!

Why Choose GPay To Make Payments In Online Casinos?

In case you have never used Google Pay, you might be wondering what makes it so good and why should you consider using it next time you are about to deposit your money in an online casino of your choice. No one likes picking a payment method they know nothing about and we all like to learn as much as we possibly can about them before we decide to use them. Before anything, a payment method you select in an online casino should always be a safe and reliable choice. Here are some of the advantages you will have if you decide to give Google Pay a try: 

  • Cashback and reward benefits
  • No additional fees for using Google Pay as your payment method
  • Great encryption and various layers of security provided by Google
  • Swift and easy way of making transactions/deposits/withdrawals
  • Google Pay Casinos are known for providing great bonuses for their users/players
  • Only trustworthy and hi-tech online casinos usually offer Google Pay as a payment method

Seeing all of the benefits you could get by using Google Pay as a payment method and playing at one of the Google Pay casinos, it is undoubtedly a great choice at the moment and there is nothing wrong about it at all. All you really need to do is create an account, pick your payment method, and see it for yourself. 

How To Signup With Google Pay For Playing Online Casinos?

When it comes to signing up with Google Pay services, it really couldn’t be any simpler. Following some quick and easy steps you can have your account ready in no time at all and able to use your new Google Pay account to play at your leisure:

  1. Download the Google Pay app from your app store or go to the website
  2. Sign into or create your google pay account
  3. Navigate to your account page and enter your chosen payment method


When you create your Google Pay account, you will also need to verify your account and prove that you are who you say you are, while this may seem somewhat inconvenient this is an added safety step to make sure no fraud is taking place and that it is indeed the owner of the card creating the account.

So what is required for this? You will receive an email after setting up your account that will ask for some basic details such as name, address, or date of birth. They may also request an image of your ID or proof of your address, all you need to do with this is make sure all information is clear and legible, and once submitted the verification will be processed quickly and you will receive notification that your account is ready for you to use.

How To Make Deposits And Withdraw Money Via GPay?

Deposit Money with Google Pay

Depositing money with google pay couldn’t be simpler if you already have your account set up with them, and you are logged in to your google account in your browser.

  • Navigate to your account page, selecting Deposit
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and select Google Pay
  • Once the Google Pay page pops up, select which card you wish to use and confirm
  • You will return to the casino and the cash will be deposited once the transaction is processed

Withdrawing with Google Pay

When it comes to withdrawing through Google Pay however there are some additional steps, though they are worth the security of using such a service. 

  • Once again navigate to your account page, this time selecting Withdraw
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your account, making sure it is within the casinos maximum withdrawal limit
  • Select google pay as your withdrawal option and the money will be sent to your Google wallet after confirmation
  • Navigate to your Google Pay app or website, choose to transfer the funds in your wallet into your bank account
  • Accept the transaction and the money will be sent to your account

 This can take anywhere up to a day before the money will arrive within your account but with the additional security and free of charge money transfer, Google Pay continues to prove a popular alternative to direct bank and card transfers. 

Google Pay vs. Paytm – Which Is The Best Payment Option?

Google Pay and Paytm are both very popular casino payment methods in India and deciding which of these two you wish to use entirely depends on you as a person. Currently, Google Pay seems to be the number one competitor to Paytm. Knowing Paytm is an Indian payment service, many Indian players believe it is the right thing to go ahead and choose Paytm as their main payment method. Of course, not all of the casinos offer the same payment options, therefore, it is advised you pay attention when selecting the casino you wish to gamble on. Paytm Casinos are usually a choice for people who wish to stick to their own native ways and is one of the reasons why so many Indians have decided to use it. On the other side, there are Google Pay Online Casinos that are generally better-known worldwide and nearly all of the Google Pay Casinos are considered to be reliable and trustworthy. 

Google Pay


Both Google Pay and Paytm provide its users with cashback rewards, however, Google Pay gives a better amount of cashback rewards overall
Most popular payment method chosen by gambling enthusiasts in India
Google Pay does not require you to do KYC to make money transfers
Paytm requires you to do KYC in order to make money transfers.
Google Pay does not require you to remember your account number and a mobile phone number at all, it links them to your account and automatically fetches the billing data when required.
Paytm requires you to always enter the mobile phone number and account number of your service provider.
Google does not store the money on an e-wallet, instead, it goes directly to/from your bank account
Paytm stores your money under an e-wallet
Google does not allow its users to pay through credit cards
Paytm allows its users to pay their bills and mobile recharge by using their credit card

It is of extreme importance to mention that we are nowhere related to Google Pay and we are just providing you with the information that was previously researched on the internet. These things may change from time to time, so make sure you always keep yourself updated by contacting Google Pay support if you have any questions. 

Google Pay Casinos Customer Support

Unsurprisingly with the reputation of Google as a company, Google pay provides excellent customer support with a long list of support queries that are tailored to the platform so that you can check for frequent problems and answers and save both you and google time. Alongside the usual live chat support and of course, email should the live support be down or you are not able to take the time to discuss the issue and have to go about your day. 

They also have some handy support and guide videos on the website homepage for many setup and troubleshooting topics, meaning that when you navigate to their site for first sign up, you have instructions to guide you through the whole process, even how to pay both online and offline should you choose to. With all this support waiting for you, it really couldn’t be easier to set up even if you find yourself struggling with the process. 


Yes, Google Pay Casinos are generally entirely safe. This is because Google Pay is known for meeting industry standards and they usually never cooperate with sketchy businesses. All in all, they are all about safety and trustworthiness.
Yes, there are always deposit limits set no matter which payment option you decide to use. Each casino sets their own deposit limits and these limits are easily checked by visiting the casino’s cashier category. Google Pay itself will never put these limits, it is casinos that do. 
In most cases, all of the Google Pay transactions happen in an instant. As soon as you tap or click on the button to deposit your money, the deposit will be completed right away. In case a delay happens, it is usually due to an error within the service. 
Yes, definitely. Most Google Pay Casinos will give you a generous welcome bonus after you make a deposit using Google Pay. 


All in all, Google Pay is a very well known payment method worldwide and it is available in most countries as well. Google Pay Online Casinos are also becoming a lot more popular as time goes on and to make things even better, these casinos are generally very safe and reliable to use and play on. Whether you want to use Paytm or Google Pay, is entirely up to you, however, it is suggested you decide depending on what you want to use either of those for. Google Pay is overall a faster, simplified choice, while Paytm is a great choice for the Indian population who wish to stay loyal to their own national payment service. 

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