Online Casino Payment Methods – A Complete Guide 2022

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Whether you are new to online gambling or you have been doing it for a long time, choosing decent online casino payment methods is always one of the most important things. Being able to play casino games online has been an amazing experience so far, however, being able to deposit and withdraw your money on the go is even better. When selecting a perfect payment method for the online casino of your choice, it is important the payment method you choose is the most advantageous one and also the one you know how to use. If you wish to know more about online casino payment options and you want to learn more about it all, continue reading! Of course, if you cannot wait and you want to play right now – click here to try your luck at Fun88 Casino and see what your luck has prepared for you!

Online Casino Payment Methods

Play At Online Casinos That Offer Best Payment Options

Before deciding about your online casino payment methods, selecting a good casino is the first thing you will want to do. Look for casinos that offer reasonable online casino payment methods that are trustworthy and safe to use. You do not want to select a casino that does not have a license, and because of that, here are the ones you could take a look at: 


Whether you are a sports betting enthusiast or you like to play casino games, Betway is a great choice as it has it all. From great welcome bonuses, promotions, hundreds of games and sportsbooks, to outstandingly fast and reliable payment methods anyone can use without a worry. Claim your bonuses and test your luck at Betway by clicking here. Betway is a proud owner of the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority licenses right now, which makes it a safe choice in the gambling industry online. 

Betway Casino Payment Options: Skrill, Neosurf, Paysafecard, Bank Transfers, VISA, Mastercard, Neteller, Much Better, and so on. 

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is one of the online casino websites that offer great live games and over 600 casino games overall. This one is considered to be one of the best gambling websites for Indian gamers and with its welcome bonuses, promotions, and trustworthiness, this casino is surely going to be a fantastic experience after giving it a try. Currently, there is a welcome bonus of 100,000 Rupees on your first deposit – Register at Spin Casino and claim your welcome bonus.

Spin Casino Payment Options: Bank Transfers, VISA, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, Trustly, and so on. 


If you are looking for a high-quality online casino website, Fun88 is all you really need. With their amazing sportsbook and a variety of casino games, Fun88 is also a great choice thanks to a variety of payment methods for you to choose from as well. Also licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, this online casino has proven to be reliable and safe to play on. Aside from a great variety of games and an amazing sportsbook, Fun88 also tries to promote responsible and healthy gambling practices by supporting GamCare. Register at Fun88 if you want to try out some of the best games and win big

Fun88 Payment Options: VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfers, QiWi, and so on.

List Of Reliable Casino Payment Options For Indian Players


PayPal is a well known, worldwide online payment service that is accepted as an alternative payment method across most of the internet, it does this by serving as an intermediary between your bank account and the website or service you are using, allowing you to pay without having to enter any of your details. Only needing you to link your Paypal, and they handle the transaction securely with the added safety of payment protection, meaning if something goes wrong you can get a full refund.


MasterCard is an electronic payment processor, which provides services for debit and credit cards through second parties such as your bank, usually through instant transfers either to and from your bank account once they are approved. Accepted by almost all Indian casinos, meaning that it is a guaranteed choice should it be your chosen payment method. Of course, their payment services are quick and reliable, with the only downside being that you have to enter your details directly into the site, unlike some other online casino payment methods. 


VISA much like MasterCard is another payment processor providing its services for bank cards and other alternatives and facilitating the transfers between your accounts, again they are one of the fastest methods of transferring money, only requiring approval from your bank account once your details have been entered and the transaction requested. Meaning that they are also a reliable choice as a payment option when you are wanting to deposit and withdraw cash from your casino account. 

Bank Transfers

Another method, without having to rely upon your cards is a direct bank transfer using your account number, meaning the only interactions are between the Casino and your bank, without any intermediaries to slow down the transfer, once approved the money is moved instantly. With the security provided by Casinos this method is just as secure as any other, and whether or not you wish to use it is down to your own preference. 


Paytm is the biggest online payments platform in India, boasting over 150 million users, it allows users to deposit money into their Paytm wallet or use direct transfers from their bank account in order to pay for a wide variety of services, even offline payments using your phone through their app. With the rising popularity of cashless payments and online spending, it’s clear to see why it is so widely used. 

What To Look For When Choosing Casino Payment Methods?

While there are a wide variety of options when choosing online casino payment methods for depositing and withdrawing your money from online casinos, it can often be hard to judge which is right for you, or which will give you the most peace of mind. While all casinos are held to the highest standards for security, this doesn’t mean you can’t take those extra steps to protect your money should you feel it necessary. 

It really all comes down to what suits you the best, some of the more secure payment providers like Paypal will offer you extra security around your money in exchange for longer times between the money moving between your account and the casino. On the other hand services like Visa are near-instant and will allow you to reliably move your money back and forth on time meaning you don’t have to wait around to make bets or for your winnings to find their way back into your bank. 

How Quickly Can You Cash Out Your Winning With Best Payment Options?

Depending on the payment option of your choice, the speed of withdrawals can vary, however many services do their best to offer you a swift and secure method to transfer your money. For example services like Paytm and Paypal offer a middle man, passing the money between your account and bank so that you never have to enter your bank details. We will walk through the process of using Paytm for withdrawals below.

Firstly you need a Paytm account, your bank account, and an account set up with your online casino, from there first you have to navigate to your deposit/withdrawal page and select withdraw. 

Select the amount you wish to withdraw from your casino account, make sure you have checked the withdrawal limits so you do not attempt to withdraw more than you are allowed. 

Then select net banking as your payment method, locate your VPA or UPI ID on your Paytm account, and enter that into the form that appears after selecting net banking. 

Once this is done simply accept the transaction and wait for the casino to confirm, once this is done the transaction will be complete and the money should arrive in your account within the next two days. 

Is GST Liable On Online Casino Transactions?

The GST or Goods and Services tax is a relatively recent thing, only being implemented in 2017 and due to still being a fairly recent development, it has many unknown and uncertain areas around what it covers. While this tax does indeed cover casinos and gaming distributors, it does not yet legally cover online casinos, leaving the situation somewhat blurry but meaning online casinos only have the standard 18% tax instead of the GST’s 28%, this may change in the future as they further develop the laws around this, but for now, online casinos are technically exempt from the GST. 


Bankroll is mainly explained as your current cash amount at an online casino. When looking at your bankroll, it will only refer to your cash balance, and never to your bonus funds for example.
Most players would agree that e-wallet payment methods are usually the fastest ones. Depositing your money to an e-wallet service will in most cases take a maximum of 24 hours, while most other options might take up to 72 hours. The reason why e-wallets are faster is rather simple as well - there are no external checks that are being made, which is the case with bank account options and other traditional card options. 
No, you do not. Some payment methods allow people to pay using their phone bill, some of them are also e-wallets - this means your money will be stored on your e-wallet, without requiring you to have a credit card at all. Of course, another option is to use debit cards as well. 
VPA stands for virtual payment address, it is an identifier that is connected with your or an individual account. UPI allows all of the bank account owners to instantly transfer their funds from one bank to another by just using their smartphones.


Knowing there are so many deposit & withdraw methods available at online casinos worldwide, it is quite obvious to say not all of them are worth trying out. You certainly do not want to select a payment method that is not properly developed and you most likely want to keep your winnings and money safe at all times. If this is the case, selecting reliable and popular deposit & withdraw methods is a must. Whether you decide to use PayPal or your VISA is entirely up to you and whether you will have an advantage with certain payment methods is entirely up to your bank and the payment method you decide to use when playing online casino games

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