Mahjong Online Game in India{Playing Tips}

Ever played Mahjong online for real money wins? Time to explore another popular online casino game in India – Mahjong.

Frankly, it’s boring and annoying to play repulsive games. Still, it’s often hard to find a casino game you can easily grasp the drill and earn from it right of the bat. Notably, the hassle and boredom of searching for games are periodically unbearable to a majority of Indian gamblers.  

Well, how will you feel if we tell you about an engaging and easy-to-apprehend game you can start playing and earn cash from it while in India today? Yes, that’s what we want to do for you. And not only that, if you play it on a site like Spin Casino or Betway, you will have an opportunity to win massive cash prizes and other amazing goodies.

Mahjong Online Game in India

Do you want to know more? Then you need to stick around because, in this writing, we are going to help you understand how the Mahjong online game works, strategies to use, and so much more. But before we get into it, we have put together a list of the online casinos. Sign up with any of them and use it to play Mahjong after you finish reading.

How the Mahjong Online Game Works?

Mahjong or Mahjongg, as it is often known as is a casino game that takes place with up to 144 Chinese-character tiles. Some of the variations of the game include Mahjong Fortune, Mahjong Connect, Mahjong Solitaire, etc.

In the game, all tiles appear facing up, and a pair of dice determines the dealing direction. But before a gaming session kicks off, the tiles are first divided into 7 suits, then into numbers between three and nine. The suits include 28 Bamboos, 28 Characters, 4 Seasons, 28 Circles, and 4 Flowers.   

The game has numerous versions, with some having additional 8 bonus tiles such as 12 dragons (Red, White, and Green) and 16 wild (North, East, South, and West). The gameplay can accommodate one to four players.

Nevertheless, the goal of Mahjong online solo game is you move, match, and clear as many pairs of tiles and sets as you can before the time elapses. The catch is on the idea that you should only move the exposed identical pairs of tiles one at a time. This means that any tile that is blocked on its right, left, or top cannot move unless you first pair the neighboring ones

The Seasons and Flowers are the only suits you are allowed not to match as they appear exactly. This is so since each of them counts as a pair only once. 

After you match tiles and there are no available moves, you can reshuffle them to create opportunities. On the flip side though, reshuffling is only allowable 5 times in a game, after which, you should clear the tiles to win and move to the next level. 

In a multiplayer Mahjong game, each participant starts gaming with 13 regular tiles, including a Wild. Then, in a counter-clockwise manner, every player picks a tile from the wall and drops another from his or her hand. But again, if it’s your turn to pick, you can opt to claim a discarded tile to declare a chow (a same-three-tile suit) instead of picking from the wall as long as it is from a player on the left. 

Still, you can declare Mahjong, a kong (four-of-a-kind), or pong (three-of-a-kind) by claiming a discarded tile from another player. However, you can only have 13 tiles until a Mahjong hand is declared. Similarly, in the event two players claim a tile for the same reason, the one closest to the next playing participant gets it.

Notably, a Mahjong hand consists of four sets of one pair and three or four tiles. A set is a pong, kong, or chow. Each set has a unique hands’ number allowing a score better than usual or Mahjong and giving minipoints. Nevertheless, an analysis of the patterns of the hands, sets, and rules determine the number of points you will receive, with the Fun doubling your points to form a hand score.

On the other hand, games consisting of one to four rounds utilize the Prevalent Wild concept, where players switch wilds after every session, starting with east. This means the player who was east becomes south, the one on south shifts to the west, etc. until all participants play as east.

The player with the highest hand score takes the sum of the buy-ins (pot). The buy-in consists of the fee that goes to the house, and the bet is the final win. However, the player that discards the winning tile may pay a feeding penalty at the end of gameplay, depending on the rules of the game. Participants may also spit the pot proportionally, and the one with the least points pays the winner a certain portion of their reward, in the case where the game is using the Riichi House Rules. For example, if the winning player scoops 70,000 points and the other three have 10,000 each, the winner will bag 70% of the pot, while the rest take 10% each. 

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Is the Online Mahjong Game allowed in India?

Frankly, there are no federal rules across most parts of Indian States stopping you from wagering in offshore casino sites. The Indian Public Gaming Act of 1867 is what prohibits gambling, participating, or exhibiting casino in a Common Gaming House within India. Nevertheless, the state of Sikkim, Goa, and a bunch of others allow punters to wager in online casinos and bookmakers. This makes it crucial for gamblers to first know everything about online gaming rules within their area before wagering. The best way to achieve that is by talking to a professional lawyer. 

Cash Transacting Methods available for punters in India

In India, some of the acceptable depositing and withdrawing e-wallet options in our recommended gaming sites include Skrill, MuchBetter, Trustly, ecoPayz, Visa Electron, EntroPay, MasterCard, AstroPay, Neteller, Paysafecard, Maestro, Ecobanq, and Neosurf. Alternatively, you can transact cash using wire bank transfer and debit/credit cards.

Strategies for Playing Mahjong Game

  1. The first tip is you match the outer tiles in a way they create room to move the inner ones. Ideally, start with the most obvious moves and pairs, such as those from the top or far end. Achieving that will essentially expose more sets, creating leeway to match even more tiles.
  2. Avoid reshuffling the tiles unless you are completely sure there are no matches you can create. You should note that shuffling often makes obtaining matching tiles impossible.
  3. Ensure you put all your concentration on the game. Notably, you will arguably miss noting suitable pairs whenever your mind wanders, which may take time to re-spot them again.
  4. Mahjong is a race against time, and so should you be fast at making decisions and moves. However, remember that some characters appear quite similar and may be misleading, assuming you are fast but not keen.
  5. Visualize several moves ahead of matching a pair. If you fail to think ahead and make the wrong move, the game may end up needing a reshuffle sooner.
  6. Avoid claiming discarded tiles. Ideally, tiles on the sets are often more valuable than the already discarded ones.

Terminologies in the Mahjong Online Games.

  • Tenpai: This is a player that is one tile away from having a four-set and a pair (Mahjong).
  • Riichi: A player that is one tile away from declaring Mahjong, but he or she had a concealed hand previously.
  • Furiten: A player that has discarded the tile he or she needs to win
  • Wall: This is a place where players pick tiles.
  • Hand Point: The final points value with a player.
  • Fan/Yaku/Fun:  This combination doubles a player’s score
  • Concealed Hand: This is a hand that hasn’t been declared or revealed.
  • Declare/Meld: This is claiming the tile you want by showing its face up.
  • Claim: This is picking a discarded tile to complete your pong and possibly win.
  • Draw: This is picking a tile from the wall.
  • Discard: This is dropping a tile from the hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, Mahjong is a game of both skill and luck. Ideally, the skill part comes in your utilization of our tips, while the luck bit is on your ability to maximize the chances to match tiles in time.
Of course, you can play this game on your mobile phone as long as you create a gaming account with any of our recommended sites.
Frankly, wagering limits vary from site to site. However, all our recommended sites accommodate players with small bankrolls.


Now you know how the Mahjong online game works and where to play. Frankly, Mahjong is one of the easiest casino games you can wager on the internet. Regardless of whether you are a pro or a beginner, winning chances are endless. Don’t let this opportunity to bag some rupees into your wallet slip off your view. Create a gaming account today in any of our recommended sites and start your journey to become richer in Mahjong online gaming. 

Mahjong is really a simple and fun game to play at your favourite Indian casino. Remember to manage your bet sizes and look out for any casino bonuses.