Top Online Horse Racing Betting Sites In India

Indian gambling enthusiasts- welcome to our guide about Online Horse Racing Betting Sites In India! Horse racing betting is a very popular sport in India with a rich and long-lasting tradition. Since there where horse races, people were betting on those very same races. Horse race betting has been a great pastime for hundreds of years. The king of sports, as they also call it, has been drawing massive audiences to the racetrack and television for quite some time. Hearing the fans shouting, dirt flying, and horses galloping is one of the best parts about horse racing, but so is betting on horses. Today, in the modern era of the Internet, you can make bets on horse races at a lot of betting websites. Indian gambling admirers can bet on many sports betting websites, with websites like Betway being one of the best ones for this. 

It is a sport that is especially adored by betting enthusiasts, as they are the ones who enjoy it the most. Betting on horses is one of the first gambling forms, and it is still well-known in the gambling world. This sport mostly relies on prize money and the sponsorship which gets from various betting companies that actually keep this sport alive. 

In this guide about horse race betting, we will give you all the necessary information that you have to know about horse racing and how to bet on this sport. If you’re not quite familiar with this racing, but you’re eager to learn about it, then this guide would be the best place to start. We will cover many topics about such as how to get started with it, different types of bets, certain tips and strategies that will be helpful, and much other useful information that will be of great assistance to you once you begin with horse race betting.

Without delay, let’s start!

Best Online Horse Racing Betting Sites In India 2021

How To Start With A Right Horse Race Betting Site In India?

Horse race betting is a very thrilling form of gambling, that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. But, before you start betting on horse races, it is highly recommended that you completely understand the rules, types of odds, and various strategies about this sport so you can begin to bet on it as quickly as possible. We’ll give you a list of things that you have to know when you start with horse race betting.

Finding an online sportsbook

 the first thing that you should do is to find an online sportsbook that will completely suit your betting needs. Right now, there is a big number of high-quality online sportsbooks, and sportsbooks that are reliable and safe for horse race betting enthusiasts. Once you decide at which online sportsbook you’ll be betting, make an account and deposit some funds on your account so you can start making bets. 

Understanding the rules

 just like all the sports out there, it also has its rules and forms. So, before you even begin to bet on horse races, you have to get familiar with the rules of this sport. Once you understand the rules, no one would be able to stop you from getting some big prize money from betting on horse racing.

Horse race betting has a lot of types of bets

 It has many options on which you can bet on. Study all types of bets, and then you can pick a bet with which you think you can win some big money. 

How To Choose The Best Horse Race Betting  In India?

In this section, we will present to you a list of things towards which you have to keep an eye out when you choose a horse race betting website.

The Reputation Of The Bookmakers And Casinos

Nowadays, you can find hundreds of online betting sites in india. Some websites are known in the betting business, while most of them aren’t so famous. Therefore, there are a lot of online sportsbooks that aren’t reliable and safe for Indian gambling aficionados.

So, the most important thing for every punter is that his funds and personal information are in safe hands at a reliable online sports website. Because, when the horse on which you placed a bet on wins, you would definitely like to get your money immediately without any unwanted delays or complications. The best thing to do is to look for online bookmaker or a casino that has a reputation for being trustworthy. Also, the list of online bookmakers and casinos that are reliable are often licensed by the best regulatory companies in the world. Look for an online sports website that is regulated by companies such as Curacao eGaming, Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, etc. You should only play at the best casinos in India to enjoy horse racing bets and even win.

The Security Level Of The Horse Racing Bookie Site

Every online bookmaker must declare the level of security with which the funds on your account are protected. 

The Register of Protection of Funds has been published in late 2017, which ranks online bookies by the level of protection:

  • Basic– there is no extra protection whatsoever, and the funds would be seen if the bookie goes bankrupt.
  • Medium– there is extra insurance to protect the accounts if the business goes bust.
  • High– the money in the account is held separately and cannot be seen as a part of the company if the bookie goes bankrupt. The money is completely controlled by an external auditor.

Different Types Of Bets Offered With Horse Racing In India

Here are the most popular types of horse racing bets.

Win, Place, Show

 the basic principle of this bet is to choose a horse, and if the horse ends up in the right position, you will win some money! If you, for example, select a certain horse to win the race, you will only win your bet if the horse you chose is the winner of that race. A place bet is the type of bet when you place a bet that a certain horse will finish first or second. If the horse you chose finishes the race first or second, you will win that bet. The show bet is the type of bet where you place a bet that a particular horse will end the race in the first three spots. If the horse finishes the race in the first three spots, you will win the bet.

Exotic betting

 an exotic bet is when you place a bet on multiple horses at the same time. Below you will find the different types of exotic bets.


 you bet on two horses simultaneously to either finish the race first or second.


 you pick which horse will end the race first, and which horse will end the race second. If they finish the race in that order, you will win the bet. 


 you choose three horses, and you place a bet that all three horses will finish in the first three spots.


 you choose four horses, and you place a bet that all four horses will finish the race in the first four spots.

Daily double

you place a bet where you choose a winning horse for two consecutive races.

Pick 3

 you place a bet where you choose a winning horse for three consecutive races.

In India, punters will be able to bet on live horse racing events in the famous live shows called Racing 1 and Sports Kings.

Quick Customer Service For Horse Racing

If you’re new to horse race betting or you’re a highly experienced punter, you should always seek for an online bookmaker that has high-quality customer service because your ultimate goal would be to make the whole betting experience fun and stress-free. The customer service must be kind and professional to the bettors and help them answer every question they have about horse race betting and betting in general. Here are the forms of communications that every customer service must have:

Live chat
Live chat
Phone support
Phone support
E-mail support
E-mail support

Also, it would be best if the customer service is available 24/7, so you can ask them anything about betting anytime you want. 

How To Make Fast Money With Horse Racing Betting Online In India?

If you want to make fast money with online horse betting, the best thing would be to make the bets that are the safest. The best with which you can get money fast are the win, place, show type of bets. So, playing it safe would be the best way to win some money really fast. 

Is Horse Race Betting Legal In India?

The Supreme Court in India, back in 1996, has decided that horse race betting should be legal in India. So, yes, it is legal to bet on horse races in India.

What Is Live Horse Racing Betting And How To Do It?

Live horse race betting is one of the most exhilarating gambling experiences. Mainly because the race usually lasts a maximum of two minutes, so you would have to be quick on the trigger. Follow these steps so you can make live horse racing bets:

  • Buy the racetrack program with all the info about the jockeys and the horses
  • Choose your horse
  • Choose the type of bet that you’ll be placing 
  • Then, place your bet

Where To Find The Top Horse Racing Odds In India?

Today, there are many online sports betting websites, but few of them are as good as the ones below. Here are some short reviews about the best online bookmakers. 



Fun88 is an online betting website and casino which was introduced to gambling enthusiasts in 1994. Being in the industry for over 25 years, Fun88 has built a reputation as a reliable and safe online betting platform. This is a famous and trusted brand that focuses mostly on the most important sports betting markets, like horse racing, for example. Click here to start betting on horse racing with Fun88



betway is an online bookmaker that was introduced to Indian punters in 2006, and today it is known as one of the most famous online gambling platforms. This betting website provides users with top-class service by using cutting-edge software so the customers can have the best online gambling experience. Click here to start betting on horse racing with Betway



LeoVegas is a sports betting website and an online casino that was established back in 2011. Not up until recently, they began to offer sports betting, and a lot of betting aficionados are satisfied with the range of sports they could bet on. Click here to start betting on horse racing with LeoVegas.



Spin Sports is a very popular sports betting website among punters in India. It was founded in 2001, and at the beginning of 2017, they started to offer bettors a chance to place bets on various sports. Punters can Bet on cricket, basketball, Kabaddi Betting, IPL Betting, and many other sports. Click here to start betting on horse racing with Spin Sports.



22Bet is an online gambling platform that was created in 2018. This is a great website for all gambling admirers that like to place bets on their favorite sports such as horse racing, for instance. At this online sportsbook, you can make live bets on various sports. Click here to start betting on horse racing with 22Bet

Winning Horse Racing Strategies For Indian Punters

Here are some strategies that will get you some wins while betting on horse racing in India:

  • Recent winners– this is a simple but effective strategy. Find out which horses have recently won some races and bet on those horses.
  • The beaten favorite– bet on a horse that lost the race, but was the favorite in the previous race. This means that the horse is still a top contender that can win races

Bonus Horse Racing Betting Tips

  • Make research about the horses and jockeys that participate in the race.
  • Incorporate various types of bets, and you should use them strategically.
  • Bet on multiple races so you can have greater odds of winning.

Horse Racing Betting FAQ

If you want to get a signup or a welcome bonus, you have to make an account at a sports betting website and make your initial deposit
In 1996, horse race betting in India was officially announced to be legal. Nevertheless, some states in Inda prohibit gambling altogether. So, it wise for gamblers to consult a lawyer to know what the laws state.
There are many advantages of betting online such as having better odds, extensive coverage of horse racing across the globe, various prizes, and rewards.
Indian gambling lovers will get their winnings usually in a day or two.
For horse  betting enthusiasts one website is just enough.
To make an account, you have to fill out a form with your personal details.
This varies from website to website, but the most common are bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Bitcoin.
As long as the website is 100% reliable, it is safe to place bets on horse racing. But again, it is wise confirming whether the site has licenses from renowned governing bodies.
This is different from site to site, but usually, it is high enough for most punters.
Usually, the least amount you can deposit for horse racing is 700 Rupees or an equivalent of $10 in most sites.


Horse race betting is a favorite pastime among many gambling enthusiasts, and everyone should try it. Pick a website, and start betting on horse races!