Play Online Teen Patti Game {Guide 2021}

Online gaming is without a doubt gaining momentum at lightning speed around the world and often creating confusion. This is so due to the existence of hundreds of games you can play. Fortunately, if you have been wondering which casino games are popular among Indian punters, worry no more. The online Teen Patti game is the best fit for you.

Play Online Teen Patti Game

Currently, scores of gambling fanatics can attest to the fact that playing and wagering on the online Teen Patti game isn’t much of a hassle. The rules are straightforward, the terms are easy to understand, and the icing on the cake is you will have numerous chances to bag bonuses and win thousands of rupees using sites like Betway and Spin Casino

Today, we want to help you become a pro at wagering on Teen Patti game. While at it, you will also learn the terms as well as strategies to play effectively and possibly win. Now, as you get all excited to learn, we want you to sign up with any of the below gaming site to get a whopping 100% welcome bonus. 

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What to Expect in a Teen Patti Game in Online Casinos?

Online Teen Patti is quite dissimilar to the land-based version of the game. However, the online version is often known as the Indian Poker, Flash, or Flush. Playing it involves using 52 decks cards, and you can engage other gamers who are miles away via a website’s interface. In the same way, you can play with a live dealer, but we will expound on that later in this writing. 

Starting off, three cards are dealt facing down to each player in a clockwise manner in either the virtual or the live dealer version. Fortunately, an online Teen Patti gaming session can have up to 7 participants.

 Teen Patti Game in Online Casinos

After the cards are dealt, all players agree on the Ante (mutual bet). Here, everyone wagers equal amounts of cash. Ideally, the Ante bet aims to prevent participants from backing out of the game (fold) once they flip the cards to see the content. Those who opt to fold lose their bet cash.

In the same vein, those who remain in the game proceed to play. But again, there is no limit to how much a player can wager. In the long, the player who gets the highest card value wins. Some of the popular winning combinations include:

Trial win/ Three of a Kind

This win entails getting three identical cards. The Ace card is ALWAYS the highest card value, while 3 and 2 are the lowest. The probability is 0.24%, the pay frequency of the win is 52×, and the odd value is 424.00:1.

Pure Sequence/ Straight Flush

This involves having a sequence of 3 consecutive cards in whatever order. The highest card value is A, K, Q, while the lowest are 4, 3, 2 and K, A, 2. The probability is 0.22%, the pay rate is 48×, and the odd value is 459.52:1.

Straight/Color/ Flush

The straight win requires three consecutive cards, not in the same suit. Its pay frequency is 720×. The color win involves 3 cards of the same suit. The lowest suit is clubs while the highest is spades. In the event of a tie, the highest card value wins. But again, the odd value for a tie is 19.16:1, and the pay frequency for a tie is 1,098×.


This involves having two cards of the same rank. The highest card value wins with an odd value of 4.90:1. In the event of a tie in pairs, the third card value determines the winner. The payout rate is 3,744×.

High Card

This win happens when two players match the same most top card value. Therefore, to determine the winner, an assessment is conducted on the rest of the cards, based on numerical values. The odd value is 0.34:1, while the payout frequency is 16,440×.


This involves the overall sum of the winning number card value that is less than 10. If the total has two numbers, the digits are added to form one figure. The combination’s winning odds are 0.00:1, and the payout rate is 22,100×.

Versions of the Teen Patti Game

  • Lowball (Mufliss): This involves reversing the ranking card values to determine the winnings. 
  • Two-lowest Wild: Players receive four cards each. The two lowest card values become wild cards, while the third one is unconsidered
  • Best of Four: Four cards are dealt instead of three. The best three cards out of the four determine the winnings.
  • 999 Variation: A player wins by getting a total hand card value closest to the hand combination of 999.   
  • Bust Card Draw: Here, a dealer pulls out a card from the deck, which forces anyone with a similar one to fold.
  • Wild Draw: Here, a dealer pulls out one random card from the deck after dealing the cards, which becomes the wild card.
  • 4× Boot Variation: This variation has the Ante value 4× more than the typical Teen Patti game.  
  • Low Wild: Here, the lowest card value dealt becomes the wild card. 
  • High Wild: This takes place when the highest card value dealt becomes the wild card.
  • Virtual play: This involves playing online against unanimous participants, using the game’s mobile or desktop interface.

Our Top Recommended Teen Patti Online Casinos that accept Indians

Leo Vegas

LeoVegas has numerous varieties of the Teen Patti game, and its licenses are from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. The site has a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices, and the desktop interface is user-friendly. Similarly, the security system is top-notch and utilizes SSL and 128-bit coding.

LeoVegas furnishes new gamers with a 100% welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees upon sign up. It also gives out reload bonuses for the second and third deposits. Transaction methods are numerous, and depositing cash into the gaming wallet is free. Customers can again get assistance round the clock via live chat and email. Click here to play with LeoVegas!

Fun88 Casino
Fun88 Casino offers 10% Cashback Bonus, up to INR 8,000 every week and 300% Deposit Bonus for Casino games. As for the live casino, gamers get 80% of up to 8,000 rupees. Gamblers also get 2000 rupees for referring friends to use the site. 

Depositing and withdrawing options are numerous, and you can play Teen Patti on the desktop interface or better still using the mobile app. For assistance, you can reach the customer support team via phone call, email, or live chat. Click here to play with Fun88 Casino!

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is available in mobile apps of Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and is audited by the eCOGRA. Customers’ data is always safe, thanks to the platforms’ excellent SSL security features. New gamers get a 100% welcome bonus of up to a whopping 60,000 rupees. 

The second deposit attracts a 25% bonus, while the third, 50%. The site again offers live dealer versions of Teen Patti, and you can reach the customer support team via email, phone call, or live chat. Click here to play with Betway Casino!

Royal Panda
Royal Panda utilizes Condo SSL security features. Still, it furnishes first-time gamers with a 100% match welcome bonus of their first deposit of up to 10,000 rupees and weekly free spins to slots game customers. The site also has a loyalty program where frequent gamers get redeemable points to place risk-free bets.

The site’s desktop and mobile app interfaces are excellent for live dealer games. Royal Panda accepts transacting cash in Rupees, and you can reach its customer support team 24/7 via live chat and email. Click here to play with Royal Panda!

22Bet has a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices and supports Teen Patti live dealer gaming. First-time deposits of up to 25,000 rupees from new gamers attract a 100% match bonus. The platform has an easy-to-navigate desktop interface and top-notch SSL security features

In the same degree, the site accepts transacting cash using rupees and Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dash. Withdrawals take hours to process, and depositing money from some e-wallets is free. The customer support team is reachable via emails. Click here to play with 22Bet!

Payment Options in India

There are numerous depositing and withdrawing options for gamers in India. Nevertheless, the platform you pick should support transacting cash in Rupees to avoid unnecessary conversion costs or confusion. It also should allow utilizing wire bank transfers and credit/debit cards, and acceptable e-wallets methods in India like Skrill, MuchBetter, and Trustly.

Can a punter be arrested for playing Teen Patti in India?

Frankly, the gambling rules in India do not explicitly define Teen Patti gaming and wagering as illegal. Currently, the only prohibition on this game and others is on operating or gaming in a local gaming house within the country’s soil. In some states like Sikkim, there are no other strict laws stopping gamers from wagering in offshore online casinos, provided the sites have licenses from renowned bodies. Therefore, gamers should understand the gambling laws within their areas before wagering online by at least talking to a lawyer. 

Teen Patti Gaming Basic Rules

First, participants have to agree and contribute the boot money (Ante bet). The gamer on the left side of the dealer then starts the Teen Patti game. From there, a session can have players wagering as: 

Blind player: This player places a bet without seeing the cards. However, he or she can make a plea to see the cards in case there is only one opponent. But again, an opponent can decline the request unless it’s the third appeal.

Afterward, all players display one card each at a time on the Teen Patti table. The game then proceeds until one player is left. The gamer with the highest card value wins the game. On the other hand, if two players remain, one of them can appeal to a show again. At this time, the bet reward becomes 4× the stake amount

Seen player: This player has options to play Chaal, Pack, Show, or Side Show. Ideally, after a Seen Player glimpses the cards, he or she should play the Chaal, if available. Nevertheless, the bet for any seen player is equal to 2× or 4× the stake. If the former gambler is a blind player, the stake amount remains intact.

The show rules: In the Side Show option, a seen player can compare cards with the ones of the previous player. Here, the bet amount is equal to 2× the present stake. On the other side, only two players have to remain in the game. If the last two participants are blind players, one of them can opt to stake double their stake to show.

Benefits of playing Teen Patti online in our recommended platforms


Frankly, playing the Teen Patti game in our recommended sites gives you control of what you wager as well as the sessions. This means you can effectively play anytime, even when the physical casinos close down

Fair play

Foul play is often a significant concern for most gamblers, considering some casinos utilize dubious ways to deny gamers their rewards. To that effect, if you wager using reputable online platforms like those on this page, everything will be taking place transparently, since all the sites’ scopes are algorithm-based and independently audited. 

Practicing opportunity

Frankly, learning the Teen Patti game can often prove to be a hard task for beginners. However, using any of our recommended brands, you can create a gaming account and play the free version of Teen Patti first, risk-free. Achieving that will help you understand the game better, gain confidence, and skills to place a real wager. 

Safe payments

More often than ever, how you receive your rewards from casino matters. Nevertheless, when you wager in a land-based casino, there are often lengthy payout procedures that can be disheartening. Fortunately, if you bet using an online platform, your winnings will always reflect into your gaming dashboard immediately. Similarly, you will have numerous methods to deposit or withdraw without having to wait for long.  

Table options

If you love variety and preference, then online Teen Patti is your ideal choice. This is so since you will always have the freedom to switch the playing tables whenever you feel one isn’t working to your advantage. In the same way, you will still be able to bet using a live dealer instead of a virtual machine.

What is Teen Patti Live Dealer?

Live dealers are often known as virtual human overseers of online casino games. Ideally, their work is to supervise live Teen Patti gaming sessions, where they communicate with gamers, issue instructions, as well as cards. In other words, this is to say you can wager online and enjoy the feeling of a land-based casino only this time you will be communicating via a webcam. The other beauty of live dealer games is you will see all the happenings through the angled cameras mounted around the playing table.

Strategies to Play in the Teen Patti Online game effectively

Frankly, Teen Patti game has a wee bit of twists to it. However, there are effective strategies that can be a shot in the arm to last in the game and possibly increase your winnings.

Wager with small stakes

The most compelling way to win in Teen Patti is you wager with low stakes and increase them gradually, depending on the strength of your hand. However, you shouldn’t downplay the behaviors and playing patterns of your opponents.

Play blind often

Playing blind allows you to evaluate the risks of the game. More often than ever, most players usually fold in the event there is a weak set of hands. Once they fold, consider staking with fewer chips.

Use psychology against your opponents

Ideally, the game of Teen Patti requires you to be smart, calm, and not show cowardice, even when you have a weak hand. Similarly, consider placing bets often to make your opponents think you have a steady hand and possibly prompt them to fold.

Adopt the Side Show trick

Well, the Side Show option can help you win whenever you notice the previous player has a weak hand and isn’t blind. Ideally, this trick allows you to compare your cards and those of the player before you make a move.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot win real cash while playing for free. Ideally, most sites offering free Teen Patti do it to help gamers practice the game risk-free.
Of course, you can play and wager using your mobile phone anytime on any of our recommended sites. Alternatively, if you want more convenience, you ought to download the gaming app.


That’s all you need to know to wager on online Teen Patti casino game. Now, it’s time to take advantage of the bonuses, free games and create your gaming account if you didn’t do it at the start. With the knowledge you currently have, it will be easier to wager and win more cash than a majority of gamblers in India. Don’t let this heavenly-sent opportunity pass you. As long as you pick any of our recommended sites, take time to understand the drill, and heed to our strategies, you will always have more chances to win thousands in cash. Start your winning journey today!