Best Kabaddi Betting Sites In India 2022

Best Kabaddi Betting Sites In India

Indian gambling enthusiasts, welcome to our review about Kabaddi Betting Sites in India! After cricket, this sport is definitely the most popular in India. Kabaddi is played all across the country, professionally and for recreational purposes as well. This sport is considered a national sport in India, so you can come to a conclusion of how much this sport is favored in India. It is a team sport that involves two teams, and each consists of seven players. The objective of the game is to tag the opponents and avoid being tackled by players from the opposing team.

Watching a kabaddi match from your home is quite exciting, but when you add betting into the mix, things definitely get more interesting.  A huge percentage of kabaddi fans would like to test their immaculate knowledge in kabaddi against many online bookmakers. Approximately 2/3 of kabaddi fans are what are called recreational punters, and they like to bet because they think it’s a fun pastime. But, the remaining 1/3 of kabaddi fans are in for it so they could make some money while placing bets on this beautiful team sport. The proof that kabaddi is so popular among punters is the fact that they place it at online bookies like Betway basically every day. The Asian lovers prefer to open an account at Spin Casino, where they can find sexy Live Dealers and many other games.

In this guide about kabaddi betting in India, you will learn a great amount of information about this national sport of India and how to bet on it. If you’re a rookie when it comes to betting on kabaddi, and you wish to learn more, then this guide is definitely the best place where you can start. We will cover a lot of topics such as the most reliable betting sites for kabaddi, how to make money with kabaddi, the best tricks and tips, and so on. 

Without further delay, we will begin!

Best-rated Online Kabaddi Betting Site for Indian Players

Among all betting websites, these are arguably the best.

Fun88 is an online betting platform that has been in the gambling industry for more than 25 years, and in that span of time, this online bookie built a reputation for being trustworthy and safe. This well-known brand mainly focuses on the most relevant sports betting markets, such as kabaddi. Click here to start betting on kabaddi with Fun88!
Betway is a sports betting website that was founded in 2006. Today, this is one of the best online bookies on the gambling market. This bookie has a mobile app, where you can place bets on Kabaddi while you’re on the go. Also, Betway has customer support that is available for punters 24/7. Click here to start betting on Kabaddi with Betway!
LeoVegas is an online bookmaker that is present in the gambling business since 2011. Recently, this betting platform introduced sports betting, and many punters were delighted to see what they have to offer, in terms of the range of sports they can place bets on. The registration process at LeoVegas only takes a couple of minutes, so you get to place bets right away. Click here to start betting on Kabaddi with LeoVegas! 
Spin Sports
Spin Sports is the perfect betting site for gambling admirers to place bets on Kabaddi matches. This online bookie was founded in 2001, and three years ago, they opened a sports betting section on their website. Punters can place bets onKabaddi, football, basketball, etc. Click here to start betting on Kabaddi with Spin Sports!

22Bet is an online bookmaker that was introduced to the Indian bettors back in 2018. This is the ideal betting website for people that like to place various bets on their favorite sports like Kabaddi, for example. The newcomers will be rewarded with a 100% match bonus of up to a maximum of 10000 Rupees. Click here to start betting on Kabaddi with 22Bet!

History of the Kabaddi

Kabaddi originated in India, and for decades it was only played in this country. But, as more years went by, the popularity of the sport has expanded, and now 31 countries are playing this sport. There are many Kabaddi styles, such as Punjabi, Amar, Sanjeevani, and so on. The majority of countries know this sport as Kabaddi, but countries like Bangladesh, where this is a national sport, call it hadudu. In the Maldives, baibalaa is what they call Kabaddi

How To Bet On Kabaddi While In India?

Getting started with betting on kabaddi is pretty simple, and we will explain everything you have to know about betting on kabaddi online. In order to get started with kabaddi betting in India, you have to find a sports betting platform that will satisfy your gambling needs. Because this sport is massively popular in India and in many other countries, there are many websites that you can’t trust. Many betting websites don’t have licenses, so you should look for an online bookmaker that has licenses from independent companies like the Malta Gaming Commission, the UK Gambling Commission, and Curacao eGaming. In addition, you should read user reviews about sports betting websites before you choose your ideal betting website.

If you want to bet on kabaddi at a reliable and licensed website, online bookies like the ones on our page. When you finally decide on which online betting website you will bet on kabaddi, you should go and create an account. The registration process only lasts a few minutes. You only have to fill out a form where you have to provide your full name, e-mail address, credit card info, and so on. You can also use your bank account to make a deposit. After that, you should come up with a password and a username. When you’re done with signing up, for example,  you can deposit some funds into your eWallet, and begin to place bets on kabaddi matches

Global Kabaddi League – GKL in India

Global Kabaddi League – GKL in India

The Global Kabaddi League consists of six teams that play at three different venues across the vast country of India. The GKL season lasts one month, and during that one month, the teams compete against one another, all looking to achieve the same goal – to win the GKL title. The kabaddi game is played in the round-robin format.

The best four teams advance to the semifinals. The semifinal matches are played in three different locations: India, Punjab, and Mohali as well. The winners of the semifinals go to the finals, where they play to seize the GKL title. 

GKL Kabaddi Teams

These are the six teams that compete in the Global Kabaddi League:

  • Delhi TigersThis team has an above-average squad, with superb raiders.
  • Haryana Lions- This team is very well-balanced. They’re pretty good in defending and attacking.
  • California EaglesThey have versatile players that can play in multiple positions, and they’re a fantastic team, in general.
  • Maple Leaf CanadaThis is a team full of talented players, but they’re not quite good to be top contenders.
  • Black PanthersThis team is looking to improve their form, but when they do, they will be quite dangerous.
  • Singh Warriors PunjabThe biggest advantage of this team are its stoppers, and they mostly rely on them.

PRO Kabaddi Betting – Bet Online In India

PRO Kabaddi Betting – Bet Online In India

The Pro Kabaddi League was established in 2014 that consisted of eight teams. Three years later, they added four more teams, and the league now has 12 kabaddi teams.  

At first, the twelve teams were divided into two zones. They played fifteen games against the teams that were in their zone, and they also went on to play seven inter-zonal kabaddi matches. Last year, they changed the format of the competition. All teams play two times against each other. IN the past, for example, the PRO Kabaddi League lasted from July to October. Here’s how this league works. Two best PRO Kabaddi League teams directly advance into the semifinals, while the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth team battle for the third spot to get a chance to play against the two best teams. Later, the winners of the semifinal go to the final and play for the title.

PKL Kabaddi Teams

These 12 teams play against each other in the PRO Kabaddi Betting League:

  • Telugu TitansThe biggest advantage of this team is the defensive players. They’re a decent team, but they still have to come a long way to win the title.
  • Bengaluru BullsThis team has great raiders, who ‘ve helped them to win the title last year.
  • Patna PiratesThis team is in the rebuilding phase, as most of their players are not experienced, but they are more than talented.
  • Bengal WarriorsThis team has a pretty decent squad, but they mostly rely on their defending players.
  • U MambaThis team is always on the top of the table because they mostly rely on highly experienced players.
  • Puneri PaltanThis team has versatile players, and they’re very confident of winning the title next season.
  • Haryana SteelersThis team is currently struggling, but they bought a few players that will improve their subpar defense.
  • UP YoddhaThis is a great team with an explosive raiding unit, and they only seem to get better as the seasons pass by.
  • Jaipur Pink PanthersThis team has a reputation for always putting on great performances. Their corner positions are fantastic.
  • Gujarat Fortune GiantsThey are runner-ups for two consecutive seasons, and they have a pretty decent squad.
  • Dabang Delhi KCTheir defense is practically impenetrable, but they have to improve the raiding department in order to be a top contender for the title.
  • Tamil ThalaivasThis squad is always strong, both in defense and offense. They’re certain that they’ll reach the playoffs.

Now that you know the Teams, what are you waiting for to start betting on Kabaddi? Pick up one of the best bookmakers globally now!

How To Make Money With Kabaddi Betting In India?

As you probably know, to make money while betting on Kabaddi, you have to create an account at an online betting platform of your choice. Today, there are a lot of online bookmakers where you can win some huge money rewards, and enjoy nice promotions. If you want to make some money, you have to spend it. So, choose that website and deposit funds in Rupees. The most popular payment methods that you can use to deposit some funds are Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, bank transfer, etc. When it comes to alternative payment methods, the most known is Bitcoin. There are a lot of different ways to earn some money while betting on Kabaddi matches. First, you have to know what bets you’ll be playing at an online betting platform.

When you’re 100% sure what types of bets you’ll be playing, choose the kabaddi matches that you’ll place a bet on. When you’re finished with that, deposit some funds into your account’s eWallet. Also, it would be best that you always have money on your account, just in case. When the kabaddi match comes to an end, and you correctly predict the outcome of the match, you will win some big money. Indian gambling enthusiasts will have a chance to bet on international kabaddi matches, but they can mostly bet on local Indian games and leagues. The online bookmaker offers country-specific kabaddi matches in the PRO Kabaddi League, which opens up some huge opportunities for punters in India.  

Tips & Tricks To Follow While Betting On Kabaddi

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to get some big wins:

  • You should analyze the players and the kabaddi teams before you make any bets.
  • It is highly recommended that you set a budget limit and not to spend more than you have.
  • Predict the outcomes of kabaddi matches based on their previous performances.

Fantastic Betting Kabadi Bonuses For Indian Punters

A very important aspect that you have to consider while you choose a sports betting website is the range of promotions and bonuses that it has. Indian online bookmakers offer great welcome bonuses that you can use for betting on many sports, like kabaddi, for instance. Apart from the welcome bonus, you must look for a website that offers fantastic promotions, coupons, etc. Check the betting websites on our page – they offer superb promotions. For example, the welcome bonus for the newcomers on that betting platform is a 100% match bonus of up to a maximum of 10000 Rupees.

Kabaddi Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Kabaddi is a team sport with two teams, and on each side, there are seven players. Kabaddi is a national sport in India. 
In order to place bets on kabaddi, you have to choose a sports betting website, make an account, deposit some funds into your eWallet, and then you can start to place bets on kabaddi matches.
Currently, there are no betting websites that offer live streaming. So, if you want to watch kabaddi, you can watch it on Star Sports.
The majority of sports betting websites offer betting apps, so you can bet on kabaddi on your smartphone or tablet.
All the websites that offer an option of betting on kabaddi, also offer Rupees as a mode of transaction.
Yes, it is legal to bet on kabaddi in some Indian states. There are no laws that forbid to bet on kabaddi online because kabaddi betting is mostly operated by offshore betting companies. But again, it would be wise to consult a lawyer to know what the laws state within your area.
Yes, you can place live bets on kabaddi. For instance, you can predict the number of raids a certain kabaddi player will have during the game.
A lot of online bookmakers are going to offer welcome packages to newcomers when they make an account and their first deposit at a certain betting website.


Kabaddi is a well-known sport that all people in India like to watch, but they also like to bet on it. So, when you’re done with reading this well-thought review about kabaddi betting, you should also bet on kabaddi matches!