Top Bank Transfer Casinos For Indian Gamblers

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Top Bank Transfer Casinos

Bank transfers, wire transfers, net banking, or online banking are all a depositing method allowing you to move your funds from your bank account to an online casino of your choice. While bank transfer might have many different names, it is quite straightforward and is one of the most popular choices among gamblers who prefer making larger deposits or withdrawals. Finding online bank transfer casinos might not seem like an easy thing in India, thanks to the complicated laws related to gambling, however, it is possible and all you really have to do is continue reading to learn more about it all. If you are curious and cannot wait to try it out, visit Royal Pandaand make an account today! 

Indian Casino Sites That Accept Bank Transfer Payments

If you prefer to make larger deposits and you are expecting to make quite large withdrawals, bank transfer casinos are probably what you need. While there are not many bank transfer casinos available in India, there are still a few that are worth mentioning as they will allow you to deposit and withdraw larger amounts of rupees using the bank transfer payment method.

Spin Casino

Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Spin Casino is one of the Bank Transfer casinos many Indian gamblers like to try their luck at. If you want to do the same,click here and make an account at Spin Casino as well. Run by the Palace Group, a highly reputable group known for running other casinos as well, Spin Casino also provides its players with an amazing amount of games to choose from. 

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City Casino has been around for a very long time and honestly, it is truly an outstanding bank transfer casino many gamblers have decided to play at. With a wide selection of table games, great promotions, and a lovely loyalty program, Jackpot City Casino is certainly one of the casinos every gambling enthusiast will want to try out. If you wish to try it out yourself, tap here and try your luck at Jackpot City Casino yourself! Knowing Microgaming is the main game supplier of Jackpot City, it is easy to say that games are 100% fair and enjoyable too!

Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda was established back in 2014. and it has been one of the top names in the gambling industry for quite a while. As one of the best bank transfer casinos out there, Royal Panda offers hundreds upon hundreds of different casino games you can try out by registering here. Aside from having an impressive gaming collection to choose from, Royal Panda is also licensed and a very trustworthy choice for all Indian gambling enthusiasts. 

How To Deposit And Withdraw Money In Casinos By Using Bank Transfer?

While they may seem an unusual option to cut out any middlemen from the transaction, direct bank transfers are surprisingly simple to do, only needing a few steps in order to complete and completely remove any other requirements beyond an already opened bank account, cash to deposit and an account with your chosen online bank transfer casino. Simply follow these easy steps: 

  • Navigate to your account and select the Deposit option
  • Enter the cash amount you wish to deposit
  • Select the bank transfer option
  • Enter required details such as bank name and account number
  • Once you have submitted the details and confirmed, simply wait for the money to arrive in your account

Withdrawing With Bank Transfer

Withdrawals follow the same steps as deposits when using bank transfer, in fact depending on the casino, you may only be able to withdraw with bank transfers if that was your chosen deposit method, again following these easy steps:

  • Once again navigate to your account page and select the Withdrawal option
  • Enter the cash amount you wish to deposit, checking the limits of your chosen casino
  • Select the bank transfer option
  • Enter your required details or simply select already stored information if you were given the option to save them for later use
  • Once this is done, simply wait for the transfer to be completed and for the money to arrive in your account

Play Mobile Casino Games With Bank Transfer Payment

Top Bank Transfer Online casinos

Requiring only an account with your chosen casino, the app downloaded to your phone, and your payment options set up as we have shown above, it is easy and quick to play any of the many mobile games available either free or gambling in the game of your choosing, only having to return to the deposit screen of the app whenever you wish to add more funds for you to play with. 

With the extensive list of indian casino games available to you in any of the three casinos we have recommended, there is no end to the fun that you can have and the money you can make, rarely having to stop play for long when you want to make a transfer either into or out of your casino account, able to stop play and just as quickly return to it wherever you are on your mobile. 

Play At Live Casinos With Bank Transfer Payments

When playing in online bank transfer casinos, you are given plenty of opportunities to join the many live games on offer and make quick and easy deposits using your bank transfer option, letting you quickly open up your account screen in another tab to make deposits before returning back to your live casino games and resume play with minimal interruption. 

Using this method you will often have little to no delays in play with bank transfers usually being quick and simple when you have your details saved onto your account, leaving only the time to load the page and process the transaction. So if you love your live games, why not give it a go today, following the easy steps we have gone through above, there is nothing to stop you from getting into the games today!

Why Use Bank Transfer In Online Casinos?

There are many benefits you may not know of when using direct bank transfers, for those of you who prefer to manage your money as directly as possible, cutting out any middlemen from the process may be preferable leaving only your instructions, the bank, and the casino involved. 

Play casino games with Bank Transfer

Ease of use

When making a direct bank transfer, once you know what information is required and where to find it, it is simple enough to enter and even save if you trust the site you are using, from there all matters are handled between your bank and the recipient of the transaction, without you needing anyone else involved. 


When using direct transfers, you place the security in the hands of your bank and the chosen online bank transfer casino, meaning that you are relying on two of the most heavily secured systems in the world, both banks and casinos invest a great deal into their security every year in order to ensure they can protect their customer’s info and money. 


While the idea of a delay in money transfers can seem almost foreign in the modern-day, some transfer methods can have delays in order to increase their security or due to the process they use, direct bank transfers skip all that and simply rely on passing the money between bank accounts. There can be delays however based on whether or not the casino uses a foreign bank, which can also incur some small charges alongside the transfer.

Even though you might think we are connected with this information, we have to inform you this is nowhere the case. All of the information we found and wrote about in this article was previously found on the internet, therefore, it may change as time goes on. If you are unsure about anything and you notice any changes, we suggest you get in contact with your bank provider and ask them about anything that may bother you. 

How Online Casinos protect bank transfer deposits

When it comes to additional security measures with bank transfers, there are not many, with only the ability for the bank to reimburse a transaction should you be able to prove it was made fraudulently. However, when it comes to the security of the transactions themselves, banks have some of the most advanced security systems and measures in place to protect your information and keep it completely private. 

When transferring between a bank and online casinos as previously mentioned, these are two of the most heavily protected places you can have your money, with almost foolproof protection securing your information, giving you a guarantee that any payments you make will be safe, quick and when it comes to casinos, often you are able to make both far smaller and larger deposits when using a bank transfer thanks to that security. 


Sadly, most bank transfers will have a fee, which is why it is the least cost-effective deposit method out there. Fees charged on bank transfers entirely depend on your card/bank provider and their policies. It is advised you always read about those before you go ahead and make any deposits towards an online casino of your choice. 
Knowing bank transfers are a service provided by your own bank, it is easy to say they are bound to provide you with 100% security and safety for all of your electronic transactions, including the ones you make when gambling online. 
This is very simple - if an online casino has a license by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and/or Malta Gaming Authority they are legitimate and follow the rules provided by the gambling industry leaders. 
Certain banks might query direct payments that you make from your bank account to an online casino. This usually stops your banking account until you talk to the customer service. This process can be very frustrating, however, it is done to protect you from frauds. This issue is often one of the reasons many people decide to use alternative payment options instead of bank transfers when gambling online.


Overall, Bank Transfer Casinos seem to be the safest choice of all, however, they take a bit longer to process the deposits and withdrawals. If you are one of the people who do not mind waiting for the sake of security, the bank transfer option is a great idea. Sadly, if you are impatient and you do not like waiting up to three days to get things going, alternative casino payment methods will surely be a better choice for you. While there are not many Online Bank Transfer casinos available for the Indian population, there are some that have proven to be a reliable choice, and still to this day many Indian gamblers spend their time trying their luck playing some of their games. 

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