Best PhonePe Casinos To Make Online Payments

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PhonePe Casinos are not very easy to find, they are quite rare, however, we have you covered. Originating from India, PhonePe has been around since 2016 and its popularity has been on the rise due to its convenience and security. Whether you want to play Blackjack or Teen Patti, it does not matter, certain casinos feature PhonePe as a payment method, and being able to use it as your preferred payment method could make your life a lot easier than before. If you want to try out how PhonePe works as a payment method, go ahead and register at Royal Panda! For all of you who wish to know more about PhonePe and all of you who are interested in finding a perfect PhonePe casino, continue reading as we will go over all of the important information you might want to know. 

PhonePe Casinos Online

Top Casino Sites That Accept PhonePe Payments

Knowing PhonePe is available for all Indian gambling enthusiasts, and knowing how popular it is becoming you might be wanting to try it out. Sadly, finding PhonePe casinos often feels like a mission impossible, however, we managed to find the best ones that are trustworthy, licensed, and fair to all of their players. PhonePe is certainly not as popular as other e-wallets such as Paypal or Neteller, however, it is still worth a mention considering it is very straightforward and its popularity has been on the rise throughout India.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda has been one of the best casinos for quite a while, however, did you know they actually accept PhonePe as a payment method? This awesomely designed PhonePe casino has everything a real gambling enthusiast would look for, a great variety of games, many outstanding bonuses and promotions, and of course, a website that will certainly bring a smile to your face. Having Microgaming as their main game supplier only makes it even better – if you have been looking for a PhonePe casino such as Royal Panda, do not hesitate and make an account to try your luck!

Spin Casino

If you have been looking for a decent PhonePe casino, Spin Casino might be all you have been looking for. Spin Casino is an amazing choice for all Indian players and knowing who are the people behind it only makes it even better. With their many casino games you can try out, Spin Casino also features a great variety of bonuses and promotions everyone can claim by making an account and making their first deposit. Here all of the games are provided by Microgaming, therefore, you can be sure all of your games will be fair and actually enjoyable. If you want to try out some of the best Spin Casino games, click here and make an account!

Betway Casino

Betway Casino never fails to impress its users considering it features a jaw-dropping library of over 500 outstanding casino games you can enjoy. If any, Betway Casino is one of the PhonePe casinos you will not regret taking a look at! Powered by no other but Evolution Gaming, Betway Casino guarantees all of their games are 100% fair and they always do their best to provide their users with a great gambling experience. Aside from an impressive library of casino games, Betway is also well-known for their bonuses and promotions, so if you are impatient, click here and claim your bonus at Betway right away!

How PhonePe Services Work At Online Casinos?

For those of you who may not have heard of it, PhonePe is an e-wallet, similarly to PayPal and GooglePay, it functions as an intermediary service to keep your information and payment details secure, removing the need for their entry into any external sites, only requiring that you have an account with them and a payment method on your account. You can even place money onto your account for future use if you wish to avoid direct bank withdrawals for your casino payments

How PhonePe work when you use it for moving money between your casino account and your bank is simple enough, instead of entering bank or card details, you select their service and you will be redirected to their site, you log in and the request for payment or withdrawal will be passed on to their systems, you simply need to accept and they will transfer the money in their name, either bringing the money into your e-wallet or passing it from your account and into the casinos. 

Play Casino Games With PhonePe

Once you have chosen your PhonePe casino of choice, signed up, and deposited some money into your account, it’s simple enough to get to play your favorite casino games. With quick and easy transactions, you will never have to stop for long. If you have decided to use one of our chosen casinos you will have a wide variety of games from Live to mobile to enjoy at your leisure, both on mobile and desktop. If you wish, take a look at our list of top 10 Indian online casinos and register to enjoy some of the best casino games!

Be it Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, or any other live casino games. There is a great variety of games provided by some of the top developers all for your enjoyment! The only limit is how long you have to play, how much you want to bet or which games catch your eye, with many letting you play for free to try them out and get used to how you play. All with the added security knowing you can quickly and securely move your money when you need to.

How To Sign Up With PhonePe To Play Casino Games?

Signing up with PhonePe is a simple step by step process with only three basic requirements in order to make use of their services.

  1. Internet access
  2. A viable bank account
  3. A registered mobile number to link to your account

Once you have all these simply follow the steps we shall outline below and you will have your account ready and waiting for you to play at any time.

  1. Download the app from your app store, then open and select sign up
  2. Verify your phone number and fill out the required details (Name, Email, Password, etc.)
  3. Select ‘Create new VPA’ (Virtual Private Address)
  4. Enter your bank or card details and link them to the app
  5. Confirm your details and finish setup

With this done, you have a fully functional account, ready for use with any casino or online store that accepts PhonePe as a payment service. Additionally, if you wish to add an additional bank or card to your account you may navigate to your bank accounts section by selecting the menu in the top right corner and then selecting “Add new Bank” before repeating the same process you followed for the initial setup. 

Why Is PhonePe A Good Payment Option?

PhonePe offers a variety of additional protections and security to your information over using regular payment methods, alongside the ease of use, with you only having to select it as your payment option, log in quickly and select how you wish to pay, often only taking a few seconds in total. Meaning that you can easily pay anywhere that accepts PhonePe quickly and securely. 

As mentioned, they offer a variety of benefits overpaying with card or bank transfer, with them being an intermediary service, your information both banking and personal are kept far away from any services you use, with the money being passed to PhonePe before being passed on through them to wherever you are making a payment. And with their strict security and verification process, your account is locked to your phone number and identity, meaning theft and fraud are near impossible. They also provide excellent customer support for any issues that may occur during your use of their services.

Pros And Cons Of Using PhonePe In Online Casino

If you are quite new to a payment method such as PhonePe, you most likely have a lot of questions and one of them is what are the pros and cons of actually using PhonePe in online casinos. No one wants to use a payment method they know nothing about, therefore, providing  list both, pros and cons of PhonePe for you. 




Make and receive payments at any time of the day or night. PhonePe is available 24/7.
The verification process for PhonePe can be quite complicated for people considering it is based on the rules and regulations of India.
Customer Support of PhonePe is quite great and their availability is truly outstanding.
PhonePe features a minimum and maximum deposit amount, which is probably not the best thing for people who are high rollers.
PhonePe features instant transfers which is an amazing benefit for all gambling lovers. If you want to see all of the awesome benefits you can get, visit Spin Casino and make an account!
If someone else other than you managed to get access to your UPI PIN, you could end up having a big loss. It is important to be very careful with this and ensure your UPI PIN is never shared with anyone,
To make payments with PhonePe, you do not have to remember your bank account details at all. The application will do this for you and keep all of your details memorized at all times.
PhonePe itself does not charge you any extra fees when making deposits or withdrawals

Online PhonePe Casinos – Deposit And Withdrawal Options



Navigate to the deposits page on your chosen PhonePe casino and select it as your payment option.
Navigate to the withdrawals page of your chosen casino
A popup will appear within your browser or the app will open on your phone, and you will be asked to log into your account.
Select PhonePe as your withdrawal method, if this is not shown you can also select NetBanking or UPI
Select the bank account you wish to use for the payment once you are logged in.
Enter your UPI ID or VPA for the request
If you are making this payment on a computer through a browser, the app will ping a notification on your phone, you will have to open the app and navigate to the payment prompt.
Enter your withdrawal amount
You will be asked to enter your UPI pin and accept your transaction, once done the payment will be made and money will be deposited into your casino account.
Click on the request in your app and the money will be transferred immediately

Terms And Conditions Of Using PhonePe

PhonePe has a rather extensive list of terms and conditions surrounding its use and while that may seem daunting we will highlight the main points that you need to know and understand in order to ease any worries you may have after seeing the many paragraphs waiting for you on their site. 

  • Eligibility, you must be 18 years of age, capable of making a legal contract, and not barred from using their services. All documentation you provide is accurate and your own.
  • That PhonePe is not a banking service, simply a payment transfer solution, and should be considered as such. 
  • That any payments you set up with your mobile device, mobile service provider, or anyone else that you have provided access to your PhonePe platform may incur charges and you are solely responsible for them as per your agreement with them.
  • You are solely responsible for any links to your bank accounts and keeping all your relevant info such as mobile numbers, UPI ID, and other relevant details, up to date.

In case you were wondering, we are not related to PhonePe at all and while we might be providing you with the information related to it, it is important for you to know that PhonePe as a company can make changes related to any of the things we have mentioned in this article. If you ever come across an issue, or you find something that is unclear to you, it is advised you go ahead and contact PhonePe customer service. 


Considering PhonePe is an Indian payment method and you are most likely Indian yourself, you do not have to worry about any currency conversions at all. Rupees are used from deposit to withdrawal which is a real time saver and you do not have to pay any conversion fees either!
In most cases, yes. Your money will be instantly processed after making a withdrawal request, however, there are some exceptions to that as well. For example, if your withdrawal is delayed, that could mean it has not been verified yet. Of course, if you withdraw a large amount of money, it might take a little bit longer as well! 
The amount of money you can withdraw with PhonePe entirely depends on the PhonePe casino you are playing at. This information can be found at the cashier selection of the casino you picked to play on, however, the most common limit is usually ₹2000.
Same as withdrawals with PhonePe, deposit amounts are set by the PhonePe casino website you decide to use, not PhonePe itself. Knowing each casino site has their own rules related to this, you can expect to be able to deposit from ₹500 up to ₹2000 as a minimum deposit amount. 


PhonePe Casinos might not be the most popular casinos out there, however, there are a few truly outstanding PhonePe Casinos you can try out if you wish to use PhonePe as your preferred payment method. This payment method is all about convenience for the Indian population and to make it even better, PhonePe is also very easy to use considering your bank account details will only have to be written once and never again. This makes the transactions a lot faster and less stressful for the users. 

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