Quickspin Casino Software Provider Guide 2022

If you are a real slot game fan, you must have heard of Quickspin software provider. Of course, if you never heard of it but you really love playing slot games, now is the perfect time to check it out! Today we will go over everything there is to know about Quickspin as a software provider, so if you are curious, continue reading! 

Quickspin Casino Software Provider

Quickspin has been one of the best video slot game providers and frankly, it is no surprise considering the quality of their games. If you are impatient to try out some of their most popular games, go ahead and register at Spin Casino right now!

Quickspin Software Provider – History And How Does It Work?

Quickspin was originally founded back in 2011. In Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, Quickspin is considered to be a multi-national company and their team features people from all over the world. Thanks to their diverse workforce, Quickspin has many different perspectives to consider when it comes to game design. 

According to the Co-Founder of Quickspin, Mats Westerlund, there are three main things their company focuses on. The first one is the engine of the game, the second is the seamless gameplay experience and the third is, of course, the passion! 

Thanks to their great focus on game development, Quickspin has proven to offer their passion, knowledge, and beautiful perception all through their high-quality slot games. In case you had no idea, Quickspin has also been operating as a subsidiary of Playtech since 2016. 

Together they offer an amazing platform for casino management solutions as well as provisions for promotional tools. 

Most Popular Games Featuring High RTP Provided By Quickspin

When playing casino games, everyone hopes to make a profit. Playing high RTP (Return To Player) games is the best way to make it happen. Only for you, we have found the most popular Quickspin games that are not only fun to play, but also feature a high RTP too! 

Bad Bad Wolf

Inspired by a well-known fairy-tale to all of us, Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf is a slot game developed by Quickspin software provider. Big Bad Wolf is a standard 5×3 setup and 25 pay lines across the reels of the interface. Aside from being a pretty straight forward and a standard game, Big Bad Wolf also has stunning soundtracks and overall visuals. 

Phoenix Sun

Quickspin Casino Software games - Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Sun not only sounds like a shiny game, but it really is! This nearly translucent grid features a 3×5 setup with over 243 ways of playing. With Phoenix Sun you will enjoy the beautiful graphics and sounds, but on top of that, you will also get to enjoy free spins too! 

Joker Strike

Joker Strike is one of the most original slot games out there. Currently, there are thousands of different slot games out there, and all of them feature different themes and designs. Coming up with unique ideas tends to be a hard job for the software providers, but for Quickspin, it was Joker Strike that had it all right there! 

This is a 5 reel, 10 line game that will surprise you whenever you manage to land a winning combination. This means you can expect to see symbols lighting up in turns, more winning symbols appearing, and added wild symbols to the reels when the light stops in optional places! 

Mighty Arthur

There might be many stories out there with swords and sorcery, but tales of King Arthur and his knights of the round table will always be one of those we will gladly remember. This 5 reel game features 20 pay lines and is shown as the standard 3×5 layout. Thanks to its classic format, this game is very easy to get into, and it is seriously a lot of fun! 

Quickspin Jackpot

Seeing there are plenty of rather high RTP games developed by Quickspin, it is safe to say they are not very known for their jackpot games. Jackpot games generally have a lower RTP, and since Quickspin wants to make players happy, they have been focusing on high RTP games instead. 

Of course, this does not mean Quickspin does not have a jackpot game! Back in 2019. Quickspin released their first jackpot game known as Dragon Chase as well as the game under the name Dragon Chase Rapid. To learn more about these two games, read below: 

Dragon Chase

Dragon Chase

Dragon Chase is a game that requires players to gather dragon pearl symbols and make use of them in order to enter the grand jackpot prize which is €100,000 and is given out every single month. For all of you wondering, you can also enter 3 smaller jackpots that are better known as major, minor and mini. 

Dragon Chase Rapid

On the other hand, Dragon Chase Rapid is slightly different. Dragon Chase Rapid is designed to surprise you with a €10,000 jackpot every single day! 

Of course, as you might have noticed, Quickspin jackpots are smaller than regular jackpots you get to see from their competitors. This is simply because Quickspin jackpots feature a higher RTP percentage when compared to other jackpots out there. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Quickspin Software

Just like every software provider out there, Quickspin has its advantages and disadvantages depending on what kind of a player you are personally. Here are some of the advantages we want you to remember and some disadvantages you might not like in case you want to play table or live dealer games for example! 




High-quality graphics are one of the main advantages of Quickspin games, their games show that a lot of effort and work was put into them.
No table games can be found in Quickspin’s portfolio. This software provider only focuses on video slot games and it is unlikely they will ever create table games. 
Licenses are not an unknown thing for Quickspin. So far, Quickspin has gotten multiple licenses and has proven to be a reputable software provider. 
Live dealer games do not exist with the Quickspin software provider. 
Slot game variety is also another thing Quickspin takes into consideration. Their slot game portfolio is rich and features game themes you have probably never seen before.
Only one progressive jackpot title is available with the Quickspin software provider. 
Bonuses are a quite frequent thing you will get to see when playing Quickspin games. Free spins, multipliers, and various slot game features are a truly exciting thing that all gamblers love to see! 
Device compatibility is extremely important in today’s world. Therefore, Quickspin made sure all of their games are available across different devices. 

Online Indian Casinos Providing Quickspin Games

Now that you heard all these great things about Quickspin, you are most likely wondering which online casino you should play their games on. To make your life easier, we have picked out the most popular Indian casinos that feature Quickspin slot games for you to enjoy. All of the following casinos are licensed and safe to play on: 

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is one of the best online casinos out there and it has been a part of the gaming industry since 2006. Here you can enjoy Quickspin slot games and many other games provided by other software providers. Currently, there are over 500 games you can enjoy playing at Betway casino. All you have to do to start your adventure is make an account at Betway now!

Jackpotcity Casino

Jackpotcity might not be as successful as Betway Casino, however, it has been around for much longer and it knows how to run an online casino. Here you can find all of the Quickspin slots games as well as table games provided by other software providers. Click here and try your luck at Jackpotcity 

Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda is another outstanding casino that has been around and available for a while. This casino has hundreds of games for you to enjoy and many Quickspin slot games can be found here as well. Click here and try out some of the games at Royal Panda right away!

Quickspin Software As a Safe Choice For Indian Gamblers

There is a reason Indian gamblers love Quickspin software providers and to answer your question right away, it is due to its safety and fairness. Quickspin games are usually found at safe and secure casino websites that have been licensed by some of the best agencies in the world. 

Of course, this would not be the case if Quickspin also was not tested and regulated by some of the best regulatory bodies in the gambling industry. Here are some of the agencies that have proven Quickspin is a safe and reliable choice for all Indian gamblers: 

GLI (Gaming Laboratories International)

Gaming Laboratories International is an institution that provides detailed testing for online games and casinos. This is an independent company that gives certificates for games and online casinos. GLI is also known for supporting responsible gambling too! 

iTech Labs

iTech Labs is one of the leaders when it comes to software testing and game system testing in general. This company focuses and specializes in running thorough tests for casino games provided by many different software providers out there. 


eCOGRA is a company that ensures online casinos powered by Playtech are a safe and reliable choice for players. Considering Quickspin is a subsidiary of Playtech, eCOGRA has made sure to prove they are a safe and secure software provider that will keep player information as safe as possible using the latest security technologies. 

Bonuses And Promotions Of A Quickspin Software

Quickspin has managed to have an impact on the gambling world online thanks to its promotional offers and bonuses. The bonuses and promotional offers provided by Quickspin are innovative, generous, and truly exclusive. 

Unlike most casino software providers, Quickspin has been focusing on giving a decent chance of winning to regular players, as well as new players who want to try out their games. One of the latest surprises brought by Quickspin was the Achievements Engine, a feature that allows players to win back some of their previous back after six-game events. 

There are four levels of awards set in the game and all of the games feature an achievement page that shows off their progress and rewards them depending on their loyalty and effort. 

Another awesome thing provided by Quickspin is the Feature Trigger. This trigger is designed to reward you with a bonus round. To make things even better, there is also a Flexible Free Rounds feature. This feature is meant to focus only on new players,  giving them a chance to try out the game for free. 

The casino operator you decide to play on will be the one deciding whether you can play for free and which games you can try out for free as well as how long the games will last. 


No, Quickspin has the main office in Stockholm, however, their offices can be found across the world. This is simply because of their diverse workforce and the fact they are one of the best software developers in the online gambling industry. 
There are over 80 different slot games that have been made by Quickspin. It is nearly impossible to provide you with an exact amount considering Quickspin frequently releases new game titles. 
According to the information found online, Quickspin releases over 10 games every single year. 
Yes, Quickspin games are available in 27 different languages and all of their games support 50 different currencies!
Yes, Quickspin games are designed to smoothly run on all devices out there, however, there is a chance if you have an old device, some games will run poorly due to performance issues. 


Quickspin has been an amazing job being a software provider and it is admirable how nicely developed their games really are. According to many players, Quickspin slot games are the most popular and some of the best ones out there. If you want to try and make a lucky spin now that you know it all, choose any casino above and have a good time.