Live Roulette | Play roulette with live dealers

Getting the best out of live roulette games can be an exerting endeavour, but with the right technique as well as playing at the right casinos, it can be a mind-blowing experience. Who says you can’t break the bank?

Live Roulette

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Live Roulette; Getting Started

Because of the word ‘live’ attached to roulette, most people might think that live roulette involves online playing with an integrated online software – this is not so!

Live roulette is a table game that involves playing with real dealers and other players virtually. For instance, if you cannot visit a real-life casino to play roulette owing to one reason or the other, you can simply go online with your computer and join the game live on an online casino. Thankfully, technology has made all this possible. You may be at New Delhi while your dealer is at Redbridge, London; what you only have to do is connect via an online casino.

Live Roulette

You can wager on your games from wherever you are and also chat with other players while you play. To join a live roulette, you have to familiarize yourself with the schedule of your online casino. This will help you know when to join to play and when no to.

Getting started with a round on the live roulette is not rocket science too. The process entails the following

  • Secure a space at the table on the live roulette
  • Place your bets or wager on the desired number
  • Watch the live dealer spin the wheel as the ball moves around and finally lands inside a pocket
  • You win the bet if you have accurately predicted the exact number

Variants Of Live Roulette

There are several live roulette variants, with each having its unique characteristics. Here are some of the variants of roulette available on the casino;

Live European Roulette

For its odds and simplicity, this variant of live roulette is quite popular among roulette players all over the world. Basically, the European wheel is numbered from 0-36, thus having 37 pockets and 2.7% house edge. This underscores why the odds are usually favourable and better than any other variant of the game.

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Live American roulette

This is another popular type of roulette, but unlike the European type, which has 37 pockets, the American roulette has 38 pockets and 5.26% as house edge. Thus, it has a more challenging outlook when compared with other kinds of roulette.

Live French roulette

To players, the French roulette is regarded as one of the best variants of the roulette. Just like the other variants, it has peculiar features that make it unique. For players looking for the best array of odds spread across the table, live French roulette should be your choice.

Live Speed roulette

From its name, speed roulette, it is crystal clear that players have the opportunity to play as many games as possible within a short period. It is the super-fast version of live roulette games. Players can play up to 50 rounds of games within an hour.

Live Immersive roulette

Renowned for its impressive game stat and captivating female dealers, the immersive roulette is one of a kind. It is designed after the European roulette, but it does not incorporate the En Prison and La Partage clause in its rules.

Types Of Bets And Odds Available On Live Roulette

Having background information on the different kinds of bets available on the live roulette is also important for players to take advantage of the games. Here are some of the bet-types available on the wheel:

Inside bet

This simply means wagering on single numbers. There are different kinds of inside bet you can play when playing on live roulette. They include:

  • Straight where you bet on a single number with 35:1 odd. This means if you bet 2 rupees and you win the bet, you’d go home with 70 rupees (2 * 35 = 70)
  • Split bet where you place your wager on two numbers occupying adjacent positions. This usually has an odd of 17:1
  • Street bet where you place your bet on 3 numbers in a particular row with odds 11: 1
  • Corner bet where you place your wager on 4 numbers. This has 8:1 as odds
  • Line bet where you place your bet for six numbers occupying two rows. This has 5:1 as odds

Outside bet

This entails wagering on number groups and combinations. You can make the following types of outside bet on the wheel;

  • Red/black where you bet on if, after the spin, the ball would land on either a red or a black pocket. It has 1:1 odd
  • Odd/even where you bet on if after the spin the outcome would land on an odd or even number. It has 1:1 odd too
  • High/low where you wager on if, after the spin, the ball would land on numbers between 1-18 or 19-36. It also has 1:1 odd
  • Dozens where you wager on 12 numbers chosen randomly from the table.

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French bets

Usually, the roulette wheel is divided into three parts known as Orphelin, Le tiers du Cylinder and Voisins du Zero. In this type of bet, players are expected to wager on all the numbers within a section of the table.

Reasons Why You Should Play Live Roulette

With peculiar features that distinguish it from other kinds of games in the Casino, live roulette promises to be an entertaining, thrilling and rewarding venture. You should play it for the following reasons too:

Play live roulette

  • Fair chance of an actual outcome

Unlike other casino games that are regulated by software or virtually simulated, thus affecting their rate of fairness, live roulette guarantees the real outcome of the game you have played. You see with your eyes how the dealer spins the wheel and where it lands eventually. The game is built on absolute fairness

  • Interaction with dealer

Live roulette allows you to communicate with the dealer regulating the wheel. Most online casinos have inbuilt communication channels for players to send their bets or complaints to the dealer at the other end. It’s a game built for fun and the development of interactive social skills.

  • Video streams in HD quality

For authenticity and transparency, online casinos stream live roulette games in HD quality. This they do to give players the benefit of the doubt and erase any impression of sabotage.

  • Fun and excitement

Playing roulette is fun-filled, entertaining and challenging. If you play your cards right, it can be rewarding monetarily too.

Strategies To Maximize Your Wins At Live Roulette

Apart from the fact that live roulette games can be engaging and entertaining, what a lot of players look forward to is how to maximize their stakes for profit on the wheel. The following tips have been put together to help you win or, better still, minimize loss when playing live roulette

Understanding it’s a game of chance

The first port of call would be to establish that players need to understand that live roulette is a game of chance. It is based on pure luck and requires no skill whatsoever for success in the game. No one knows upon what pockets the ball would land. Even the dealers do not know; they only spin the wheel. This understanding is quite fundamental to how successful you’d be in the game in the long or short run. However, on the flip side, while the possibility of incurring huge losses is real, it’s also possible to break the bank with your prediction.


Play outside bets

Although the odds are quite smaller compared to inside bets, placing your wager on a combination or group of numbers increases your chances of winning in the game. By embracing outside bets more, you can gradually grow your bankroll into something unimaginable in the short or long term. For instance, the odds for placing a wager on a dozen outside bets is 2:1; if you can cap this consistently, the implication on your stake is that every time you stake 15 rupees on a bet, and you bet wins, you win 15 rupees extra. This is better than losing 15 rupees on an inside bet with 35:1 odd.

Adopt risk management strategies

The goal is to win in the game, which does not deny the possibility of huge losses. This is why you must adopt risk management skies to minimize your loss. To control your risk, avoid punting on incredible odds. It is more logical to play the game by head and not by heart. Professional punters don’t allow biases to get in their way when they are in to get the best from a particular bet. You should emulate this; don’t wager because you think the odds are high and, as such, might give you higher returns.

Another risk management strategy you can adopt is to create a specific stake percentage. Whether win or lose, nothing disrupts the amount you have earmarked for your stakes. For this to work, you also have to assign a particular amount to your betting spree for a specified period. This should serve as your betting capital for that period.

Be prepped for possible losses

As you go ahead to play, consciously prepare to take the heat too. Losing on the wheel can be frustrating. Consequently, it can lead to players making unwise decisions like staking all their money only to end up in regrets later. Being prepped for possible losses will help to prevent this from happening as you already know the game is ridden on chance. Opt-out if you feel the odds are against you. There’s always another time to come back to play.


Live roulette is a table game that involves playing with real dealers and other players through virtual means in an online casino 
While live roulette involves playing with real dealers and other human players, online roulettes involve playing with an RNG-equipped software. Online roulette is like playing with a computer
Yes, the game requires no special skills and is also based on accurate prediction. Its outcome is determined by luck as it such it is a game of chance.
Yes, there are various versions of the game. They include American roulette, French roulette, European roulette, speed roulette, and immersive roulette
Play this ever-interesting game either for free or for cash on any of our top 5 brands. However, know that to win, you have to stake to play the real money game. 
Yes, you can interface with the live dealer to place your bet or send in other requests. You can also communicate with fellow players through the available chat channels. 
You can win massively on the game. There’s no limit to winning except for limits set by respective casinos. 

Wrap UP

There’s a lot to gain when you play live roulette. The vibe is real, and the thrill is profound. There’s no slacking for the player who knows his onion. Plus, when you play with the right casinos, the sky cannot be the limit concerning how much you’d earn as the possibility to end up with a big bag of cash profit is real.

Head on to any of the casino sites listed on our page to stake your bets for the best roulette experience! These are not just online casinos, but online casinos with a difference. Play your bets now!