Paypal Casinos – Guide For Using Paypal In Online Casinos

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Paypal Casinos

Paypal Casinos are the casinos that have been one of the most commonly searched casino payment methods ones so far. As one of the most popular payment methods in the world, Paypal has managed to prove how reliable and safe it really is for people worldwide. Thanks to Paypal, millions of people have been allowed to easily transfer their money whenever it was needed. If you are currently looking for a Paypal Casino where you can easily make deposits and withdrawals without any struggles at all, tap here and check out Royal Panda In case you are curious to know how Paypal in online casinos works and you wish to learn more about its benefits, continue reading as we will go through everything you might want to know about. 

What Is Paypal And How Does It Work?

Paypal is an American company that is known to the entire world. Founded back in 1998. in California, this online payment service provides its users with a reliable way of transferring money as well as paying for various things online and/or getting paid as well. To use Paypal and all of its services all you really need to have is a credit card or a debit card. Paypal is a very convenient payment method at the moment as sit allows you to pick which of your current cards you wish to pay with and to make it even better, with Paypal you can easily set one of the cards to be your default payment method which you will use to pay or get paid depending on what you do. 

Just like we mentioned above, you can pay for anything and deposit your money using Paypal, however, you can also receive money through the Paypal service, which is one of the reasons it is so popular everywhere and one of the reasons Paypal Casinos have been a huge success in the gambling industry. People love simple things, especially if they are fast and efficient too – and this is what Paypal is about. Paypal was designed with the idea of it becoming the best internet payment service and so far, it has been doing an amazing job doing exactly that. 

It is also important to let you know that even if we might be talking about Paypal here, we are not related to it in any way at all. The information found in this article can change whenever, therefore, keep that on your mind. The smartest thing you can do if any misunderstanding happens is either customer support at Paypal or log in and check out the cashier to see whether there are other available payment methods for the Indian population.

List Of Top Paypal Online Casino Sites

Becoming a Paypal casino is not an easy thing and casinos that have managed to do it are certainly worth a mention. These casinos are generally very reliable, safe, and 100% fair at all times, so in case you have been looking for a perfect Paypal casino here are the top three ones you should take a look at! 

Royal Panda

If you have never heard of Royal Panda Casino, after you open it up it will surely bring a smile to your face. This lovely and fun-themed Paypal casino offers an impressive selection of casino games for everyone and all of them are provided by Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and many other software developers that are highly respectable in the gambling industry. To make it even better, Royal Panda also has an amazing welcome bonus for all of their new players, and aside from that, there are also other quite fascinating deals you can check out by making an account at Royal Panda Casino today


Fun88 might look like a regular sportsbook/casino website, however, it is actually an online Paypal casino that has been a great choice for many so far. With a wide selection of casino games, great sponsorship, and awesome bonuses and promotions, Fun88 continues to impress people worldwide, and more and more claim it is a blast playing on there. If you are curious to try out some of the games at Fun88, go ahead and create an account without any hesitation! Fun88 currently works with several software providers that are the leading ones in the gambling industry, which means all of the games here are fair and actually quite enjoyable too. 

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is all about flashy colorful symbols and a huge variety of slot machines you can choose to test your luck on. Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Spin Casino also features casino games provided by no other but Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and Ezugi! Knowing these are all top-level software providers, Spin Casino is one of the Paypal casinos everyone should give a try. If you wish to try out some of the truly enjoyable slots games, tap here and visit Spin Casinoto see what luck has prepared for you! 

How To Use Paypal In Online Casinos As Payment Method?

Using PayPal as your deposit and withdrawal method is simple once you have everything set up, all you need to do is create your account with PayPal, verify and add a payment method. Once this is done and you have your new Casino account, you simply have to follow these easy steps.

  • Navigate to the account page of your chosen casino once you have signed in
  • Select deposit and then enter the amount you wish to deposit into your account
  • Select PayPal as your chosen method, a new window will pop up asking you to log into PayPal
  • Once you have logged in, you may select which payment method you wish to choose and click the button to pay
  • The transaction will be processed and the window will be closed, then your money will arrive into your account in an instant

Once you have your money on your account, you are free to play as you like, and depending on whether you are on Mobile or PC, your details will have been saved for the future, meaning you only have to select PayPal as your payment choice and click accept, leaving it quick and easy to make payments. 

Reasons For Using Paypal At Online Casinos

There are many reasons PayPal is a great choice for use when moving your money around, especially with things like online casinos, it is a well known and well-liked e-wallet service that has an excellent reputation with its many customers around the world, and it is only growing more popular as online payments grow more frequent. It allows a great deal of buyer anonymity and convenience with their one-click buy system, having all info stored on their side and only passing money between your bank and the casino using their own payment info.

Paypal Online Casinos

  • Highest levels of online security and encryption available in order to protect your details and money.
  • Full cross platform support between PC to Mobile and all other devices meaning you can use it anywhere at any time.
  • Ability to register cards and bank accounts to your PayPal, meaning quick and easy payments simply by selecting your chosen method.
  • None of your personal information is shared between PayPal and the site you are sending the money to.
  • Payment protection, guaranteeing if something goes wrong with the transaction your money will be refunded back to you.
  • Instant transfers to any part of the world, no waiting till your money arrives before you can play.
  • A full record of all your PayPal transactions, helping you to keep track of your spending and with full details of where your money has gone. 
  • Their own E-Wallet service, allowing you to deposit money beforehand without needing to draw from your bank, helping you to limit your spending.

How To Choose The Best Casino Site That Accepts Paypal As Payment Method?

When it comes to choosing the best PayPal casinos, it really comes down to your own personal preference, whether the casino has what you want, from a wide assortment of mobile games to live roulette and poker. Of course, first checking whether or not it is a trusted casino is important, second, try to make sure it is certified and follows fair play rules so that you can be sure you will always have a chance to win. 

It is also possible to sign up for a few casinos to browse their library of games, check their many welcome and deposit bonuses, deposit and withdrawal limits, and so on before you make your decision. Many games can be tried without having to deposit any cash, and once you do decide on your chosen casino, it is as simple as clicking a button to make your first deposit and get to playing and winning big money playing with PayPal.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Paypal In Online Casinos

Just like every other payment method out there, even Paypal has its advantages and disadvantages. It is advised you inform yourself about these before you decide to use Paypal as your payment method at one of the casino websites simply because it is very important to know what exactly do you like about Paypal and what are the things you certainly do not want to deal with at all. 

Advantages Of Using Paypal In Online Casinos

Quick Deposits

If you decide to use Paypal as your payment method, your deposits toward online Paypal casinos will be carried out in less than 10 minutes. Sadly, withdrawals usually take up to three days, just like with most payment methods available out there.

Mobile Application

Paypal has a mobile application available to people worldwide, the application makes things a lot easier, depositing, withdrawing, and paying/receiving money has never been so easy as it is with Paypal’s application you can download from Google Store. 

Currency Conversion

The great thing about Paypal is the fact it has an amazing currency conversion that will apply if you play casino games on a website that uses a currency that is different from the currency you usually use. Paypal will automatically convert all of your money using current exchange rates and ask you whether you are willing to pay the exchange rate as well. 

Customer Support

Paypal has always had amazing customer support, and they do even today. Their customer support can be called at any time of the day and to make things even better, they also offer a chatbot and email customer support services. For all of the usual questions and answers, there is also a community forum you can visit to find pretty much anything that is related to Paypal. 

Rewards And Bonuses

Online Paypal casinos usually always have Paypal-related rewards and bonuses only players who select Paypal as their payment method can use/claim. These are in most cases sign-in bonuses which often go from 5% up to 15% on any deposits you make with Paypal as your payment option. 

Disadvantages Of Using Paypal In Online Casinos

Applied Fees

From time to time, Paypal will charge you a fee for transferring money to an online casino. This is usually a very small fee and while it is barely noticeable at all, some people prefer fee-free payment methods instead. 

Limited Choices

Knowing it is quite hard to get Paypal to cooperate with everyone, there are not so many Paypal casinos out there you can choose from. Not all of the casinos online accept Paypal as a payment method so in case you dislike those that are available to you, but you still want to use Paypal, you do not have a lot of choices related to that at all. 

How Secure Is Paypal When Using It In Online Casinos?

Gambling enthusiasts who decide to use Paypal casinos are usually entirely covered by a host of security and safety measures. This means players are protected by fraud protection and advanced data encryption measures that keep their information and data safe at all times. Paypal itself is known for having very high standards, therefore, they will never cooperate with companies that have been known for having bad reputations or are known for having data breach issues of any kind. When playing at Paypal casinos, you can be sure your account is protected from unauthorized purchases as well as identity theft. 

All in all, this means that no matter what, you will never be damaged in case someone illegally gains the access to your account or makes illegal purchases you had no idea about. The reason why Paypal casinos are one of the most reliable ones is also quite obvious too, considering Paypal allows you to make deposits and withdrawals without exposing any of your card details to the casino you decide to play on. Even though Paypal seems like an old service that has been around for years, it is still very high up in the ranks and it is still one of the best ones out there. 


In general, Paypal is one of the best payment methods in the world right now. While it does charge you a small fee to make deposits, these fees are so small that most people completely ignore them. Paypal is reliable, has a great customer support and it has been around for a long time, they are certainly a wise payment option for most gambing enthusiasts out there. 
Unlike most payment methods, Paypal will process your casino payout in around 24 hours, sometimes even less. In most cases, this entirely depends on how quickly the casino itself approves your payout. 
If you are not very happy with the fact you must use your credit card or bank transfers to gamble online, there are plenty of other e-wallet options such as Neteller for example! Neteller is one of the most respectable third-party processors and it was generally designed with the thought of gambling in the back of it all. 
Yes, definitely. The number of gambling and betting Paypal websites is on the rise, however, the shift will not be quick. Considering Paypal is an American company it entirely depends on their approach to online gambling. 


Knowing Paypal is all about quick and secure payments, Paypal casinos are a great choice at the moment as all of them are generally safe and they feature fair casino games everyone can enjoy. By making a decision to make Paypal your preferred banking method you will surely have nothing to worry about at all as it is currently one of the safest options in the world. Not only it is quick and your account information is always fully protected, but in case you ever have a problem, their customer support will be very quick to help out and come up with a decent solution. 

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