Best Online Craps Casinos 2021

Craps is one of the oldest gambling games but there is a reason why Indian players in the 21st Century love craps casinos. Beginners usually confuse its table with the roulette table but they are different. Read on to know how to play and win craps online.

Online crap casinos offer a variety of options for gamblers to make profits. The crap game is exciting for most online players for various reasons. The most outstanding drivers to the popularity are the easy-to-play nature and the unlimited opportunities to make more money while staking with freebies. 

Best Online Craps Casinos

Betway casino is one of the dominant casino sites to play crap online. It furnishes gamblers with numerous incentives and promotions regularly. Similarly, it provides a flawless gaming app, and the customer support team is top-class. New gamers collect a welcome perk that amounts up to 60,000 rupees. Please become a member at Betway casino today.

This guide to online casinos seeks to acquaint you with all the necessary information you need to play Craps online. And while understanding you might be skeptical about playing the game, we will give you enough reason to help you decide. Now, continue reading and ensure you look below for our other recommended crap casinos you can join.

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What is Online Craps?

Online Craps is a game involving bets based on a dice roll. Players stake for the outcome of a pair of dice to land in specific sides. The game takes place on a betting table, and gamblers must buy wagering chips before playing. 

Surprisingly, this game can occur with up to 20 players, depending on the version. Participants stake and shooters roll the dice alternatingly. Nevertheless, winning a bet demands predicting the dice values, also known as come out rolls. Overall, the craps game has a bunch of bets you can stake, but we will discuss them later in this writing. 

How do You Play Craps at Casino Online?

Playing craps is easy for even beginners to enjoy and place real money wagers. Next are the simple steps on how to play craps for real money or free online:

  • Step 1: Sign up at a site offering craps games in its lobby. After being verified to play, log in and deposit wagering cash. Next, search for craps gameplay and launch it. 
  • Step 2: The gaming interface will appear with all the different bets, numbers, and terms you ought to know. Nevertheless, the rules are the most crucial bit of playing the game, and you should never forget them. 
  • Step 3:  Learn the terms. The call-out roll means the initial roll of a dice or that coming after a previous round. The shooter represents a player who throws the dice.
  • Step 4: Stake some cash on any of the types of bets and proceed to press the roll button on your gaming screen to throw the game’s two dice. The dice will then land and produce three possible results, namely natural, crabs, or point. 
  • Step 5: If you get a Natural outcome, you win with a roll result of 7 or 11. Consequently, the game allows you to bet again. On the flip side, a craps outcome means your roll result is 2, 3, or 12, which signifies a loss. But again, if you land a point outcome, your roll will be 4, 5, 6, 9, or10, and you will get a chance to play once more. 
  • Step 6: You will win after getting the point outcome if your result produces the exact total as the previous round. The reward will then be credited into your betting wallet, and you can withdraw or use it for the next craps betting session. 

Learn the casino crap rules

Frankly, watching craps games will not guarantee you a win. You must learn the rules since the game is fast-paced. Fortunately, you can apprehend and implement craps’ rules in minutes. Below are the basics you should know and follow:

  • A player can stake on the Pass Line bet (predicting a natural win) or the Don’t Pass Line bet (predicting a point win)
  • An outcome of 12 means the game ends in a Push, and a player either wins or loses in the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bets. 
  • A player should stake on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bets before the point is rolled out. 
  • A player can only stake the Come bets (predict the natural outcome to be rolled out) or Don’t Come Bets (predicting a roll of 2 or 3) after the point is determined. 
  • A Come Bet losses if the craps outcome is rolled out.  
  • A Come Bet point roll results from the point being rolled out and wins if it appears before an outcome of 7. 
  • A Player cannot turn off the Pass Line Bet and the Come Bet.
  • Position bets are outcomes from one dice roll such as any craps, seven, or Aces.  
  • Field bets reward if a dice roll outcome produces a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or12.
  • The Big 6 and Big 8 bets reward 1 to 1 and demand predicting an outcome of either 6 or 8 to come up before 7. 

Essential Tips to Win Craps Online

There are some tips you can use to boost winnings in craps. And while placing certain types of crap bets would be a shot in the arm to help you win, adopting a few tweaks and strategies will come in handy. Below are some of the things you can do: 

 Online Craps

  • Play at reputable sites: Not all crap casinos produce accurate dice results. Consequently, some gaming platforms are dubious and can jeopardize the game to ensure you don’t win. 
  • Use incentives: The tokens you collect after depositing cash or playing are crucial to help you play and win risk-free. And if you double that with the wagering requirements they possess, using them in stakes is utterly necessary. 
  • Practice the game: Most casinos offer a free online crap version you can play. Therefore, ensure you take advantage of it after learning the basics to gain more mastery of the game before staking real cash. 
  • Place more Pass line bets and Don’t Pass Bets: The predictions come with pretty good chances of carrying the day in craps betting, especially if a point roll is established.
  • Set betting limits: Craps is a game of luck, and anything can happen when playing. As a result, always establish the amount of cash you will wager before commencing the bets. If you deplete the funds, take a break.
  • Start with small stakes: It is always wise to play craps with tiny amounts of cash, especially if you are a beginner. Doing that helps you study the outcomes’ pattern and decide whether to increase, decrease or maintain your stakes. 

Guide to Live Dealer Online Craps

Live Dealer Online Craps

Superb casinos like JackpotCity allow gamblers to play craps with a human instructor. That makes the game lively as the happenings occur in real-time. Remarkably, a live dealer in a craps game is responsible for giving the players instructions, collecting stakes, and giving out rewards. 

On the other hand, the dealer also marks the point roll outcome on the table before a player can throw the dice again. All that takes place under your watch, thanks to the multiple cameras around the playing room. Luckily, live dealer online casinos allow gamblers to pick a dealer they want to oversee the game.

Play Mobile Craps Online

Do you know that you can play crap for real money or free on a mobile phone? More so, most online casinos optimize their sites to absorb smartphone gameplay. And as though not enough, they go a step further to create downloadable gaming apps. 

Thank heavens, crap is playable on both the mobile browser and app, besides the computer. All that is needful is decent internet connectivity that is secure. Notably, playing the can on your phone allows you to play securely anytime. In the same breath, it eliminates the inconveniences that arise when the power goes off if using a computer. 

Where to play craps online for real money?

Gambling sites are competing to offer the best online Indian casino games to punters. However, not all brands meet the cut to provide flawless gameplay and lucrative bonuses. Below are cherry-picked brands you will relish the best gambling experience while playing for real money: 

Betway Casino

This casino operates in most countries globally and has a mobile gaming app. The site is again fully licensed by renowned authorities and offers an expansive list of casino games. In the same breath, it supports depositing cash for free. Transactions via e-wallets, swipe cards, Cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers are always safe from malicious people. Remarkably, the site welcomes newcomers with a 100% discount as a welcome bonus, amounting to 60,000 rupees. Tap here to play at Betway casino.

JackpotCity Casino

This site offers players over 500 casino games with multiple variations. It is secure and safe to use since it encrypts data and customer credentials with SSL technology. On the other hand, the customer support framework is excellent and available 24/7 through email and live chat. Newcomer gamblers are welcomed with a 100% discount of a whopping 160,000 rupees and the freedom to load cash charge-free. Join JackpotCity here

Spin Casino

This brand is one of the top-most trusted, safe, and reputable online gaming platforms in the industry. It has many years of existence and supplies gamblers with loads of casino games to play for real cash or free. At the same time, Spin casino gives incentives to new and existing punters regularly. The welcome package on the site stands at 100,000 rupees. Also, there is a weekly cashback of up to 8,000 rupees gamblers get after incurring losses. Click here to start playing at Spin casino.

Types of Bets placed in Online Craps

You now have a rhythm and basics of how you can start playing Craps. However, do you have a decent understanding of the types of bets and what they mean? If not, read below to acquaint yourself with them:  

  • Pass Bets: This is the most common and basic bet in the games of craps. Ideally, it dictates that if you bet the shooter to succeed and they do, you win the bet. However, the size of the bet you place on is equal to the winnings you receive but after subtracting the house edge.
  • Don’t Pass: This is another common and significant bet and goes hand in hand with the Pass Bet. You essentially predict that the shooter will lose. The rules of winning are the same as those for the Pass bets. Nevertheless, you should correctly foretell the dice rolls to be 2, 3, or 12, and if a point is made, the dice roll to be 7 for you to win. 
  • Place Bets: You can only place this wager after a point is determined. On the same note, you will only win if the prediction happens before seven is rolled out. Again, the bet offers three different payouts for each dice outcome and the house edge. 
  • Come Bet: This type of bet is only viable after the point has been established. It demands you predict the rolls’ outcome to be 7 or 11. However, the game rules remain the same as those for a Pass bet. 

Reasons to play craps casino games

Many people enjoy playing crap games for various reasons. If you are yet to try out the game, here are some of the benefits you will relish at Royal Panda casino:

play crap casino games

  • Wager with incentives: First, you will earn a decent welcome bonus after banking your initial wagering cash at the casino. Second, you will start earning points that can be used to stake. These are privileges you can pick up and make massive profits.  
  • Player Controls the game: the beauty of craps is that you have room to negotiate for better odds than those advertised and ask for the same or different dice before shooting. 
  • Decent house advantage: Players get to enjoy the game under a house edge of about 1.41 for most of the wagers. As a result, only a tiny portion of the possible winnings is deducted after a successful prediction. 
  • Success rate: The leeway to play the game for a second time after rolling a point bet means you can redeem your stake from going to the house. On the other hand, if you predict the Don’t Pass Line bet but land a roll of 12, the game becomes a Push, and you neither lose nor win.  That means you have a chance to play again and scope some reward. 
  • Entertainment: Craps is playable on the computer system and with a live dealer. If you go with the latter, you get the freedom to wager against more players and see the happenings in real-time. Consequently, you enjoy more and still make profits.

Craps Casinos – Bonuses and rewards 

Bonuses and rewards are some of the exciting features of Craps games. However, do you know the perks you can earn and use? See them below: 

  • Welcome bonus: This is the first token you can get and take advantage of to play Craps online. You earn it after registering and banking cash. 
  • VIP bonus: This incentive will come to you after playing for some time. You will collect it in different forms like wagering cash, points, or free stakes. 
  • Cashback: This giveaway will come your way after playing and incurring losses. It aims to compensate and offer you some cash to play even when you deplete your bankroll. 
  • Deposit bonus: This offer arrives after loading your gaming wallet with cash. The exciting bit about it is you can get it numerous times, especially on public holidays. 
  • Device bonus: This freebie is issued to you for playing on a mobile app. You collect it once after downloading the application, but it may reward you with other promotions as you wager regularly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

No, the free game doesn’t involve real money; hence it can’t reward you with actual cash. 
Yes. You can play the game via mobile browsers or, better still, on a casino site’s gaming app if available. 
Yes. The two are somewhat similar, with the only difference being that the live game uses a real person and the online one utilizes computer systems. 
That depends on the payment methods available for use at the casino you join. However, most sites allow using Digital Wallets, Bitcoin, Bank Transfers, and Swipe cards.  
No. The game is 100% fair, thanks to the security frameworks adopted at online casinos. 
That depends on the amount you win and the transaction channels you use. However, most sites process cash in two to five working days. 


Online Craps is a fun game despite some players perceiving it to be complicated. The crux of the matter is to understand the rules and types of bets. To the same degree, playing the free version is necessary before placing a real money wager. Overall, remember to play at trusted online casinos. Join FUN88 here to avoid falling prey to rogue brands.