It is not a secret to anyone that the current COVID-19 pandemic came to change the world and our perception forever. But does it have an impact on online gambling and has it changed anything? The answer is of course yes! 

Online gambling and casinos have also undergone what we call a real revolution. And although it has had a sustained exponential growth in recent years between the advancement and reach of technology, this pandemic has accelerated the situation. 

It is now possible to find online casinos and gambling sites accessible from any device. And thanks to globalisation, Indian players can access offshore online casinos with increasing ease. 

But we want to delve into the subject in a few lines, so today we will dedicate ourselves to tell you about the key aspects that this pandemic has touched the world of online casinos and gambling. 

Key insights into the changes made by the pandemic to online gambling 

First, we will start with the aspects that we consider positive. And perhaps the main one is that online casinos have become a real entertainment tool on the internet where anyone of legal age can enter and enjoy themselves. 

Real entertainment sites

The pandemic has brought stress and uncertainty with it, taking away people’s power to control what happens in their lives and affecting mental health to unimaginable levels. Yet, casino games have come to the rescue to bring some stability and control to the individual. 

Being able to decide where, when and how to gamble has given people back the power to decide with certainty and security. Add to that the fact that there are now mobile casinos, and the possibilities multiply almost to infinity. 

So no matter where they are, whether they are alone or accompanied, they can play as long as they have a device with a stable internet connection. 

Growth has been exponential

Although its scope was known, between 2020 and 2021, the influx of players in online casinos increased by over 70%, reflecting in economic figures a growth of 21%. 

Put more bluntly, according to FreePressJournal by the end of 2020, the online gambling industry recorded a total revenue of USD 70 billion. And by mid-2021, the recorded revenue exceeded USD 85 billion.

And although online sports betting was initially affected by restrictions and suspensions of matches and cups, this quickly changed. How was this possible? New emerging markets were registered! From the colours of the attire of the political leaders of each country. To the countries that would lift restrictions first. 

And these figures we mentioned are only in India! If we talk about global figures, they exceed 3500 billion dollars per year. Moreover, the traffic can vary if we talk about online casinos on websites (between 105 and 130 million users in India) and mobile casinos (around 190 million users). 

Human contact during hard times

In the same vein, there is one aspect which is not often talked about but which without a doubt had a positive impact. And that is that live casinos allow human contact in a safe and controlled way. 

There was no physical contact, but it did allow communication, which was one of the decisive factors for online casinos to position themselves as entertainment sites for all people in quarantine or otherwise isolated. 

As the restrictions imposed by the pandemic have shown, the lack of human contact severely affects mental health according to WHO

So being able to play with other people connected at the same time and with the same objective: to have fun and win, becomes more than just a moment of entertainment.

It turns into a kind of therapy where communication linked to the game is an escape valve that allows us to maintain good mental health. 

However, not all is rosy

While there has been growth, and casino games have become a tool for good mental health, there have also been certain drawbacks. And one of them is that it has become even clearer that, at least in India, this kind of activity should not be criminalised, but on the contrary, it should be regulated. 

The industry’s economic growth could be reflected in the nation’s economic growth if there is a consensus on its regulation on Indian ground.

Furthermore, there are two other aspects that are not only closely related, but have also arisen as a result of the pandemic. This is that new casinos have started to appear in an uncontrolled way and it has become increasingly necessary to identify sites that are both safe and provide responsible gambling measures. 

This is where the gambler’s ability to research sites on trusted blogs and expert advice that provide reliable reviews comes into play. 

But this may not be easy for people who are just starting out in this world or for those who do not take the time to research.

And this, believe it or not, has serious consequences including the inexperienced user suffering from data and money theft, money loss and even gambling addiction due to not taking responsible gambling practises or registering on sites that do not have such measures in place.

In short

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that there are always two sides to everything in life. The one where, despite all that is going on, reliable online casinos and gambling sites are a form of  entertainment. 

And where adaptability is the order of the day to help us get back to communicating and having fun regardless of how hard times may seem. 

And the flip side is that we should only rely on expert sites for information on safe casinos and gambling sites for Indian gamblers. Those that are not only legal and have the necessary responsible gambling measures in place to avoid addiction. 

But also accept Indian rupees, allow payments and withdrawals with secure, reliable and local payment methods. And finally, they offer a variety of safe and popular games, from roulette and Teen Patti, to slots, poker, bingo and much more.